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Well gentle readers, if Biden wins—don’t count on that—it’s going to be a banner four years for university diversity directors, as The College Fix reports: 

It’s a great gig — if you can get it.

Michigan State University’s new vice president/chief diversity and inclusion officer (CDO), Jabbar Bennett, was offered a cool $315,000 per year salary, as well as a $700 “monthly vehicle allowance,” according to The State News

Of course, this particular salary and perks aren’t a direct result of Biden, but universities surely aren’t going to see a reduction in such positions.  We can also be certain Biden will once again remove every due process protection for men in college, which as Biden was so fond of saying, are virtual rape festivals.  As always, this raises the question why any parents would send their daughters to college if they’re virtually certain to be raped.  For my writings on that topic, begin here, and also enter “college rape” in the SMM homepage search bar.

We can also be certain Biden will double down on Obamite school discipline policies.  Actually, we should say non-discipline policies, which make it impossible for schools to discipline, suspend or remove disruptive and actively criminal minority students, regardless of the facts of their offenses.  It’s little known—the media hid it—that it was these polices that were a significant contributor to the Parkland Massacre.  The demon that carried out that attack qualified as one of the poor, oppressed minorities, and the school superintendent was an Obamite of the first order, so warning flag after warning flag was ignored, and many died. With that kind of success, I’m sure Biden thinks that kind of policy must go nationwide.  Go here for an article and many links to all of my writings on this topic.  You’ll find the damage already done.

Let’s visit Biden’s campaign website to see some–not all–of the additional destruction he’s planning to wreak.  First, gun control, which is an overarching obsession of virtually everything he’s planning to do:

Defeat the National Rifle Association  again  in order to make our schools safer. Parents shouldn’t have to worry about whether their kids will come home from school, and students shouldn’t have to sacrifice themselves for their friends days before graduation. We cannot let gun violence become an acceptable part of American life. Biden knows that arming teachers isn’t the answer; instead, we need rational gun laws. As President, he will secure passage of gun legislation to make our students safer, and he knows he can do it because he’s defeated the National Rifle Association twice before. He’ll begin by again championing legislation to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines – bans he authored in 1994 – and require universal background checks to keep guns out of dangerous hands. And, he’ll invest in healing the trauma that impacts survivors of gun violence and their communities.

The gun control section of his website adds this:

Prohibit the use of federal funds to arm or train educators to discharge firearms. We should be passing rational gun laws, not requiring educators who already have too much on their plates to also protect the safety of their students. Biden supports barring states from using federal dollars to arm or train educators to discharge firearms.

The language of this section is generally loose, which allows all manner of mischief, but note the last paragraph.  If a madman attacks, teachers are too busy to take a few seconds to protect their lives and the lives of their students?  It’s no coincidence this is the universal stance of teacher’s unions.  Biden will do absolutely anything to help unions force Americans to fill their coffers.  Can’t have people choosing not to join a union.  They’re not qualified to make such choices, so government must make it for them.  To find my recent series on school attacks and saving lives, enter “school attacks 2020” into the SMM home page search bar.

As President, Biden will build an education system that starts investing in our children at birth and helps every student get some education beyond a high school diploma, whether a certification, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree. Systemic racism is persistent across our institutions today – including in our schools – and must be addressed. President Biden will make sure that no child’s education opportunity is determined by their zip code, parents’ income, race, or disability.

This is free college, forgiving student loan debt (which by the way, Obama/Biden vastly increased by federalizing the student loan industry) for everybody, etc..  It’s also mandatory racist indoctrination for all children, beginning at birth, and for all educators, and it won’t be once and done.  Think Maoist self-flagellation sessions.  Keep in mind it is in D/S/C ruled cities and states kids are denied a competent educational opportunity despite truly obscene amounts of money thrown at them.  Destroying the ability of adults to actually run the schools through appropriate discipline will absolutely ensure no learning is possible, but Biden, in the best D/S/C tradition, will throw huge piles of money down that particular sewer.  This, of course means ruinous levels of taxation.  Yes gentle readers, it’s all connected.

Improve teacher diversity. Research shows us the substantial and unique impact that teachers of color have on students of color. For example, for black students, having just one black teacher in elementary school reduces the probability of dropping out. Biden will support more innovative approaches to recruiting teachers of color, including supporting high school students in accessing dual-enrollment classes that give them an edge in teacher preparation programs, helping paraprofessionals work towards their teaching certificate, and working with historically black colleges and universities and other minority-serving institutions to recruit and prepare teachers.

Let us put aside the fact Biden/Obama did absolutely nothing for historically black colleges in eight years, and Trump funded them far into the future, and understand this is going to require discrimination against all non-black teachers, and more racist indoctrination—much, much more.  Could it be that there are relatively few black teachers for reasons other than “systemic racism?”  Just asking.  Oh, and one black teacher in a school keeps kids from dropping out?  Black kids will think: “there is a single black teacher in my school, so I will utterly, in a second, change my thinking about all the cultural influences that have made me a failure in life, and become a rocket scientist”?   I dunno, but I kind of think life is a bit more complex than that.  I wonder what effect there would be if that single black teacher was not only a terrible teacher, but an awful human being, or is a body with a heartbeat of the right color the determining factor of student success?  Who knew it was so easy?

Reinstate the Obama-Biden Administration’s actions to diversify our schools. As President, Biden will reinstate Department of Education guidance that supported schools in legally pursuing desegregation strategies and recognized institutions of higher education’s interests in creating diverse student bodies. And, he will provide grants to school districts to create plans and implement strategies to diversify their schools.

Can you say “forced bussing” boys and girls?  I knew you could.  A massive new federal bureaucracy will have to be created to ensure compliance, and they’ll have the power to fine and destroy anyone daring to resist their mandates, without due process, of course.  And this too will require far more racist indoctrination in the name of eliminating systemic racism.

Provide high-quality, universal pre-kindergarten for all three- and four -year-olds. For families with young children, finding highly quality pre-K is a major financial, logistical, and emotional burden, with potentially life-long consequences for their children. As President, Biden will work with states to offer pre-K for all three- and four-year-olds. This investment will ease the burden on our families, help close the achievement gap, promote the labor participation of parents who want to work, and lift our critical early childhood education workforce out of poverty.

Can you say “this has been tried and is a complete failure” boys and girls?  I knew you could.  The evidence has long been in.  “Head Start” has wasted mountains of cash and produced nothing, which is why even more must be spent.

I’ve said it often, but it can’t be repeated often enough: D/S/Cs are morally and intellectual superior—just ask them—so D/S/C programs and policies are perfect, hence, non-falsifiable. No amount of experience, no amount of evidence, no amount of human misery will suffice to prove them wrong.  So when one of them appears to fail, it must be because not enough money has been spent, the program/policy hasn’t had sufficient time to work its wonders—Head Start has only been in effect since 1965, a mere 45 years—it hasn’t been given to the public nearly good and hard enough, RACISM!!!!!, and Normal Americans have been allowed to exist to oppose it, even if the opposition has amounted to nothing more than verbal and written criticism.

Finally, we can be certain the Harris Administration—Biden is only the bait in the most corrupt bait and switch scheme in American history—will not only do nothing to end social media censorship of non-D/S/C ideas, it will enshrine it, making it ever more difficult for Americans to know the truth about pretty much anything.  That’s the point of education, isn’t it?

The idea that human beings learn through competent, hard working teaching, and through actual hard work over time is so old school, and Deplorables, and TRUMP! and RAAAACIIIIIIST!  Kamala Harris is going to give us the truth, which she favors over fact, good and hard, the better to produce generations of good little socialists.