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Regular readers are aware of the bottomless depths of my disdain for Barack Hussein Obama, and of course, his wife, whose miniscule appreciation for America came only in American’s election, and re-election, of Barack.  He promised hope and change and delivered economic stagnation and racial division such that America had not seen for a half century.

I was always amused, and not a little alarmed, at media figures who should have known better lavishing Obama’s rhetoric with fulsome praise.  Obama never was a good speaker.  As I noted in Barack Obama: Rhetorical and Rational Malpractice,  his speaking techniques are faulty and deceptive, and particularly when read in transcript form after his speeches, his “soaring rhetoric” actually says nothing at all.  In fact, much of it makes no sense.  He knows so very little about so very much.  He has no humility, yet seldom has a national figure had so much about which to be humble.

credit: washingtonpost.com

Obama’s speeches, actually virtually his every utterance, verbal or written, is an exercise in pathological narcissism.   The occasion of this article is his latest, 700+ page doorstop memoir, where, yet again, we so disappoint him:

Former President Barack Obama, in his latest memoir, criticized Americans for liking ‘cheap gas and big cars’ more than they care about ‘the environment’ – even during a catastrophic event like the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

The comments came during a section in Obama’s 700-page book, ‘A Promised Land,’ released earlier this month.

On page 570, the former commander in chief recounts a press conference he gave more than a month into the oil spill – now considered one of the largest in history – saying his comments did not adequately express the frustration he truly felt.

Let us put aside our reasonable doubts that Obama actually wrote this book.  He certainly didn’t write any of his others.

‘Reading the transcript now, a decade later, I’m struck by how calm and cogent I sound. Maybe I’m surprised because the transcript doesn’t register what I remember feeling at the time or come close to capturing what I really wanted to say before the assembled White House press corps.’

Obama never ceases to amaze himself, and his personal pronouns have always been “I”, “me” and “my,” over and over and over.

What he really wanted to say was that government regulatory agencies were not fully equipped to address an environmental accident because many American voters for decades had “bought into the idea that government was the problem and that business always knew better, and had elected leaders who made it their mission to gut environmental regulations, starve agency budgets, denigrate civil servants, and allow industrial polluters to do whatever the hell they wanted to do.’

I can’t imagine why anyone would see government as the problem rather than the solution to problems.  We now know, considering Obama’s weaponization of every facet of government in a coup that continues to date, the supreme, and unrealized irony of his self-delusion.  We now know whatever enmity Americans reserved for civil servants wasn’t nearly great enough and is surpassed only by their hatred of normal Americans and their unshakeable conviction they are solely fit to rule them by any means necessary.

Note, gentle readers, the supreme arrogance and entitlement.  Barack Obama is solely qualified to tell Americans what sort of vehicles they are allowed to drive, and how much their gas will cost.  Note his assumption anyone appreciating inexpensive fuel and truly useful vehicles that meet their needs is not only selfish, but a climate criminal, intent on destroying the planet for their personal convenience.  This is surely why people like Obama so love abominations like the Paris Climate Accords which obligate Americans to fork over trillions, while requiring nothing at all of the world’s greatest polluters like China and India.

And what is the political promise, the “hope and change” of an incoming Harris/Biden Administration?  Systemic racism and climate change.  One suspects this is not going to be a winning formula.  Accusing people of racism and of trying to destroy the planet because they own a pickup truck tends not to make them all warm and fuzzy.  The mere thought of the Obamas absolutely does not make people warm and fuzzy.

Remember Dr. Stephen Chu?  He was Obama’s secretary of Energy.  He argued that Americans should be paying European prices for gas: $9 to $10 per gallon.  Obama wasn’t able to find that particular Holy Grail, thank God, and Mr. Trump’s deregulation, tax cuts and making America energy independent have kept gas prices around the $2 dollar mark.  Obviously, that kind of success must be punished and overturned as quickly as possible.

What do Americans want?  For the most part, to be left alone, unmolested by arrogant and dimwitted do-gooders.  But of course, what’s the fun of absolute governmental power if not to molest one’s political enemies, those they hate, God and gun grabbing, SUV driving, climate criminals who demand cheap gasoline and the individual liberty to use it as they please?  Circa 2020, one might update the old definition of a Puritan as someone living in fear that someone, somewhere, is having fun.  Now, a D/S/C is one that lives in fear that someone, somewhere is allowed to live, unregulated by government.

Credit: riehlworldview.com

Why do people like Obama, indeed, all like him, think Americans don’t deserve inexpensive fuel and the useful vehicles they prefer?  Why should they be denied the fruits of their labors? Why should they be denied the bounty provided by every American that came before them that did it right, that sacrificed that America would occupy its preeminent place in this fallen world?

That’s just it.  People like Obama hate America and Americans, and want Americans to suffer for their success, their industry, responsibility, hard work and above all, for their individual freedom, which is always a threat to would-be tyrants.  Why, let people have liberty for very long and they’ll start thinking they deserve it, it’s some kind of natural right or something.  It’s almost like there’s some kind of document or something about that.  Every enlightened being knows all things flow from government.  The people aren’t qualified to know what’s good for them.

Why would Americans want cheap fossil fuels?  That the question must be asked is indicative of the utter lack of common sense, economic knowledge and common decency of the Left. Inexpensive fuel is a necessity of modern life.  High fuel costs not only greatly reduce any family’s fortune, they dramatically increase the costs of all consumer goods, which are transported using those fuels.  And of course, high fuel prices have the most drastic effect on the lives of the poor, the very people for who demagogues like Obama feign caring.   For many Americans, a dollar increase in gas prices will mean the difference between holding on, and bankruptcy.

Why would Americans want SUVs rather then subcompact/mini rollerskates on wheels?  Americans are not micromini people.  Some dare to think they have the right to have large families, and more, to the vehicles that will allow them to travel together whenever and wherever they choose.  Many Americans need pickup trucks—the most popular vehicles in America—for their work, or just because they want one.  That’s a large part of what individual liberty is: getting to make such choices without having to justify them to government.

I recently wrote about Obama’s visit to a Chevy Volt plant, and his promise he would buy one upon leaving office.  That was, of course, just another Obama lie.  He never bought one, and after he left office, as I predicted, Chevy canceled a vehicle that had never made a penny of profit, quite the opposite.  People like Obama know their insane policies will not affect them.  They can afford greatly increased fuel costs, and will never be forced to drive the kinds of unsafe, useless vehicles they would impose on the rest of us.

the Obama Martha’s Vinyard Cottage. credit: bostonmagazine.com

At last look, the Obamas own at least three homes.  As you might suspect, these are not modest, energy efficient cottages.  Perhaps when people like them actually act as though they believe the climate alarmism that so easily falls from they lying, moving lips, I’ll pay them a bit more attention.

The old Chicago homestead. credit: trip savvy.com

Somehow, however, I doubt the Obama are going to be giving up their mansions, private jet travel, luxurious vacations and generally conspicuous consumption.  Why should someone amazed at his cogence and calm be bothered with such trifles when his only concern is ever for the welfare of the little people, who, as he often used to say, ought to be thanking him?

The DC residence, bought for a mere $8.1 million. credit: abcynewyork

Do I envy Obama?  Not in the least.  He’ll always have himself to admire him, praise him and keep him company.  I’m sure he’s the most brilliant person he knows.  All I ever ask is people like him leave me, and my four-year-old, paid off pickup truck, alone.  Four wheel drive, after all, comes in a bit handy in Wyoming.

Ultimately, people like Obama believe government must be the final arbiter of all.  Government will dole out what it, in its divine, expert wisdom, thinks you need.  Government knows you better than you know yourself.  It knows you’re racist and climatist and wasteful, and insist on dangerous fantasies like individual rights.  Joe Biden knows better, and he’s going to see you get what you deserve: good and hard.