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All too often, I find myself writing about terrible things that have happened, and warning of terrible things that might happen.  Not today.  Today, three feel good moments.  The first is encompassed in the headline above—a real deal—where a supposed Antifa “commander” demonstrated the kind of manhood and testicular fortitude of which that motley group of thugs and useful idiots is comprised.  The headline also suggests what will happen when blue state police are allowed to arrest criminals.  Who would not weep tears of joy at the sight?

If Bookworm Room is not on your daily “to read” list, it should be.  My favorite Bookworm also writes for The American Thinker.  Her recent blog post there concerns another valiant Antifa street warrior.  There are a number of articles and videos out there about various stupid criminals setting themselves on fire, shooting themselves, or blowing themselves up in the process of trying to harm others.

For the record, should America ever break into red and blue states, as in Kurt Schlichter’s fine and scarily prophetic novels, I would be entirely fine with riot, looting and arson being shoot on sight offenses.  I’m not speaking of peaceable protests, as are enumerated in the First Amendment, but crimes that not only destroy businesses, communities, nations, but take innocent lives.

Some suggest one should not laugh at the entirely self-imposed misfortune of such animals in vaguely human form.  I somewhat disagree.  Considering the incredible damage Antifa, BLM and other such vermin have caused, to say nothing of the damage they’re doing to the sense of belonging and unity of Americans, they very much deserve whatever they get, and they deserve no sympathy.  Yes, they’re sort of human beings, and they may not be beyond redemption, but when any one of them actually repents the evil they’re doing and demonstrates such repentance is sincere and lasting, then I’ll give some thought to sympathy and assistance.

In the meantime, at the link you’ll find a brief story about one such Antifa dimwit.  Various accounts suggest he tried to throw or kick a Molotov Cocktail someone else poorly lobbed at the police, tried to throw one himself, or engaged in some similar bit of felonious mischief.  What is certain is the idiot set his feet and legs on fire, causing many to put his frantic antics to music.  Take the link for a number of those videos.  Many others are also available on You Tube.  It’s rather a merry scene, and I like the version put to the theme from Footloose.  As usual, the rest of the Antifa were too dimwitted to put out the flames.  The local police quickly and efficiently saved him, and of course, received only abuse for their efforts.

Once again, before thinking me insensitive, remember these are the same seditious, anti-American thugs who tried to burn police officers alive after trying, and failing, to seal them into a building with rebar and fast drying cement.  I’m fresh out of mercy for them, but my ridicule and mocking bunkers are overflowing.  Besides, the twerp was apparently not seriously injured.  Who was he?  Who cares.

For our third bit of serendipity for this week, I often use portions of stories from The Babylon Bee, America’s most authoritative news source.  It is, of course, a brilliant Christian satire site.  One of their recent best is titled Check Out These 14 Beautiful Shots of California At Night.  Here’s #2:

Number 8:

Number 10:

And number 14:

By all means, take the link and see the rest, and put The Bee on your daily “to read” list.  But before we go, consider this from the Mayor of LA.  No, it’s not satire; he really meant it:

And here’s a observation from a lady to apparently has family in California. I suspect she wishes they were not:

You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh at people who think themselves oh- so-sophisticated and evolved.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it was once said, “As goes California, so goes the nation.”  Let us sincerely hope not.

I live in Wyoming, population about 600,000.  I’ve no doubt the self-imagined elite of California and elsewhere think Wyomingites terribly backward, unsophisticated, toothless and smelly.  Why, they even probably think we shop at WalMart.  Perhaps so on the latter, but we have electricity 24/7/365, heat in the winter, A/C in the summer.  The only time we don’t is when a transformer explodes—rare—or when a blizzard knocks down power lines, and in either case, power is rapidly restored.

Oh, and those hoping to escape California?  Try Texas, Florida, Cuba, Venezuela, any place but Wyoming.

See you tomorrow, gentle readers, for more of the usual gloom and doom, and perhaps a bit of hope for the future, near and far.