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Welcome, gentle readers, to the 2020 Election live blog!  Beginning the evening of 11-02-20, I’ll be adding information about the election as it becomes available.  I’ll also be adding some “news” stories from The Babylon Bee, America’s most trusted news source.

Good. We need more badakathcare…

I watched a final Biden campaign speech earlier today.  He continued spouting the lies about Trump calling dead veterans losers, saying the Coronavirus was a hoax and a variety of other similar lies.  A few car horns beeped in response.


Democrat/Socialist/Communist-ruled cities are, with actions rather than words, revealing the truth: it’s not Trump supporters causing them to shut down and board up their businesses and every other building of value.  The looters and rioters are absolutely the kind of people that must be given absolute federal power—or so says Joe Biden on behalf of Kamala Harris.

Lochel’s Bakery, a Pennsylvania business that has had notable success in predicting presidential contests predicts a Trump landslide.  Their Trump cookies are selling 6 to 1 over Biden cookies.

Gun sales thus far this year, with two months to go in 2020 are already almost 2 million over the previous record high.  

At PJ Media, Matt Margolis has The Top 20 Lies About Trump’s Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Hmmm. Only 20? I thought everything D/S/Cs have said about that is a lie.  Well, articles do have length limits…

This one is great.  Lady Gaga, popping the top on a beer, wearing camo—sort of—and a ball cap, while leaning against someone else’s pickup truck trying to win the redneck—actually, normal American—vote for Joe Biden.  The best touch is the black and pink over-the-knee booties.  I’ve sure every pickup-owning American, and their pal, had a conversation like this:

POA: “Wow.  Lady Gaga wore camo by a pickup truck and drank beer…”

Pal:  “Who’s “Lady Gaga?”

POA:  “I dunno.  Some celebrity or something I guess, but I have to vote for Biden now.”

Pal:  “What?!  Why?”

POA: “I dunno.  Something about her pink booties and pickups, I think.”

Pal:  “You’ve had too many beers already.”

POA:  “No.  I’m now convinced Joe Biden is just like us, and so is Lady Gaga.  I mean she was standing by a pickup truck!  So I have to vote for her–er, him–maybe them.”

Pal: “On second thought, why don’t you finish the keg and get some sleep.  You’ll sober up in the morning.”

POA:  “Good idea…”

This, from John Hinderaker at Powerline, is interesting:

First: The polls are shifting in the last days before the election, just as they did in 2016. From Townhall, ‘If New Batch of Polls are Correct, Trump Will Soar Past 300 Electoral Votes.’ Check out the polls cited there. They include Michigan (Trump 48/46), Pennsylvania (Trump 49/47), Wisconsin (Trump 50/49), Florida (Trump 49/45), and so on. We are at the point where polls are pretty much meaningless, but I don’t think it is coincidental that 2020 is just about a carbon copy of 2016. Most ‘mainstream’ pollsters gave Biden a big lead early, I think for the purpose of aiding Democratic fundraising and discouraging Republicans, and then, in the last days before the election, they show the race tightening to within the margin of error–I suspect because they have changed their weighting of responses–so that no matter what happens, they can’t be ‘wrong.’

What I suspect is going on is the “mainstream” pollsters have been padding Biden with 8-12 percent all along.  If they’re saying Trump is up by 2, add a minimum of 8 to that and you’re in the ballpark.

11-02-20, 2210 MT:  Kamala Harris promised a small audience she’d get rid of the Trump tax cuts.  They applauded paying more taxes, but that’s probably because they don’t have job, and not because of the Coronavirus.

There is informed speculation Lady Gaga has helped Trump win Pennsylvania with her incredibly tone-deaf portrayal of a normal American.

Here’s something from Powerline that demonstrates the very different approach to governing and America between D/S/Cs and President Trump:

Trump’s EO [executive order establishing a 1776 commission] empowers the 1776 Commission to produce and publicly disseminate a report within a year. That report shall discuss “the core principles of the American founding and how these principles may be understood to further enjoyment of ‘the blessings of liberty’ and to promote our striving ‘to form a more perfect union.” In other words, says Kurtz, “the 1776 Commission, likely to be populated by some of America’s finest historians and scholars, will produce a report on the meaning of the Founding, on how American history can be understood as a struggle to realize our founding principles, and on how best to teach all this to the rising generation.”

But President Trump’s order doesn’t entail imposing his vision of patriotic education on the nation. Instead, he calls on local communities to reassert control over the curriculum.

Isn’t it great to have a president who views America with pride, who is willing, unabashedly, to defend our founding, and who will contest the views of radicals seeking to enlist an all-too-complicit education establishment in tearing America down? If Joe Biden wins the election, we won’t have such a president.

Would Biden extradite Trump to Iran?  Harris likely would.

The Biden Campaign has dictated the outcome of the election.

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General has dictated the outcome of the vote in PA. He’s also made himself party to any voter fraud case that might arise from PA.  Shouldn’t a state AG be neutral on this sort of thing, and doesn’t his obvious bias suggest the probability of massive voter fraud?

11-03-20, 1000 MT:  Good morning gentle readers!  You might begin with this from my favorite Bookworm.  I’d quibble only in her formulation of saying she loves Trump.  Mormal American’s feelings of him might best be described as respect or gratitude.  D/S/Cs love and worship politicians, not the sane and rational.  I’m sure she didn’t mean “love” in the D/S/C sense, but you get the idea, I’m sure.

Go here to see where the DOJ is sending monitors.  And yes, they’re going to at least three of the right places in PA.

Consider this from Mark Steyn:  

I generally subscribe to the theory that the fellow who appears to be having a better time wins. That explains not only Boris over Corbyn and Justin over that animatronic tosspot Scheer, but also Obama over Romney, Bush over Kerry and Gore, Clinton over Dole… Trump is having a very good time out there, while Biden isn’t even out there – and, when he ventures up from the basement to bark at motor vehicles, it’s a very dark winter:

America is dead because of Covid-19.

Something on which foreign visitors to the US often remark is everyone in America always seems to be smiling.  Hmmm.  That would be Trump voters—normal Americans.  As for D/S/Cs…  More from Steyn:

There are a dozen swing states from Florida to my own beloved New Hampshire, but somehow the most important battleground in the nation has come to be …Pennsylvania. What’s up with that? The Penn is mightier than …everywhere else put together. How’d that happen?

‘Joe Biden has spent considerable time in Pennsylvania in recent days,’ began Shannon Bream last night. He’s there again today, with anti-fracker Lady Gaga. This will be the first time Lady Gaga has been on stage with Mister Even More Gaga (in the primarily Britannic sense of mentally enfeebled). That’s how important it is to nail down this most critical of states.

Oh, phooey. The only reason for this elevated status is because, as I suggested to Ainsley, Pennsylvania is a half-hour drive from Biden’s Delaware basement. So Joe can be motored to Philadelphia or some such to bark at seven cars for twenty minutes, and then be ferried back to the basement in time for his apple sauce and Matlock rerun.

In other words, Pennsylvania is the big battleground because Biden isn’t up to flying to Florida and New Hampshire and Iowa and Arizona. Pennsylvania provides the figleaf for the otherwise total lack of a real Biden campaign.

If Joe doesn’t win, he won’t even have badakathcare upon which to fall back.

And we won’t have Joe’s strategy mobilization to eagerly anticipate.

Celebrities and tattooed sweat machines like Lebron James have put up some 27 million dollars to pay fines and fee so something like 13,000 Florida felons can vote.  It won’t be enough.

Republican poll watchers are being denied entry to PA polls.  Will Trump’s margin of victory be sufficient to render PA irrelevant?We can only hope so.

1420 MT: 

Many years ago, Mrs. Manor worked for the phone company in Wyoming.  A directive came down to hire more black technicians.  Her boss sent back a message saying essentially: “if a qualified one ever shows up, I’ll hire them.”  None ever did.  Reich ignores reality, and the reasons why we have an Electoral College.  Neither changed since the Constitution was ratified.

Well, that was expected…

Late breaking polls are showing Trump ahead in battleground states.  As I earlier mentioned, add 8 percentage points or so to any poll showing Trump ahead and you’re probably in the ballpark.

Wise choice…

I heard that too… Actually, every indication is evangelicals are all in for Trump.  Unlike Never Trumpers, they realize he has actually kept his promises, and forgive him his faults.

1425 MT:


1725 MT:

Antifa/BLM thugs are already gathering in front of the White House, long before polls have closed.  Arrests have already been made…

That is interesting…

The day before the election, Facebook banned Mark Levin.  His reply: “Go to hell!”

Oh yeah, we can absolutely trust the media to be “prudent.”  Silly me.  I thought the Constitution, not the media, had something to do with that stuff.

We can only hope it will in 2020, and for millennia to come…

1850 MT:  OK, this is odd.  Fox News has called Virginia, seconds after the polls closed, for Biden, despite Trump being far ahead.

Also odd—sort of, is Fox’s Chris Wallace.  Speaking about Fox data on the question “is the country moving in the right or wrong direction,” he observes the polling says something like 68% “wrong direction,” which he sees as a bad thing for President Trump.  I disagree.  I suspect many see what’s going on in the country—the riots come to mind—as a “wrong direction” answer, but don’t blame Trump for that.  Of course Wallace is very much anti-Trump, so…

Wrong direction?

One more thought: at last glance, with nearly 90% of the vote counted in Florida, Trump is nearing a 3% advantage, which is likely insurmountable.  Many pundits, some believable, suggest a Florida win for Trump will amount to an 80%+ probability of overall victory.  Don’t get cocky, kid.

1950 MT:  Two interesting trends:

(1) The voting odds only a short time ago substantially favored Biden.  Now, they’ve flipped and even more substantially favor Trump.

(2) D/S/C plotting this year encouraged early voting.  As a result, early results tend to favor D/S/Cs.  As more vote totals come it, Republicans, who tend to vote on election day, catch up, and often, surpass D/S/Cs.  This won’t be absolute, but keep this in mind as the night wears on.

Oh, and Trump has won Florida, a very good thing…

2110 MT:  Lindsey Graham has won reelection in South Carolina.  His opponent has conceded.  D/S/Cs put a record amount of money into defeating him, more than any Senate race in history.  Much wailing and gnashing of teeth in D/S/Cs quarters over this race alone.

2220 MT:  Trump has won Ohio, South Carolina Florida and Texas.  He’s ahead in North Carolina.  Media predictions of a Biden Florida win were disastrously wrong.  Bizarrely, Fox called Arizona for Biden, but a huge number of votes haven’t been counted.  They’re getting a lot of criticism for that, and many media outlets are retracting their Virginia calls for Biden, though Fox hasn’t done that yet.  Fox waited until the very last second to call an obvious winner in Florida for Trump.  I’ve often thought Fox the only remotely balanced network.  I’m losing some of that faith tonight…

11-04-20, 0120 Mountain Time:  Final entry for this article.  I’ll be back with more in the morning.  As I close, this is roughly where things stand:

Electoral Votes: Biden 238 / Trump 213

PA: As of the dawning of 11-04-20: Trump 56.6% / Biden 42.4%

MI: As of 0045: Trump 53.3% / Biden 45.1%

WI: As of 2300: Trump 51% / Biden 47.4%

NV: As of 2300: Trump 71.1% / Biden 26.1% (only 3% of the vote in?!)

GA: As of 0041: Trump up by 3%with 93% of the vote in

Trump has won (most recently): Montana, Iowa, Florida, Oklahoma and Texas

Senate races: Final tallies aren’t in, but it looks like Republicans will hold the Senate.  In Arizona, anti-liberty/gun fanatic Mark Kelly purportedly beat Martha McSally, but with nearly 30% of the vote yet to be counted, she is refusing to concede.

States still to be decided: PA, MI, WI, NV, NC, GA

Keep in mind Virginia may yet go to Trump, as might Arizona, though both have been “called” for Biden.

Pennsylvania decided to stop counting with about 64% of the vote counted.

As expected, Pennsylvania may be the state that decides the race, which means the Supreme Court will decide the race.  If he thought his political maneuvering would avoid putting the Court in the position of making political decisions, Chief Justice Roberts may have outsmarted himself.

Joe Biden, accompanied by his wife Jill, made a brief speech.  “We feel good about where we are.”  “We’re on track to win this election.”  Like PA’s Attorney General, Biden exclaimed “We’re going to win Pennsylvania.”  Of course, he repeated the D/S/C mantra to “count every vote,” particularly any that can be “found” in the next few days and weeks, I’m sure, now that D/S/Cs have a much better idea about how many need to be “found.”

Biden looked very tired, and when he began to forget what to say next in thanking people, Jill prompted him, and he quickly added: “and John… the governor… the whole team, yeah.”  I was struck yet again by how infirm he is as he waddled offstage.  His gait is the unsteady, halting gait of the elderly whose balance is failing, and who have to use most of their physical and intellectual resources merely to keep walking a more or less straight line and to keep from falling.

At 0021, President Trump spoke–go here for video of his remarks–thanking the American people for their support, and noting: “we won’t let Democrats disenfranchise” the millions of Americans that voted for him.  He said they were getting ready to celebrate ‘when everything was cut off.”  He also noted “We’re winning Pennsylvania by a tremendous amount of votes,” and so he is.

He called attempts to extend voting/counting “a tremendous fraud on the American public,” adding “this is a major fraud on our nation.”

Mr. Trump asserted: “frankly, we’d won this election.”  This was, of course, a bit of Trump hyperbole, but his critics immediately screamed it was an outrageous attack on democracy, etc.

Mr. Trump said they’d be going to the Supreme Court to get the voting to stop, “no finding votes at 4 PM.”  This too was attacked, though it was clear he was referring to counting unverifiable and improper ballots.  And of course, “voting” in the sense of manufacturing ballots, is surely still ongoing.

And there, gentle readers, is the state of the election as I finish this at about 0130 Mountain Time.  Once again, we’ll be going to the courts to resolve what should have been decided on November 3, and would have been, if D/S/Cs hadn’t changed election law at the last moment to better enable ex post facto vote fraud, and if the Supreme Court hadn’t allowed them to get away with it.

I’ll see you in a new article sometime on 11-04-20.