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As I wrote in NRA: Blood In The Water, back in August, the NRA is blamed for all evil in the universe only slightly less often than Donald Trump. In that article, I wrote of New York Attorney General Letitia James, who ran for office on the platform of using her office to do away with the “illegitimate” Donald Trump.  She is very much a “resistance” prosecutor.  An excerpt from that article:

Enter the NRA.  As I’ve often written, the NRA’s success is primarily due to the support of its members, more than five million—an all-time high—and more than 1000 new members a day since June, 2020.  Its focus is on gun safety and education.  Another significant part of its success–political power–is its focus on defending the Second Amendment rights of Americans.  It is an apolitical organization—it donates to Democrats as well as Republicans—but circa 2020, few Democrats dare be seen as friendly with the NRA, particularly since their presidential standard bearer is a noted anti-liberty/gun cracktivist—when he can remember who he is and for which office he is running.

Enter Letitia James, the Lois Lerner of the 2020 presidential race.

James has filed suit to dissolve the NRA, which is inexplicably chartered in one of the most anti-liberty/gun states in America: New York. 

And there, gentle readers, is the central issue: the NRA is indeed politically influential, and James is determined, as Lerner was, to prevent them from having an influence in this election.  Everything else she and the rest of the D/S/C establishment have tried has failed.  This is a last-gasp effort to harm Trump and suppress the Normal American vote.  It may well backfire.

Everyone that loves liberty can only hope that will be the case.  The NRA also provides many useful public services beyond its emphasis on responsible gun ownership and safety.  It rates politicians on their fidelity to the Second Amendment.   This is significant in that the NRA supports politicians of any party based entirely on that metric, so over the decades, a great many Democrats have benefited, not only in a favorable second Amendment rating, but in fundraising, from the support of the NRA.

Traditionally, those Democrats were anxious to maintain that rating, and why not?  It was perhaps the best possible endorsement of fidelity to an essential foundation stone of our republic.  No more, as Cam Edwards at Bearing Arms reports:

The most endangered species in Washington, D.C. isn’t the panda bear. It’s a pro-Second Amendment Democratic congresscritter. The NRA’s Political Victory Fund has released its grades of candidates in the 2020 elections, and just one single, solitary Democratic member of Congress received an ‘A+’ from the Second Amendment group. Minnesota Democrat Collin Petersen, who has represented the state’s 7th Congressional District since 1991, not only received the highest grade that the NRA offers, he also has the official endorsement of the organization.

That’s not surprising, given the NRA’s pro-incumbent policy, though the group did give Petersen’s Republican opponent, former Lt. Governor Michelle Fischbach, a slightly lower “A” grade as well.

As the Michael Bloomberg-backed website The Trace notes, however, the real story is that pro-Second Amendment Democrats have become an endangered species in Congress over the past decade. As recently as 2010, fully 25% of congressional Democrats received the highest rating from the NRA. Now, it’s less than 1%, with more than 90% of Democrats getting an ‘F’ from the gun rights organization.

Edwards goes on to suggest rank and file union members, who have traditionally been gun owners and shooters, are very likely to vote against their union’s endorsement of Gropin’ Joe Biden in November.  This seems likely.  Equally likely is many of the Democrat first time gun buyers will also vote against their party, which is certain to disarm them if it can.  Some, of course, will still vote for Biden, because they believe having the right political views immunizes them from laws passed to control Deplorables.  If Biden is elected, Beto O’Rourke, who Biden says will be is anti-liberty/gun tsar, will convince them otherwise.

That so many D/S/Cs obviously disdain any part of the Constitution, and particularly the Bill of Rights, is beyond shocking, and a clear reflection of their lack of fidelity to America.  But why should they honor America?  They mean to create a new nation in their image, one that will not have all the flaws—by their lights–of America.  To them, perhaps the biggest flaw is the ability of normal Americans to resist the government, should that government turn totalitarian, by force.  This is, for the historically literate, the essential reason for being of the Second Amendment.  D/S/Cs, of course, deny and ridicule this indisputable fact of history and the founding, and they very much intend to be totalitarian.  What’s the fun of having total political power if you can’t be despotic?

Under the guise of election integrity, D/S/Cs are clearly stating, for the first time, they plan a coup if the presidential election doesn’t go their way.  This time, they do not mean a “soft” coup.  Why would they do this?  Because they know the election is not going to go their way.  We should listen to them, and take to heart not only their stated intentions, but their utter lack of support for an unalienable natural right, an enumerated right of our Constitution, not a manufactured right floating vaporously in penumbras and emanations.

If you ever harbored a doubt, gentle readers, about D/S/C’s virtual unanimous hostility to the Second Amendment, or their intention if they seize power, to disarm the law-abiding even as they abolish the police, doubt no more. 

They mean to disarm us, and not for our safety, but theirs.