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Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.   Hebrews 10:25

Regular readers will recall, I’m sure, Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia.  I’m sure they will also remember Virginia, thanks to the efforts of Thomas Jefferson, as the seat of our religious liberties as acknowledged—not established–in the First Amendment.

Northam first came to my attention for his advocacy of post-birth abortion.  While in the backlash to those comments, he expressed indignation that anyone would dare think what he said was what he meant, employing the standard D/S/C “who you gonna believe, me or your own lyin’ eyes and ears? Argument.

Within a month, Northam was again in the news for this medical school yearbook page:

Northam at first couldn’t recall whether he was in blackface or in that natty Klan attire, then said, despite it was he that submitted the photos and text for the yearbook page, he didn’t think he was either callow youth, but admitted he did show up at an earlier party in blackface, for which he delivered the usual D/S/C pseudo-apology with the usual D/S/C pseudo-sincerity. Any Republican caught in either of these self-made messes would be forced from office, but not Northam, no sir, because he had so much more work to do to wipe our systemic racism, ensure equality and diversity, and organic and gluten free stuff, and squash the white supremacy of people like, well, him.

Northam more of less laid low until recently when opportunity presented itself and like so many other D/S/C rulers—er, governors, I meant to say governors—he seized it by the throat and continues to throttle it to this day.  The opportunity, of course, is the lives of Virginians, and Northam intends to squeeze every liberty right out of them all, as National Review reports:

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced new coronavirus restrictions on Thursday and offered an exhortation to Virginians of faith to practice health precautions when attending church services, assuring them that they do not have to ‘sit in the church pew for God to hear your prayers.’

Post-birth abortionist, physician, racist, budding dictator and now noted theologian.  I had no idea Northam was a man of so many parts.  I suspect Virginians didn’t know either.

‘This is a holy time for multiple faith traditions,’ Northam said at a press conference on Thursday, noting that Hanukkah would begin that evening. ‘Christmas is two weeks away. The holidays are typically times of joy and community. We gather together, we celebrate our faith, and we celebrate with family.

But this year we need to think about what is truly the most important thing. Is it the worship or the building. For me, God is wherever you are. You don’t have to sit in the church pew for God to hear your prayers,’ Northam said. ‘Worship with a mask on is still worship. Worship outside or worship online is still worship.’

Really Most Reverend Northam?  God hears our prayers even if we’re not in church?  And masks and the Internet are now holy?  Who coulda thunk it?!

The governor also blamed the spread of the virus in Virginia on congregations that he said acted carelessly in observing health precautions, saying that while most churches across the state have ‘done the right thing,’ some have failed to social distance and wear masks.

‘Quite frankly, we know that a lot of the spread is coming from this because these individuals that are in a place of worship and contract the virus then go out to their place of work or to the grocery store or the convenience store or wherever and that’s how this is spread,’ the governor said.

Ah.  This must be from the book of Convenient Science 12:1-3,234,598, which sayeth:

Harken thou to the authorities in time of contagion, for the removal of thy rights, indeed, thy very souls, shall then be their province and thou shalt shut thyself up and do as they command, ceaselessly praising their wisdom and dominion over thee, lest thou be in danger of the cancellation and being called ‘racist.’

Apparently the Right Reverend Governor didn’t bother to cite any actual—you know—science to support his pseudo-scientific pronouncements.  This is likely because there is no actual—you know—science—also known as “evidence”–to support the idea churches are the germ factories driving the spread of the virus.

Citing that annoying Supreme Court, which recently ruled there is no viral exception to the First Amendment’s free exercise of religion clause, Northam graciously did not impose any further restrictions on those theologically unnecessary and ceaselessly annoying churches.  Why, all one really needs to get down with their deity is a mask and the Internet, maybe a parking lot somewhere.  However, he made up for that by showing Virginians who’s boss with additional restrictions, because he’s just that smart and holy:

Virginia’s new restrictions include a tighter 10-person limit on the number of people allowed in social gatherings, a midnight to 5a.m. curfew, which Northam called a ‘modified stay-at-home order,’ and a requirement for all Virginians age five and up to wear masks indoors anytime they are around non-household members.

I’m sure Northam will soon announce the creation of special police squads that will roam residential neighborhoods and break down doors if they suspect children are not wearing masks indoors.  Of course, this will mean cleaning out the jails and prisons of innocent victims of societal oppression to make room for all those children failing to heed the will of the holy Northam.

What’s truly remarkable, gentle readers, is the certainty that Northam, and other D/S/Cs are befuddled by the blowback Northam is getting.  They really, truly can’t understand why those God and gun clingers are upset with him—this time.

Perhaps I can help.

Northam, like Whitmer in Michigan, Cuomo in New York, Newsom in California, and many other D/S/C despots, is taking full advantage of the coronavirus to assume dictatorial powers and to deprive citizens of their rights.  Americans will put up with quite a bit, but their resentment of this kind of petty tyranny is growing.  Particularly enraging are mandates that brand bike shops, big box stores, and all manner of plainly non-essential businesses “essential,” while singling out houses of worship for abuse and harassment.  Americans tend to remember the first Amendment, and just as the colonists were, are pretty touchy about governmental intrusion on that fundamental, unalienable right.  They harbor suspicions D/S/C politicians just might be using this particular manufactured crisis to attack their political enemies, those they particularly hate, and they’re coming to the realization there is no one D/S/Cs hate more than Christians.  This is because for D/S/Cs there shall be no god before the state and it’s rulers.

Northam has stupidly crossed a boundary no man not enormously impressed with himself crosses.  He has taken on himself the power to dictate how Americans worship.  To be completely fair, I’m sure he thinks he’s doing it for the good of Virginians who are just to stupid and obstinate to listen to their betters.  After all, he’s a physician—and other stuff.  A man who would consider post-birth abortions has demonstrated how fundamentally unfit he is to make such pronouncements, and then, there’s that annoying, outdated First Amendment that actually dares to suggest people like Northam have absolutely no business dictating the manner in which people may worship.  Don’t they know he’s the D/S/C governor of Virginia?!  Don’t they know the Constitution doesn’t apply to well-meaning D/S/Cs?!

Virginians, feeling some connection to Jefferson’s establishment of the First Amendment, and Virginia’s leading role in securing religious liberty, are perhaps a bit touchier than most on this issue.  They actually think they know better than Ralph Northam how to worship!

If Virginians do not give Northam what he deserves, good and hard, it will be because unlike Northam, they take faith seriously.  They see it as necessarily separate from, higher than, secular government.  And they actually read the Bible, which in Romans 12:19 says:

Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.