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My pal Bookworm often inspires me, as she has done with this article titled: The anti-prison movement will be a disaster…for criminals.   

At Power LinePaul Mirengoff took note of the fact that George Soros, having managed to place leftist prosecutors throughout America, none of whom have the slightest interest in prosecuting crime, has now moved on to placing leftist judges in courtrooms, just in case a prosecutor was unable to keep a criminal out of court…

These trends, of course, are a disaster for the law-abiding. I haven’t been to San Francisco in a while, but the last time I was there, it was a frightening place, with brothels in the ‘family-style’ neighborhoods, skyrocketing violent crime, and complete degradation and squalor on the streets, thanks to mentally ill and addicted homeless people. The same was true when I was in New York a couple of years ago (quite different from when I first went there, on Giuliani’s watch and from subsequent trips on Mike Bloomberg’s watch). This is how you get ordinary, middle-class people (i.e., the ones who hold cities together) leaving in droves, and expanding the scope of poverty and crime in a community.

What leftists don’t realize is that what they’re doing is also a disaster for criminals. As many have said, our modern criminal justice system was set up not just to protect ordinary people from criminals but to protect criminals from ordinary people. Before we had a criminal justice system, complete with police, courtrooms, and prisons, we had vigilantism at the front end, because there were no police, and extreme tortures at the back end of the system, because there were no prisons.

When police arrest bad guys, one of the things they are doing is protecting them from angry people in the community. These people are not just the direct victims but the community at large. People who are trying to live normal lives cannot tolerate rampant crime. If there is no government enforcement, they will become the enforcers. Vigilantes invariably administer rough justice, and it’s usually fatal. The person they grab (and they’re not above grabbing the wrong person), will be beaten to death, hanged, shot, set on fire, or whatever else the mob finds most expedient. We read stories about these things about Latin America and Africa. If leftists keep destroying the front end of our criminal justice system — the police — we’re going to read about it here too.

Bookworm notes the prison system and criminal justice system function largely to the benefit of criminals, or at least tend to lengthen lives otherwise a waste of good oxygen.  Most specifically, the system is the manifestation of the beliefs of western civilization, such as due process, law and order, equality of all under the law, no cruel and unusual punishment, and mercy in general.  It is an overused axiom that it’s better that a hundred guilty men go free than one be wrongfully convicted.  After the summer of 2020, I somehow suspect few will actually say that, and fewer actually believe it.

When you think about things this way, you realize that our prison system works primarily for the criminals’ benefit. If we do away with prisons, crime will skyrocket. And at a certain point, the ordinary people — the worms — will turn. And when they turn, it will be ugly. There won’t be functional prisons, so they will revert to the stone-age origins: summary execution at the mobs’ hands or violent penalties that mark the criminal as an outlaw forever. Once your tongue is sliced out, your hand cut off, or a brand placed on your cheek, you can never return to normal society.

By all means, take the link and read the entire article.  My intention here is to provide a bit more perspective.

*The police have no duty to protect any individual citizen.  The Supreme Court case is Castlerock v. Gonzales, which informs us the police have a duty only to the abstract public, to deter crime by their presence, and to investigate crimes after they occur.  Even then, there are so many crimes and so few police, most crimes will go unsolved, even in fully staffed police agencies allowed to do their jobs.

*Apart from protecting criminals from Old Testament vengeance, which is a result of the humane principles embodied in the Constitution, the primary value of prisons is when crooks are there, they aren’t leaving a bloody trail of victims—and bodies.

*D/S/Cs have, for years, been spending millions to elect anarchists as prosecutors and judges.  They have no intention of enforcing the law against criminals, particularly their own, but will ruthlessly persecute honest Americans daring to exercise the right to self-defense.  This pattern will only accelerate under a Harris Administration.

*The Ferguson Effect is suppressing pro-active policing around the country.  The inevitable result: skyrocketing crime rates of all kinds.  This too will accelerate in the next several years.

*The lunatic movement to defund and/or abolish the police will also accelerate to the point of rendering many D/S/C controlled cities and states essentially lawless.

D/S/Cs are, of course, far more intelligent and moral than those they seek to rule, so while claiming to care about science, they create their own reality irrespective of actual reality, and try to force others to live in it.  Reality: hamper or abolish the police, crime runs amok.  This, to D/S/Cs is a feature, not a bug.  And as I’ve often written, D/S/C policies cannot possibly be wrong.  In the past, elections served as a brake of sorts on that kind of insanity, but if the Harris Administration gets its way, America will soon become a one-party dictatorship.

While what Bookworm forecasts—organized bands of vigilantes handing out medieval justice—may happen in some parts of the country, the dispensing of justice in a failed law and order environment will surely be more subtle.  In D/S/C ruled areas, utter lawlessness will provoke utterly lawless responses, and people will need to band together for daily survival.  That will be their primary concern, which is precisely what the self-imagined D/S/C elite want: the mob’s attention off them.

It should not be imagined, however, that in such conditions, citizens will not eventually come for the politicians enabling their misery.  This is why D/S/Cs are so desperate to disarm the honest and law-abiding.

It is in the rest of the country things will be interesting.  In areas where law enforcement still maintains at least some effective deterrence and presence, a cooperative relationship between the police and honest citizens will develop.  It need not be overt, in fact, it almost certainly won’t be.  When criminals simply disappear or turn up dead, the police won’t be expending any of their scarce resources investigating those crimes.

Who will be doing the enforcing?  Capable men and women.  The rough men and women that have always stood ready to deal with danger on their behalf that they may sleep peaceably in their beds at night.  Movies portray criminal masterminds so brilliant it takes the most brilliant single detective to stop them, at the very last moment at great personal risk.  Most criminals aren’t smart, though they think they are.  The perfect crime is any crime that is not detected or solved.  This applies to millions every day.

A single, tactically capable individual could eliminate innumerable criminals preying on the public and leave no trace, even if the police did want to catch them.  Telling no one, being careful, they would be essentially unstoppable.

A small group of like-minded individuals could accomplish more, but adding people to any plan enhances the possibility of leaks or mistakes.  But that would be wrong!  So is allowing vicious criminals to steal, destroy, maim, rape and murder.  If the police can’t deter and catch them, if they’re not allowed to do that, what alternative does the public have?  If the police catch criminals, but prosecutors won’t prosecute and judges won’t convict and sentence them to the prisons that no longer exist, what then?

This is why we won’t see much of such medieval punishments as branding, cutting out tongues or cutting off hands—or other offending parts.  Who wants a mutilated rapist still around to harm innocents or take revenge?  If there are no prisons, no sentences to fit the crime, to protect the innocent, what’s the alternative?  If the police and courts no longer wield the sword of justice, honest, honorable Americans will take up that sword.

The police, in areas where they still exist and where the justice system is still at least reasonably functional, will continue to do their jobs, and citizen involvement in administering justice will be minimal.  The police will tend to be at least a little upset at this, if for no reason other than it reminds them of what they are not allowed to do, or cannot do.  Most are honest, dedicated men and women who take pride in protecting the public.  But keep in mind there is a general split in philosophy between line cops, the people who do the daily work, and their politician bosses in blue.  Line cops tend to support the Second Amendment; their bosses tend not to.  Line cops, as long as the elimination of criminals isn’t done in a flashy, taunting way, a way they can’t ignore, will tend to accept it, even as their bosses make blustery public statements decrying vigilantism.

Smart operatives will not be in direct contact with the police for intelligence or any other matter.  They’ll go about their business, taking their time, being cautious, giving the police plausible deniability, making it possible for them to ignore crimes they know they aren’t going to solve.  Oh, the police will make something of a show at investigating some particular crimes, but solving such things is hard enough when they’re actually working at it.

Every police officer knows how easy it is to commit the perfect crime, including murder, and there are few that have not considered exactly how to commit such crimes.  And yes, some police officers will also moonlight.

Richard Pryor had a great comic bit about how he visited a prison, and playing the part of the dim-witted revolutionary, bragged about how he talked with the brothers, got down with them.  The punchline was when he suddenly, violently shook, a look of horror on his face, and said “thank God we got prisons!” acting out a conversation with one of the “brothers”: “why did you kill the whole family?!”  The “brother” nonchalantly shrugged and replied: “they was home.”  Honest Americans understand that.

Even if D/S/Cs don’t understand evil exists and can meet them at any time, anywhere.  Even if they think their self-imagined elitism is somehow proof against the criminal lunatics they have unleashed and supported, a nation without effective police, or no police, will tend to have a rapid sobering effect.  Self-defense remains, and always will, the one unalienable, natural right that takes precedence over all others.  D/S/Cs think they can change human nature.  They’re wrong.