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The Media are the enemy of the American People.

credit: babylon bee

I’d reformulate it to say they’re the enemy of our constitutional republic, but this simple statement of fact has been faux controversial—until this week.  Why?  Let me count the ways, beginning with: Joe Biden: Oooops!  Guess I Missed That Hard Drive, wherein we learn Facebook and Twitter immediately banned any mention of a Biden scandal that would absolutely destroy the presidential hopes of any Republican.  Not only did they ban The New York Post’s reporting on the Biden’s family’s corruption, they banned anyone linking to or mentioning it, which surely constitutes an in-kind donation to the Biden Campaign.

Next, we visit the self-styled non-partisan Commission on Presidential Debates.  I’m sure you recall, gentle readers, they unilaterally changed the terms of the second scheduled debate to a virtual affair.  President Trump told them to forget it; it was a perfect set up for Joe Biden, who could be fed answers off camera, as he usually does.  The CPD claimed it was because of President Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis, said their decision was final and would accept no facts. Mr. Trump was cured and on the campaign trail at least five days prior to the debate, so it’s clear they had motives other than public health.

But the best lie was C-SPAN reporter Steve Scully’s.  He was set to moderate the debate.  It was discovered he actually worked for Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy in the past, and if that weren’t sufficient evidence of bias, he got caught sending e-mails to former Trump official—for about a day—Anthony Scaramucci, asking him how to deal with Trump!  Embarrassed, he claimed his Twitter account had been hacked.  He actually has a history of making that claim.  And then it blew up in his face, C-SPAN’s face, CPD’s face, and the face of the media in general:

Scully issued his first statement addressing the controversy to CNN following his suspension.

‘For several weeks, I was subjected to relentless criticism on social media and in conservative news outlets regarding my role as moderator for the second presidential debate, including attacks aimed directly at my family,’ Scully wrote. ‘This culminated on Thursday, October 8th when I heard President Trump go on national television twice and falsely attack me by name. Out of frustration, I sent a brief tweet addressed to Anthony Scaramucci. The next morning when I saw that this tweet had created a controversy, I falsely claimed that my Twitter account had been hacked.’

‘These were both errors in judgment for which I am totally responsible. I apologize,’ Scully said.

Riiiight.  He’s sorry he got caught.  I’ve not heard of any attacks on his family, and President Trump “attacked” his obvious bias.  Any reporter who can’t deal with criticism should find another line of work.

He continued, ‘These actions have let down a lot of people, including my colleagues at C-SPAN, where I have worked for the past 30 years, professional colleagues in the media, and the team at the Commission on Presidential Debates. I ask for their forgiveness as I try to move forward in a moment of reflection and disappointment in myself.’

I suspect normal Americans aren’t at all disappointed in Scully. Rather, they’re feeling a sense of satisfaction that a media propagandist was finally caught and had to do what honest people do: apologize.  Any rational person and their dog knew he was lying.

C-SPAN also issued a statement, revealing that the network and the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) were made aware about Scully’s fabrication on Wednesday.

‘We are very saddened by this news and do not condone his actions,’ C-SPAN said. ‘Starting immediately, we have placed Steve on administrative leave. After some distance from this episode, we believe in his ability to continue to contribute to C-SPAN.’

So much for whatever reputation for journalistic integrity C-SPAN has left.  The CPD lost what little was left of their integrity and reason for being last week.  Why Republicans would continue to allow such obvious and vicious partisans to run presidential debates is puzzling.  If they allow it in the future, they will have earned, for all time, the appellation: the stupid party.

Finally, the two “Town Hall” events of Thursday, October 15, 2020.  They were scheduled to run more or less simultaneously, with President Trump on NBC and former Vice President Biden on ABC.  The performance of the “moderators”—Savannah Guthrie for NBC and for Clintonite George Stephanopoulos for ABC—absolutely put the final nail in the coffin of any media claim to balance and objectivity.

Because I had to switch back and forth from one event to the other, I’ll not be as complete as usual.  The Trump event was one hour, with two commercials.  The Biden event ran 90 minutes, but was actually about an hour because ABC bailed Biden out by running a five-minute commercial break about every 12 minutes.  They gave him one later in the show after only 6 minutes of content.  He needed it.

THE BIDEN TOWNHALL:  As I’ve consistently observed, Joe Biden looks every day of his age, but the drugs, and constantly forcing Biden back into the basement to rest, and to keep the public from seeing him mentally and physically cratering—that’s what all the ”lids” are about–seemed to pay off in the beginning of the event.  He appeared, for Biden, to be focused and more or less on track, though he tended to ramble, and in some long rambles, made little sense.  As the night wore on, it became obvious why ABC kept going to commercial—Biden was winding down.  He was obviously losing his focus, pausing, having a hard time concentrating, and looked like he was aging at an accelerated rate on camera.

Stephanopoulos did ask perhaps two of what might be considered relatively probing questions, but compared to what Mr. Trump fields every day, they were akin to asking Biden why he was so wonderful, and would he like a pillow, a back rub and some warm milk?  The rest of the questions, from Stephanopoulos and the audience, were the softest of softballs—blatant set ups.

The day after, it was revealed that at least two of the questioners were blatant D/S/C partisans.  One was actually an Obama speechwriter! Somehow this slipped the collective minds at ABC, who did not tell the viewing audience.  ABC has not, as this is written, responded to this revelation.

I was very suspicious about Biden’s answers, which seemed, initially, to be far faster and more responsive in general than he is usually capable of producing.  ABC surely wouldn’t have given the Biden Campaign the questions in advance?  Why, that would be biased and wrong!

Biden produced his usual passel of lies.  He claimed in February he was saying people should stay in China.  Actually, he was accusing President Trump of xenophobia and racism for banning travel from China.

Biden also said in deadly force situations, the police should shoot criminals trying to kill them and others in the leg!  Don’t stop them, just make them less mobile so they can continue to shoot.  Actually, this is of a piece with Biden’s idiotic and dangerous gun advice from the past.  He has recommended everyone buy shotguns, and fire them blindly through closed doors and into the air.  I’m sure his next bit of advice for the police is to shoot guns out of people’s hands.

Asked about Covid, Biden lapsed into a lengthy ramble, and every part of his “plan” was actually something President Trump has done long ago.  Biden claimed he never supported a second lockdown, only that he’d “follow the science.”

Asked whether he would mandate vaccination, Biden said “it depends,” then rambled, saying he couldn’t force everyone, but every governor and local official should mandate masks.

Joe’s multi-trillion dollar spending schemes will make the economy grow “a trillion dollars more than it would under Trump.”  I guess raising taxes, obliterating the fossil fuel industry, drastically raising the costs of gas and heating and cooling, obliterating millions of jobs and in general, throwing millions out of work is actually a stimulant to the economy.  Who knew?

An example of Biden’s wanderings: “Every 2 and 3 and 4 year old will go to school, not day care, school.”  So a Biden executive order can advance children’s intellectual development four or more years?!

Quizzed by a young black man, Biden went off the rails, telling us his entire career was all about securing fair justice for black people.  He’s going to do criminal justice reform and help Blacks make more money.  I kind of thought Trump has already done all that, but what do I know?  I’m a white male, therefore a racist.  Wait a minute; so is Joe Biden!  He’s also going to give Blacks free money for homes.

Did you know Joe Biden has been teaching constitutional law for 21 years?  Neither does any college or university.  It’s a lie.

Biden admitted he didn’t watch any of Amy Coney Barrett’s testimony, but mischaracterized her responses.  He actually said she was wrong for not supporting “unenumerated rights.” That’s pretty much the difference between Normal Americans and D/S/Cs: they discover spare change, and previously unheard of constitutional rights, under the couch cushions.

Stephanopoulos actually asked him about court packing, and Biden non-answered, saying he wouldn’t answer because it would turn into a campaign issue.  Stephanopoulos very gently persisted, and Biden eventually said he would tell the American people before the election depending on what happens with ACB.

Translation:  You’re damned right I’m going to pack the court (and take away your guns too)!

Just a couple more winners:  a questioner spoke of her 8-year-old transgender offspring.  Biden assured her he’s all for 8-year-olds going trans, and he’s going to do away with everything Trump did on this issue to ensure every 8-year-old can choose to be trans.  Wait a minute: isn’t “sexual preference” horrible, wrong and racist/sexist, ist, ist, ist?  Who is going to tell Joe?

Biden is not going to ban fracking, then explained how he was going to ban fracking.  Biden is not for the Green New Deal; he has a better idea: the New Green Deal!  Joe is all about electric vehicles.  Apparently no one has told Gropin’ Joe how the electricity to recharge those wunderwagens is produced.

In responding to a fracking question, Biden claimed a union endorsement he never received:  

The boilermakers overwhelmingly endorse me, okay?’ Biden responded. ‘So the Boilermakers Union has endorsed me because I sat down with them, went into great detail with leadership, exactly what I would do, number one.’

The International Boilermakers Union, however, made it clear on its website that it has not endorsed anyone. The Local 154 endorsed President Trump in a September message from business leader John Hughes.

This is what normal Americans quaintly call “a lie.”

Apparently Joe spent most of his youth wet, because he trotted out another swimming pool story.  When he was 8, he saw two men kissing at a pool and his dad told him: “It’s simple, they love each other.”  This was supposedly in 1950 in Scranton, PA.  I can’t remember virtually anything from when I was that age, and I’m more than a decade younger than Biden.  And that occurred, in public, in Scranton, PA?  And his dad actually said that?  In 1950?!

Of course Stephanopoulos did not ask Biden a single question about one of the most despicable political scandals in American history, a genuine “bombshell” of reporting.

Even given nothing but softball questions, which he probably had before the event, and breaks every 12 minutes, it was more than apparent Biden was failing after the first pseudo-hour.  I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t back out of the final debate, though the moderator of that one has no less stellar D/S/C credentials.

Don Lemon: in the top three for the dumbest man on TV

THE TRUMP TOWNHALL: Savannah Guthrie is surely basking in the love of her media/D/S/C colleagues today.  From the first moment, she was not a moderator, but a talking head Biden campaign attack dog.  Not a German Shepard, but one of those little snaggle-toothed, scruffy, ankle-biting mutts.  She was on constant attack for the first third of the event, and interrupted Trump throughout the evening.  None of the audience members were allowed a question for at least 20 minutes.

One interesting pro-Trump audience member obviously slipped past NBC.  A young, masked black woman, visible though out of focus over Mr. Trump’s left shoulder, shook her head in agreement, and against Guthrie, throughout the evening, causing much D/S/C wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Don’t black people know who they have to vote for if they want to be black?  Outrageous.  She has now gone viral and been identified.  

Guthrie demanded Trump denounce white supremacists, and he did, at least twice, but she acted as though he had never done it and keep badgering him until he told her he’d already answered and “what’s the next question?”

She attacked him on his Covid diagnosis, got nowhere, and asserted the US has the worst Covid death rate, which is not remotely true.

Guthrie asserted there is no voter fraud.

No matter the question from an audience member, Guthrie interrupted and tried to turn it into an attack on Trump.  But Trump was not affected.  He remained calm, answered every question seriously, kindly and respectfully.  Apparently D/S/Cs haven’t learned after nearly four years of the most vicious attacks any President has ever endured, a few hostile questions in a ambush “townhall” aren’t going to rattle Mr. Trump.

There was one fascinating moment, however.  About 45 minutes into the event, a woman asked a non-hostile question and then said: “Mr. President, you have a beautiful smile.”  He seemed surprised, and after a few beats, produced a beaming smile and sincerely thanked her.  The audience actually applauded, and Guthrie, aghast, didn’t know what to say.

Guthrie was a disgrace.  She could not bring herself to display the decorum and deference due any President of the United States, which is why she is surely the newest D/S/C hero.

credit: babylon bee

Final Thoughts:  What more evidence does any rational American need to understand the media—and social media–are not only D/S/C propagandists, but are actually working against the stability and continuation of our constitutional republic?

Some conservative pundits are berating the Trump Campaign and Mr. Trump for willingly participating in any media ambush.  It’s a valid viewpoint, but more is going on here.  In facing hostile ankle-biters, Mr. Trump demonstrates not weakness but strength.  He dealt with Guthrie with style and graciousness, and did not, for a moment, allow her to run over him.  He demonstrated his limitless energy and optimism, and his commanding presence.  Remember that day he already had a two-hour rally speech behind him when he went again Guthrie.  Joe Biden was failing, physically and mentally, after constant breaks and softball questioning.

In accepting NBC’s ambush on the same night as the second debate was scheduled, Mr. Trump demonstrated the CPD’s “virtual or not at all” cancelation of the second debate was a political sham designed to protect Joe Biden.

Mr. Trump is not only encouraging his base, and building on it, he is dramatically contrasting himself with Biden, and exposing the media for what it is.  Americans are not stupid.  They don’t like a stacked deck, and the self-imagined elite of the media are too stupid not to behave like the arrogant, smug ankle-biters they are.  In so doing, they help elect Trump.

Indeed, I’d like to see fair questioning.  I’d like to see the media expose any and all corruption—genuine corruption—on every side, but we’re never going to see that again, particularly if Biden wins.  The media are doing everything they can to make that happen, like good little enemies of the American people.