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What is it about D/S/Cs and their fetish over Communist symbols/fashions?  Throughout the Cold War and thereafter, D/S/Cs have delighted in wearing not only Communist military clothing, but its symbols, particularly the Soviet hammer and sickle.  Soviet propaganda posters decorated their apartments and homes, and they often flew the flags of murderous communist regimes. And of course, there is always the ubiquitous Che t-shirt, which remains, to date, the height of revolutionary chic.

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Part of it was certainly these people are committed Marxists, prototypical useful idiots.  They actually believe in the ideology that slaughtered more than 100 million innocents in the last century, and continues to murder even more today.  Others may not have been wanna-be Marxist monsters, but bought into “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” aphorism.  Their enemy was, of course, America, so they celebrated anyone, the more blood-thirsty the better, that hated America.  And for many, it was mere juvenile rebellion.  They gleefully adopted whatever gesture they believed most outraged the “squares,” engaged in revolutionary theater like defacing statuary, pissing on or burning the American flag, and screamed revolutionary slogans and other clap trap just to piss off the Normals and think themselves virtuous.

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Today we see a mixture of the above as dimwitted adolescents in nominally adult bodies, bereft of actual knowledge of history, but marinated on campus in socialist propaganda, celebrate their idea of the bold, new arc of history, of re-invention of man through the destruction of every democratic ideal that has rescued man from socialism at great human cost.

It is therefore, hardly surprising, one of Biden’s soon-to-be apparatchiks is a fellow traveler, as Stacey Matthews at Legal Insurrection explains:

Over the weekend, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his vice presidential running mate Kamala Harris announced an all-female senior White House comms team, which predictably lead to much swooning and swaying from the usual suspects in the mainstream media.

In their announcement, Biden and Harris claimed that it was the first time in history that ‘these communications roles will be filled entirely by women.’ As White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany pointed out, it wasn’t true, but the media ran with it anyway because, of course, they did.

In any event, among those named to the senior White House comms team was Jen Psaki, who will fill the press secretary role (assuming Biden and Harris are certified as the winners next month). Ms. Psaki is an alum of the Obama-Biden administration, where she was the comms director for the last two years of Obama’s presidency. Before that, Psaki served in various press secretary roles under President Obama, including a spokesperson for the State Dept.

Psaki’s time as a State Dept. spokesperson has come under scrutiny from Republicans, particularly related to a 2014 photo of Psaki wearing a hammer and sickle fur hat.

Trump campaign deputy comms director Matt Wolking tweeted out the photo on Sunday:

Psaki originally posted the photo to the State Department website in 2014.  Here’s one from then National Security Advisor, failed novelist, general dimwit and noted traitor, Ben Rhodes, and yes, it’s real, not altered in any way:

Psaki is flanked by Russians, and of course, another noted traitor, John Kerry.  What’s that you say?  There’s no big deal; it’s just a gift from the Russians, just a pink winter hat?  Perhaps we ought to look just a bit more closely:

Oh.  It really is the Soviet hammer and sickle symbol, a symbol of oppression, torture and death.  But so what?  Psaki explained, after all:

Oh, I see.  Anyone criticizing Psaki for gladly wearing the primary Soviet symbol is actually engaging in Russian propaganda, just like the Russians want them to do!  Couldn’t it be that it was the Russians that gave Psaki the hat and gleefully posed with her that were using her, a State Department spokesman, as a useful idiot?  Note: the Soviets considered anyone they could dupe or otherwise manipulate into damaging their own country a useful idiot.

Then USA Today “fact checked” the incident, and imagine what they concluded:

Here’s my conclusion: the Russians knew Kerry and Psaki as fools, and used them as stereotypical useful idiots.  They knew Psaki would be girlishly delighted by a pretty pink hat—Oooo, shiny!—and would be only too happy to be photographed wearing it, flanked by smiling Russians, thus pulling off a propaganda coup.  They knew Kerry wasn’t nearly smart enough to understand what they were doing, and even if he were, he’d go along with it out of simple hatred for America.  As for Psaki, then a primary spokesman for the Department of State, they knew she was more than stupid enough to go along with it, and would not give the anti-American symbolism a second thought.  She wouldn’t think to remove the pin or turn the hat around to obscure it.

And these, gentle readers, are the self-imagined elite that may soon be running our nation and our foreign policy.