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Remember, gentle readers, when Barack Obama visited a Chevy Volt plant?  Remember how he promised he would buy one when he left office?  I’m sure you will be shocked—shocked!—to learn this was just one more Obama lie.  He even had a bit more than two years to buy a new one—Chevy ceased production of the Volt in March, 2019—but must have been too busy to worry about such things, what with continuing coup plotting and all.  And yes, I did predict Chevy would drop the Volt after Obama left the White House and a decent interval had passed.  I’m not clairvoyant.  No manufacturer can afford to build a product that doesn’t make a profit, though if a company is wealthy enough, they can afford to politically pander for a time.

A very optimistic fellow…

The only actual EV GM currently makes is the subcompact Chevy Bolt, which is terribly pricey, really itty-bitty, and not exactly flying out of dealer showrooms.

Well, hold onto your checkbooks, gentle readers.  If Joe Biden is the next president, GM’s past pandering is going to seem a lukewarm prelude to what is coming.  Biden, you see, is determined to force everyone to buy EVs—we have to change the climate and save the world—whether they want to or not.  What’s that you say?  We don’t have anything like the technology necessary to change the climate of an entire planet?  Shut up you science denying racist!

Car And Driver magazine has produced a lovely fluff piece welcoming our new EV overlords.  They describe our bold, new automative future thus:

Joe Biden’s progressive campaign promises to prove he’s bullish on the power of EVs to make a difference in the fight against climate change, but having the right attitude won’t make them just happen.

Giving the president-elect tailwinds are a slew of new electric vehicles (among them the GMC Hummer EV, above) due to go on sale during his first term, including a lot of pickup trucks that can shift the public image of EVs and a lot of EV production that is or will soon be happening in red states.

As usual, cheap gas and a Senate potentially still controlled by Republicans means any plans Biden has will be tempered to some degree. 

We can only hope so, because if his plans are not “tempered,” Americans are about to become substantially less mobile and much, much poorer.

Excitement over electric vehicles flows from the president-elect himself, who promoted two distinct EV policies in his campaign climate plan. First, his Day One ‘unprecedented executive actions’ include moving the federal government procurement system toward 100 percent “clean energy and zero-emissions vehicles” as well as making sure U.S. fuel-economy standards are set so they get ‘100 percent of new sales for light- and medium-duty vehicles [to] be electrified’ alongside annual improvements for heavy-duty vehicles.

Second, Biden’s ‘Year One Legislative Agenda’ is to include accelerating the deployment of electric vehicles by working with governors and mayors to deploy over 500,000 new public charging outlets by the end of 2030. The plan also calls for restoring the federal government’s electric-vehicle tax credit and targeting it toward middle-class consumers while prioritizing electric vehicles made in America when possible.

That’s what the president-elect has said himself. Industry sources who spoke to Car and Driver on background said once Biden is inaugurated, he could use the presidential bully pulpit to signal to Americans that the future belongs to EVs. He could also stop the fight with California over fuel-economy standards and get back to promoting one national standard.

Oh, I’m sure he’ll do all of that and more.  However, I doubt most Americans outside the California legislature and the DC Beltway are going to be fond of being forced to live under California’s unicorn farts and fairy dust standards.  C & D doesn’t think Biden can do much because we have low gas prices, so Republicans should “work with Biden on EVs.”  One would think C & D would be bright enough to realize Biden also wants to destroy the fossil fuel industry and make us dependent on foreign energy sources again, because that worked out so well in the past.  Dramatically raising gas prices isn’t a bug for D/S/Cs, but a feature they think will drive normal Americans into EVs, and kowtowing manufacturers will be only too glad to provide them.  Evil always works on multiple levels.  C & D has consumed the entire bathtub of Biden Kool-Aid.  They think this green revolution, which will destroy millions of well-paying jobs, will actually create jobs, which is obviously a whole new field of green mathematics.  But math is racist!  Shut up you white supremacist!

Plug In America’s policy director, Katherine Stainken, pointed out to C/D that there is a relatively under-the-radar EV production boom happening in red states, citing the Cadillac Lyriq being built in Tennessee (where Volkswagen is expanding EV operations and Nissan has been building the Leaf for years), Tesla opening a plant in Texas to build the Cybertruck, SK Innovation’s $2.6 billion battery plant potentially coming to Georgia, and the Lordstown Motors plant in Ohio, along with Lucid and Nikola in Arizona.

Note all the ”potential” plants.  One should also take note of the success rate of heavily government subsidized green ventures during the Obama Administration.  Actually, that’s a lack of success rate, with defunct companies like Solyndra leading the dead battery pack.  

Center for Automotive Research president and CEO Carla Bailo wrote that despite the excitement around EVs, she sees a downside for existing internal-combustion engine and transmission plants that will need to be managed during the transition. ‘We have several years before internal-combustion engines will be obsolete, and we should begin to prepare the workforce and plant management accordingly,’ she wrote. With Biden, she said, ‘We will have someone in the White House committed to the resurrection of the Paris accords and improved air quality for the U.S. There will remain good checks and balances due to the situation in the House and Senate to move pragmatically.’

Only a few years before internal combustion engines are obsolete?  We only recently become energy independent, and as a result, have relatively cheap energy prices that will last for a very long time.  Our energy independence is also a major national security factor, so we absolutely have to pretend all of the technologies that have made us prosperous and secure are obsolete?  Why?  To save the planet!  What’s that?  China, India and all the other developing nations don’t have to do a damned thing?  It’s in the Paris Climate Accords Biden is hell bent on rejoining?  I already told you to shut up, you science denying racist!

The point, of course, is D/S/Cs are not going to give us a choice.  We’re going to drive EVs or else.  The details of “or else” will depend on how secure they think they are in seizing and maintaining absolute power at the time.  They also think they can wave shiny objects before the eyes of normal Americans, who are, after all, smelly, toothless, WalMart shoppers who drive pickup trucks, so they have to be stupid:

No all-electric trucks are available today from any major automakers, but there will be a fair number released during Biden’s first term. This new generation of trucks is likely to simply outperform a lot of the gas or diesel pickups available now. Most of them will have onboard power, allowing users to plug in tools at a worksite or offer electricity while remote camping. Rivian says its R1T pickup truck will go through three feet of standing water, for example, and Ford has hyped the towing capability of its upcoming electric F-150, famously pulling a million-plus-pound train in a promotional video. These sorts of features might be what it takes to give EVs the boost they need, politics be damned.

They really do think we’re stupid:

There’s all this potential that we can’t even imagine right now when you’re driving a pickup in the middle of nowhere and you’re bringing power with you,’ said Plug In America executive director Joel Levin. ‘Where will that lead? What kinds of creative things will people do?’

Let’s see if I understand this.  People will be so thrilled to have a pickup truck hauling its own weight in batteries out to the “middle of nowhere”—D/S/Cs think that’s most of the middle of America, you know, flyover country—they’ll buy millions of the things.  The first of the breed is the GMC Hummer EV!

For the first year, the GMC Hummer EV will only be available as a $112,595 Edition 1, which will arrive in 2022.

Only $112,595?  Why, Joe Normal American will buy seven, one for each day of the week, and change them like underwear.  That way he can be pretty sure he’ll always have one charged up.  Maybe after he spends another $2000 or so for a home fast charger, then there’s installation…

Actually, the Hummer is a huge vehicle with a very small bed, so it’s sort of a pickup-like monster truck.  Let’s just play along for fun.  Joe Normal American has sold his house to buy his Hummer EV, which he and his family of four are now living in.  They decide to take a trip to the middle of nowhere, bringing all of that power with them. Conventional vehicles don’t have any power to bring with them?  But what about generators?  Shut up!  But they live in a part of the country where there is something known as “cold,” which quickly drains batteries, dramatically reducing range.  But they’re saving the planet, so they don’t worry about that.

The middle of nowhere requires off road driving and climbing various terrain features, but their Hummer EV has four wheel drive.  Of course, doing anything other than driving on level roads uses enormous amounts of all that power they’re taking with them–reducing range again–and so does running any electrical accessories, like lights and heat, but sacrifices have to be made to change the climate even though we can’t change the climate, so just shut up.

Joe and family finally make their destination and set up camp, using all that power they brought with them, which also dramatically drains the batteries, and when they wake up in the morning, all the power they brought with them is, mysteriously, gone!  And of course, there are no charging stations in the middle of nowhere, and even if there were there would be no electricity to power them.

But why not?  D/S/Cs know we get electricity from power plants, but they’re not quite so tuned into where the power plants get electricity, probably from, you know, electric stuff.  I mean, there’s lightning in the sky, and that’s electric, right?  So it’s like, ORGANIC!  That’s the approach that has worked so well for California, which is pretty much out of electricity, and at the most inconvenient times, like when people really need it.  Just wait until everyone has to drive electric vehicles!  We’ll just get electricity from the electric plants, which will get it from, you know, organic electric stuff, which is probably gluten free too!  Everyone will be happy because no one will have electricity, but we won’t have it together, which is what Gropin’ Joe’s unity is all about!  I’m sure Arizona and Nevada and other states around there will be happy to send electricity to California.  They’ll just get it from their electric plants powered by electric stuff because all the coal, and nuclear and natural gas plants were shut down long ago.

Look! It’s kind of a convertible, and only $112 thousand and change!

But what about the five-something bazillion charging stations Biden is going to build, like, you know, tomorrow?  Well, even if they’re super duper charging stations, and if Joe Normal American and his family can somehow get back from the middle of nowhere–they’ll just use all the power they brought with them!–he’ll be waiting in line–if there is any electricity—for hours and hours, and when he finally gets his turn, he’ll be waiting hours more.  In the cold.  With his Hummer off, so it can charge in a few hours or so to some percent of full, so he can try to figure out how to get to the next charging station so he can wait for hours and hours, all the while taking all that organic, gluten free power with him…

D/S/Cs are, you see gentle readers, The Party of Science.  The problem is, they’re going to mandate virtue first, and if the science doesn’t actually exist to make their virtue reality, that’s too damned bad for Deplorables–and the economy–and the country–and the world.  You don’t really think they’re going to limit themselves to EVs, do you?  They’re going to be very busy saving the planet on our behalf, so what’s a little inconvenience to Deplorables?  As Barack Obama used to say, we ought to be thanking them.