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Let us, gentle readers, brainstorm together.  For the purposes of this article only, let us assume come January, Joe Biden becomes, for however long, MOTUS–Mummy Of The United States.  Let us further assume the underhanded election mechanism that handed Georgia to Biden prevails and hands the Senate to the D/S/Cs.  The Mummy has promised the most progressive administration in history, and has, in no uncertain terms, laid out exactly how he intends to destroy the Second Amendment, and with it, private ownership of firearms.

Let us further assume the Supreme Court has been appropriately packed with reliable socialists/communists, so the Second Amendment will continue to exist, but will protect no individual right, and will allow Government absolute power over arms, and every other facet of life.  And just in case you’re planning to complain about it, the First Amendment still exists, but now bans “hate speech,” which is anything D/S/Cs don’t want you saying about them, such as their destruction of the First and Second Amendments is tyrannical.

The Mummy promises to do away with “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines.”  His promises on that account are a bit schizophrenic in that he wants “mandatory buy backs”—AKA: theft—but is also suggesting Americans might keep such weapons if they register them under the National Firearms Act, which is a lengthy process requiring a $200 dollar tax for each gun and each magazine, a neat trick because magazines do not have serial numbers, and gun owners will find themselves in the Twilight Zone, paying a $200 dollar, non-transferrable tax for each $20 dollar magazine.  How does one reconcile the immediate, moral necessity of getting “weapons of war” off the street, with “keeping weapons of war” on the street so long as government gets to tax them?

Here’s where the real fun begins.  You didn’t think D/S/Cs were going to stop with AR-15s and similar semiautomatic rifles, did you?  The devil is always in the details, and when the legislative dust settles, any and every semiautomatic firearm capable of accepting a detachable magazine will be banned, because they can all accept “high-capacity” magazines, don’t you know.

They’ll forget all that nonsense about the National Firearms Act, because they don’t want you to have guns at all, so why go to all the trouble of pretending they’re going to allow you to have guns in the first place?

So, by a national date certain, all gun owners are going to have to turn in every illegal gun—that’s just about all of them—and magazine—that’s all of them—and get the government-authorized payment, which won’t be cash, as pathetic as that would be, but a tax voucher, which the IRS may or may not allow you to use on your income taxes, which will surely be raised enough to swallow such a pittance whole by the time April rolls around.

Here’s where more real fun begins.  Consider the compliance rate of the New York State SAFE Act, in effect when there was still a Second Amendment.  Best estimates are only about 4% of New Yorkers complied with that abomination.  Are Americans, with the First and Second Amendments obliterated, suddenly going to discover their inner pajama boy, or are they going to cowboy up and collectively tell Gropin’ Joe and Commie Kamala where to put their gun control laws?

The first crisis occurs when the national date certain comes and goes and Americans obviously haven’t embraced their inner pajama boy.  They’re not turning in guns and magazines.  In fact, they’re actively taunting selfless government bureaucrats at turn-in centers, making them feel microaggressed against and unsafe.  Obviously, they must be racist, white supremacists.  Joe keeps reminding us of all the systemic racism in America, but somehow keeps wanting to unify with all those racists.

D/S/Cs are outraged—how dare smelly, toothless, Walmart shoppers–God and gun clingers all–defy their intellectual and moral betters!?—but cooler heads prevail, and the date certain for ending all gun violence is extended another three months.  That momentous date passes, and once again, those uncooperative Normals have refused to submit to the dictates of experts, and are saying even meaner things about them.

It is decision time in the new state/national capital of Obama (can’t have anything to do with Columbus in the name of the new state encompassing our nation’s capital).  Do D/S/Cs go New York State, proclaim victory, have their media arm lie about the huge numbers of weapons of war that are not being turned in, or do they do what they really want to do: get the Normals once and for all?  Which do you think they’ll choose, gentle readers?

By this time, many states and cities have declared themselves Constitution Sanctuaries, places where the unlawful mandates of the State of Obama have no effect.  If you happen to live in one of those happy places, life is going to be rather easier than if you don’t.  In blue states, a substantial number of police agencies, particularly the state police, will actively assist federal agents in raiding the homes of Americans to seize their guns.  But elsewhere, local police won’t play along.  They know better.  They have to live in their communities, and know well you don’t mess with American’s guns, pets or families.

The feds will not try to disarm criminals in D/S/Cs ruled cities.  Foolishly, they will think that too dangerous.  They have no idea what danger actually is.  It will ultimately be decided that examples must be made, and federal agents will spread out into flyover country to make those examples.  They have no idea the maelstrom they’re stirring up.

What can you do when the boys and girls in black tacticool outfits show up at your door?  Tell them to do to hell and get off your property?  Won’t work. People wiling to obliterate any part of the Bill of Rights will be equally happy to obliterate the whole thing.  Even if they maintain the fiction they need warrants, they’ll have a stack of fill-in-the-blank warrants, signed by corrupt federal judges.   They’re coming in, and they’re going to trash your home because they can, and if you give them the slightest excuse, they’ll kill you and yours, because they can and because they’ve been told to make examples.  The honorable feds are long gone.

Do you band together with other patriots and hide your weapons, or do you make a stand, then and there, make them pay with their lives for taking yours?  Or do you work with others, and when the feds show up in your town, ensure they find themselves, everywhere, surrounded by superior firepower?  Do you demonstrate exactly how impossible it is going to be to intimidate honorable, patriotic Americans, and how impossible they’re going to be to rule?

But that would be threatening federal agents!  Right.  And your point is?

Central Montana:  A caravan of federal agents on the way to a ranch harboring a suspected arsenal of illegal weapons of war is ambushed from long range.  The engines and tires of their vehicles are destroyed, forcing the agents to walk 28 miles back to civilization.  The attackers are never seen.  When the agents return for their vehicles, they’re gone and are never found.  Rumors they became part of a mine reclamation project are never confirmed.

Western South Dakota: An attack team of 10 FBI and BATF agents arrived at the home of a local resident suspected of owning multiple illegal firearms found themselves surrounded by many times their number.  Local law enforcement did not answer their calls for reinforcement.  They were forced to disarm and leave all of their equipment, but were allowed to leave town and warned never to return.

Central Kansas:  A joint task force of federal agents planning raids in the area awoke at 0300 to find all of their vehicles in their hotel parking lots ablaze.  So much of their equipment was destroyed, they were forced to cancel their plans.

North Texas:  A task force of 20 federal agents sent into the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex to conduct raids disappears and is never heard from again.  Whether they simply deserted or were killed and disappeared is never confirmed.

Any tyrant will find the ingenuity of Americans to be virtually limitless.  Would Americans avoid killing the federal agents sent to kill them?  At first, but blood would inevitably be drawn, and when that happened, the response potentiometer would be turned from 1: “live and let live” to 11: “kill them all.”

Inevitably, any tyrannical government would be forced to use military assets—drones, attack helicopters, armored vehicles, tanks, against Americans.   Would they find sufficient military members willing to kill fellow Americans?  They would find some. D/S/Cs have spent decades replacing real warriors with diversity warriors, but NCOs would determine the degree to which they could field forces.  IF the NCOs aren’t all in, armored vehicles just aren’t going to work, spare parts aren’t going to be available, “Darn Colonel, but the electronic locks on the ammo lockers aren’t working!” and military members are simply going to go home, taking their equipment and knowledge with them.

But no one could stand against a modern army!  Spoken like a Leftist idiot with no idea of the limitations and vulnerabilities involved, to say nothing of history.

Smart D/S/Cs will never push the envelope so far.  They would understand their limitations, and would understand should they start spilling American blood to seize American’s guns, Americans are going to come after them, their families, their property and their fortunes.  Are they really stupid enough to think Americans, when they’re killing their families and friends, would meekly submit and consider them somehow out of bounds?  D/S/Cs are bragging about lists.  Normals can make them too.

They’re that stupid.

Let us hope, gentle readers, none of this comes to pass.  Let us hope our constitutional republic prevails.  But if it does not, let us be prepared to show our would-be D/S/C rulers what it means to take on Americans.  It will likely be their last lesson.