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I haven’t added anything to this category since June 11 of this year.  In that article, I recommended Kurt Schlichter’s Kelly Turnbull novels.  An excerpt from that article:

The world Schlichter creates, set in the near future, is an entirely logical extension of what is likely to happen as Socialists continue to reject American constitutionalism, and in the process, demonize everyone that does not slavishly support their deranged, murderous, socialist worldview…

The People’s Republic is a standard, one each, socialist worker’s paradise. Everyone has varying personal pronouns.  The wealthy elite live behind walled, guarded compounds.  They have all of the things middle class Americans have always had, and more. Everyone else is a communist worker. Grocery store shelves are mostly empty, there are virtually no choices, toilet paper is rare, everything is broken down and falling apart, and food is scarce and rationed.  Everyone must carry ID, which identifies their privilege level. There is a federalized police force composed of criminal thugs–all the real police fled to the red states at the split–and a secret police force, charged primarily with keeping everyone in line.  Education is political indoctrination–lies about history and the reality of red America. There are reeducation camps, ubiquitous government brutality and oppression, summary executions, all the delightful trappings of every socialist state that has ever existed.  Schlichter didn’t need to make anything up, merely mirror the realities of socialism and take political correctness a very few steps beyond its current state.

I’d no idea how prescient that excerpt, and Schlicter’s books, were going to turn out to be.  By all means, take the link and read that article– and Schlichter’s books (you’ll find that information in the article).

Today, November, 2020, we have made giant strides toward the precipice.  The first shots—thus far bloodless—in the second civil war have been fired.  They’ve been fired in the fraudulent elections of D/S/C ruled cities and states, and the weapons have been the traitorous actions of innumerable local, state and national D/S/C functionaries, and in the computers/software of companies with foreign origins and ties.

One of the great curiosities of the 2020 presidential race is the actual campaign.  President Trump, indefatigable on the stump, drew unprecedented crowds, despite the Covid hoax, despite the best efforts of D/S/C mayors and governors to deny him venues, even despite winter cold.  Tens of thousand of Americans braved below freezing weather, waiting hours outside at airports to support him, the symbol of their support for American constitutionalism.  A new innovation was Trump boat and car parades, the latter reaching 90 miles in length and more, all spontaneously, locally organized.

Joe Biden held very few events, garnering only a handful of supporters.  At one scheduled event, with Kamala Harris, no one showed up.  At another, a purported car parade, only five vehicles showed up.  At all of Biden’s rare events, there were far more D/S/C media arm functionaries than actual citizens. At Trump’s, the media did their best to hide his numbers, to ignore the events entirely, or to misrepresent them in every way possible. Biden’s campaign constantly called press “lids”—cutting off all press access to Biden—at 0900 or earlier most days, and whenever supposed journalists had access of any kind to Biden, they asked him what kind of ice cream he was eating, why he was so wonderful, and why Trump is so evil.  He never faced a competent question, and flubbed even the easy ones.

We now know, with certainty, how Biden could get away with this. He used the Covid hoax to his benefit, spending most of his time hiding in his basement, but if he is so frail and fragile, how is that a qualification for the most physically and mentally taxing job on the planet?  The press not only went along, they were his publicity, concealment and attack dog corps.

He is suffering from dementia, is drugged to the eyeballs, so his handlers did everything they could to keep him away from the public.  More and more, even when he was reading a teleprompter from his basement, his wife had to sit beside him to keep him—sort of—on track.  He can’t speak for more than a few minutes without melting down.  The list is endless, but my favorites are his discourse on how kids love to play with his hairy legs, and how he really likes kids to sit on his lap, which is how he learned about rats.  Then there was perhaps his only honest admission of the campaign when he bragged about establishing the greatest vote fraud organization in history.  And who can forget Joe’s promise to mobilize the “Traunalimunumaprzure”?

Post continuing election it’s clear why Joe didn’t need to campaign: the fix was in.  He, his campaign, the D/S/C Party nationally and locally knew it and gleefully and far more blatantly than ever before, enacted the greatest election fraud assault on the Constitution in history.  And they almost blew it.

On 11-19-20, the President’s Attorney Rudy Guiliani, gave a press conference—a You Tube video of the event is currently available here—wherein he and others laid out the basis of the fraud.  It’s basically on two tracks:

(1) The normal D/S/C ballot fraud of all kinds, on steroids this year with massive mail in ballot fraud, and illegal manipulation of ballots, law and procedures by local corruptocrats.

(2) Computer fraud through the voting hardware and software used in every contested state.  The software was designed to allow users to switch votes from one candidate to another, simply drop or add votes from candidates,  and/or to determine outcomes of elections by specific proportions.  The actual data indicates this was the D/S/C plan, but it failed because Trump was winning in a landslide they, in their arrogance, did not predict.  This is why multiple states suddenly stopped counting at 0100, and resumed later after a sufficient number of ballots were, in a panic, manufactured and added in, only then did the vote count continue, but following batches of votes fell in precisely calculated, and identical, percentages–an impossibility

Take this link to my favorite Bookworm to learn more.  And take this link to see how the company whose products enabled the computer fraud are responding.  Hint: not the way an honest enterprise confident in its position would respond.

If all of this is true, and there is good reason to believe it is, the next battle will take place, and very soon, in state and federal courtrooms, and ultimately, in the Supreme Court.  We can anticipate state Supreme Courts such as those in Pennsylvania will rule for D/S/Cs and against the law.  They have already demonstrated their corruption.  Should the courts abandon their duty to the law, should the Supreme Court refuse to hear the President’s case, or ignore the most obvious and egregious election fraud in our history, another, irreversible step toward the destruction of these United States will have been taken.

Good advice

Seventy percent of Republicans believe the election to be illegitimate.  Thirty percent of Democrats believe the same.  I know there are competing polls, but these numbers are a reasonable approximation. Keeping in mind how reluctant Americans are to engage pollsters, the numbers are surely higher, and likely even more among D/S/Cs, who are surely reluctant to be publically seen to be departing from the one, true faith.

The press and big tech are entirely in the tank for socialism, but let’s be honest:  socialism is nothing more than communism lite.  They are the same thing with the same ultimate goal: all power taken from the people and seized by the government.  They differ only in how immediately murderous they are. Socialists will take away all your liberties, silence and disarm you, destroy your careers and lives and give away all you have to their toadies.  Communists will just kill you and be done with it.  The difference is only a matter of degree and viciousness.  Normal Americans have lockdowns, mask mandates and no toilet paper; their rulers dine at Michelin five star restaurants.

Since Biden has declared himself president elect—I’m thinking of declaring myself emperor for life elect, since I have just as firm constitutional/lawful grounds to do that as he does—the media, big tech, and Biden’s incoming administration have gone full socialist.  They’re going to destroy the First Amendment and Second Amendments first—an absolute necessity for what is to follow—and they’re going to take the world with them.  Various kleptocrats and would-be despots around the world are very excited about “resetting” the world, which amounts to enabling and funding America’s enemies and throwing her allies to the wolves.

Any D/S/C “reset” will be destructive to liberty and peace.

The next big step, post-inauguration, will be to ensure two absolute socialist, America hating lunatics are elected to the Senate from Georgia.  If the fraud isn’t stopped in the courts, it’s a certainty it will prevail in Georgia, which is one of the states fraudulently given to Biden as this is written.  With the House, Senate and presidency in D/S/C hands, the federal government will go full communist in short order.  Biden’s handlers are making that absolutely clear with talk of truth and reconciliation commissions, fighting climate change and systemic racism—we’re all climate deniers and racists–deprogramming Trump supporters—about a third of the nation—and D/S/Cs have long talked about reeducation camps and having to kill millions of wrong thinkers.  They’re not kidding about any of it.

A New York Times reporter furthering the D/S/C narrative…

But that’s impossible!  The Supreme Court will stop it!  Americans won’t stand for it!

Only the last portion of that whine is likely true.  The fact is the Supreme Court’s rulings are effective only in a constitutional republic, which is an entirely voluntary affair.  If the Congress and presidency refuse to honor its rulings, what power does it have to enforce them?  That duty, constitutionally, falls to the executive branch—the president—and the men and women with guns under his command.

It has been accurately noted we’re at a very awkward time: we know our constitutional republic is being usurped from within, but we’re not quite ready to shoot the bastards.

How far they will have to push for Normal Americans to finally, with all the force and fury of which Americans are uniquely capable, rise up and either establish a separate constitutional nation or take back the whole?  That remains to be seen.  My guess is a split is inevitable, particularly so if D/S/Cs prevail in stealing this election.  If D/S/Cs are allowed to so obviously steal a presidency, why would any honest American bother to vote again?  And should they try and another election was stolen, would that not be the absolutely final straw for participation in a crooked, rigged game, and the final push to secession?

Many are suggesting if Biden, the senile puppet, is installed, Republicans will take back the House and Senate in 2022, thus limiting the damage.  Oh sure.  D/S/Cs, who by then will have crippled the Bill of Rights, eliminated the senate filibuster, the electoral College, added two new states and four new senators, some number of new representatives, and changed voting rules to utterly eliminate any possibility of any but their anointed candidates winning any elected position, will conduct fair and honest elections only then.  If you buy that, have I mentioned I’m a Nigerian prince in exile and if you’ll send me your bank account numbers, I’ll deposit millions for safekeeping?  You can keep the interest, honest, just as soon as all the healing is finished.

The D/S/C media propaganda arm continues to lie and conceal, and nitwits like Mitt Romney argue Republicans should roll over, expose their bellies, and hope their new rulers won’t eviscerate them, the better to preserve democracy or something.  All the while, the real president-elect, Kamala Harris, waits cackling in the wings, the beneficiary of the biggest bait and switch scam in history.

Guiliani and his fellow attorneys claim to have the evidence to prove everything they’ve asserted and more.  While I have my doubts about Guiliani–he’s not as sharp as he was in his prime–Sidney Powell and the other genuinely excellent lawyers on the president’s team would have to be complete fools to make the claims they have without the evidence to back them up.  That kind of thing is career ending, and would ensure the success of the worst election fraud in American history.

Why aren’t Trump’s lawyers putting out the evidence to the media?  Because they’re completely corrupt.  Also, in a case like this, you don’t reveal what you have to the opposition a second before you have to.  They have every means and intention of destroying or concealing evidence as Hillary Clinton, with the reasonable assurance they’ll never have to pay for it, and particularly so if they win.  You reveal it only when you have to: in court.  Judges also, rightfully, take a dim view of lawyers trying their cases in the court of public opinion.  I suspect Trump’s team really has the goods, and when they do reveal it, it will have the potential to change everything, and not just the election results.  I say “potential” because courts can and do ignore evidence, and allow politics to inform their decisions.

As with the Wizard of Oz, ignore whatever the man behind the curtain—Biden–says.  He’s not in charge and never will be.  There will be no “healing, ”  unless the dictionary companies have changed that word to mean: “abject subjugation and obedience.” D/S/Cs are telling us in unmistakable terms they will make sure of that.  There remains one additional certainty: President Trump is right–the United States will never be a socialist country.  Whether that reality is secured under our current constitutional republic, or something new, remains to be seen.