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I’m going to try to keep this one as brief as possible—I probably won’t succeed at that, but I’m trying–so I’ll be skipping some of the speakers, many of who essentially repeated points already made in the first three nights of the Convention. One of the early videos features former D/S/Cs who walked away from their party.

There were men and women, people of all genders, and a young man who seemed stereotypically gay.  He spoke of government dependency as enforced by D/S/Cs: “If you want your fix, you have to keep voting for us.”

Ja’Ron Smith:  Smith is a young, black White House advisor.  He too is authentic, perhaps because he is a bit rougher around the edges than other black participants at the Convention.

“Growing up, I’d never really known a Republican—I believed all the stereotypes. It took meeting Republicans who shared my values to show me I was wrong.  Donald Trump knows that in the work of revitalizing communities, America’s strength is America’s people. And I can tell you—he really cares. But, more importantly, he takes action.”

“Name an issue important to black communities—and it’s been a priority for him: prison reform, re-building broken families, bringing jobs back to America—jobs in Cleveland, jobs in Detroit, jobs in Milwaukee. Jobs for the future and jobs right here, right now.  President Trump knows that means investing in human capital—in real people—not more broken government programs. That’s why he has prioritized historically black colleges and universities with two billion dollars in permanent funding.”

Worst racist ever.

Congressman Jeff Van Drew:  From New Jersey, he spoke of how radicalized his former D/S/C party became, attacking the police and “our God-given rights.”  When the impeachment vote was held his party leaders threatened his career if he didn’t vote for impeachment.  He didn’t, spoke with President Trump who made him feel comfortable, and changed parties.  He’s certain Gropin’ Joe Biden won’t stand up to the radical agenda.

Mitch McConnell:  What a swamp creature.  While he said the right things, I sensed little sincerity there, and don’t trust him as far as Joe Biden can throw him.  Meh.

Sean Reyes:  Utah’s Attorney General, he spoke of his father immigrating to the US from the Philippines.  He is focused on human trafficking, and lauded Mr. Trump as a “fierce warrior” in that battle.  He emotionally spoke of how his father recently died, and loved a pen given to him by the President, which symbolized, for him, freedom.  Like so many others, anyone not deranged by partisan hatred could see Reyes is the real deal.

Ann Dorn:  This was the most touching, emotional segment of the Convention.  The widow of Capt. David Dorn, a 44-year police officer, murdered by “mostly peaceful rioters.”  While frequently choking up, she spoke of how the vicious thugs murdered him and live streamed as he lay, dying on the pavement.

“Violence and destruction are not legitimate forms of protest. They do not safeguard black lives. They destroy them.  President Trump understands this and has offered federal help to restore order in our communities. In a time when police departments are short on resources and manpower, we need that help. We should accept that help. We must heal before we can effect change, but we cannot heal amid devastation and chaos.”

“President Trump knows we need more Davids in our communities, not less.”

“We must come together in peace and remember every life is precious.”

David was black; Ann is white.  Her two sons, who have much of their father in them, were in the audience.

She said she hoped speaking about this would help others change.  She also spoke of how the wives of first responders see their husbands off to work, never knowing if they’ll see them again.  In her, I saw my wife, seeing me off all those years.  It would take one with the heart of a D/S/C not to be moved by her, and not to want every one of those thugs across the country to be struck down.

Ben Carson:  Carson, a retired pediatric neurosurgeon and the HUD director, is an impressive man in every way, a class act.  He took on the media for calling Mr. Trump a racist, saying Mr. Trump is no racist, and gave many examples of how he worked with and helped Black Americans long before he became president, even being given an award by, of all people, Jesse Jackson, the prototypical race hustler:

“President Trump does not dabble in identity politics. He wants everyone to succeed and believes in the adage, ‘a rising tide lifts all boats.’ Many on the other side love to incite division by claiming that President Trump is a racist. They could not be more wrong,”

“In Palm Beach, Florida, Donald Trump led the crusade to allow blacks and Jews into private clubs and resorts. One of the first things he did as president was bring the Office of Historically Black Colleges and Universities into the White House so that it could get proper attention and financial support. Before the pandemic, African American unemployment was at an all-time low.”

From the testimony of the black participants in the Convention, and from the public record, Mr. Trump is the worst racist ever.  Carson characterized the two parties as Republicans for the people—self government–and D/S/Cs for total government control of everyone’s life.

“He does not submit to political correctness and its enforcers: the media.”

That one had to leave a mark.

Pat Lynch:  NYPD Union Leader.  Lynch had a strong New York accent and spoke quickly, but his intensity and authority shown through.  His union is strongly endorsing President Trump, and no wonder.  Bill DeBlasio has constantly insulted and interfered with the NYPD, keeping them from doing their jobs.  He said: “We are staring down the barrel of a public safety disaster.”

He laid the blame for riots and violence in the laps of D/S/C politicians who are using them to attack President Trump and to go to war with the police.  He said Republicans believe all black lives matter, and all lives matter.  He said a vote for Biden threatens violence everywhere.  He concluded by noting throughout history, the right people have risen to the challenge.  President Trump is one of those people.

Tom Cotton:  Arkansas Senator and combat veteran, he’s an actual conservative and patriot.  He noted we lead the free world, but will  stand alone if necessary, because America must be first.  In a damaging comment, he noted Obama’s Defense Secretary said Biden has been wrong on nearly every foreign policy issue over 40 years.

Rudy Guliani: Over the years, I’ve noticed age has taken much of the flow and glibness from his speaking.  He tried to make up for it in this speech by being loud and intense, and succeeded to some degree.  But he speaks from long and honorable experience as a NYC mayor who made the city safe.  He noted that in 2013, New Yorkers elected a progressive as mayor, and violent crime, rioting and looting have skyrocketed.  Recently, DeBlasio has prevented the police from making arrests and the prosecutors have released rioters without charges.  He closed with this:

“Don’t let Democrats do to America what they’ve done to New York.”

Good advice.

Carl and Marsha Mueller:  The parents of Kayla Mueller, kidnapped in August of 2013, tortured and raped by ISIS and it’s demonic leader himself, she was eventually killed.  Their segment was emotionally devastating.  They spoke of the fecklessness of Barack Obama, who eventually authorized a military operation, but he delayed it until the Fourth of July, hoping to use a successful rescue for political aggrandizement.  By the time our military was allowed to act, the perishable intelligence of her whereabouts had expired and she had been moved.

I wrote about this in detail here.  They said: “to this day, we’ve never heard from Joe Biden.”  Obama/Biden actually kept the Muellers from negotiating for Kayla’s life, and lied about their feckless timing.

They spoke with emotion about President Trump who authorized the killing of Al Baghdadi, who repeatedly raped Kayla.  The operation that obliterated him was named after Kayla. They said: “if Donald Trump was president when she was captured, Kayla would be here today.”  There is ample evidence in this, and other instances, that make that a certainty.  Go here and here for additional articles about Kayla.  They’ll make you mad as hell, and they’ll anger D/S/Cs too, but for entirely different reasons.

Alice Johnson:  A black grandmother who in 1996 was sentenced to life + 25 years for a first drug offense, her sentence was commuted by President Trump after 22 years.  In prison, she turned her life around and accomplished much and seems to be a genuinely changed person.  During his eight years in office, Obama/Biden did nothing for her.  She said: “When President Trump heard about me — about the injustice of my story — he saw me as a person. He had compassion. And he acted.  I couldn’t believe it. I always remembered that God knew my name, even in my darkest hour. But I never thought a president would!”

She radiated sincerity and goodness, and it too was rewarded.  The next morning, President Trump pardoned her. She is 63 years old. Yet one more demonstration that America is a land of second chances, of redemption.

Her final comments at the Convention:  “God bless you; God bless President Trump; God bless the United States of America.  God bless you too, Alice.

NOTE:  Just after posting this, I found this article by Paul Mirengoff at Powerline.  It paints a different picture of Johnson.  Take the link and decide for yourself.

Ivanka Trump:  Like the rest of the Trump family, she’s a capable and accomplished person.  She smiles easily, but is not a natural public speaker.  Still, her speech was effective. She and the President spoke from the South Lawn, ,which as given D/S/Cs the vapors.  As Barack Obama said: “elections have consequences.”  She gave a number of humanizing personal antidotes about the President.  Her son made a Lego replica of the White House, which Mr. Trump displays on the mantle in the Oval Office.  She said he fixes problems; he doesn’t use them as political weapons.  He came to Washington to Make America Great Again, and “the results speak for themselves.”

She noted last year over 70% of new jobs were secured by women.  President Trump doubled the child tax credit, and not a single D/S/C voted for it.  She said Trump is no political partisan.  He does what’s right for the American people.

“For the first time in a long time, we have a president who calls out Washington’s hypocrisy, and they hate him for it.”

No kidding.  This was my favorite:

“Washington has not changed Donald Trump; Donald Trump has changed Washington.

President Trump:  He entered with Melania, classy as always in a striking green dress, to the strains of “God Bless The USA,” a song that always chokes me up, though I’ve performed it many times.  No trendy pop tunes for Mr. Trump.  They stood through a shortened version of the piece before he helped her to her seat and began.

The speech was more than an hour long, perhaps 20 minutes or more too long—though filled with important, meaningful content–and Mr. Trump apparently took the advice of advisors and delivered it in a more restrained style than usual.  He has greatly improved at public speaking, no longer repeating himself, or using verbalized pauses like “I can tell you this,” as a means of allowing himself to catch up with the teleprompter.  Even restrained, he remains himself, not adopting any artificial affectations or feigned emotion.  He began by praising his family, his recently deceased brother Robert and Mike Pence.

“America is not a land cloaked in darkness.  America is the torch that enlightens the whole world.”  Imagine Joe Biden or any D/S/C saying that

“We will produce a vaccine before the end of the year or maybe even sooner.”  I bet we will.

“Our country is blessed by God and has a special place in this world.”  Any D/S/C saying this would choke on the words and be immediately cast out of the party.

“This is the most important election in the history of our country.”  Some are calling this hyperbolic.  I think not.

This was my favorite:  “How can the Democrat Party lead our country when it spends so much time tearing down our country?”

“We don’t look to government to restore our souls, we put our faith in Almighty God.”  Amen.

In a slyly funny moment, he noted that blue collar workers gave Joe Biden donations, and all he gave them were “hugs and kisses.”  He paused with a slight smirk, and the audience finally got it and laughed uproariously.  Here I should note there was no social distancing on the White House lawn, and few masks.  I suspect Mr. Trump did that on purpose, knowing D/S/C idiots would attack him for that, thereby seeming small and petdty.  They fell into the trap.

A transcript of Mr. Trump’s speech is here, so I’ll only hit a few additional high points.

“I keep my promises.”

“Instead of putting them [the Washington swamp] first, I simply said: ‘America first.”  That’s largely why they hate him—and us—so much.

“We built the strongest economy in the history of the world.”  True, and he seldom says “I” unlike Barack Obama, whose speeches were always all about him.

He recognized Border Patrol officers in the audience and said: “This country loves our law enforcement.”

“I say modestly that I have done more for African-Americans that any president since Abraham Lincoln, our first Republican president.”  And so he has.

“I have done more for the black community than Biden has done in 47 years.”  Also true.

On Biden, he observed:  “He has spent his entire career on the wrong side of history,” and “China would own our country if Joe Biden is elected.”  They’ve already made a substantial down payment to Hunter Biden.

Mr. Trump provided only a partial list of accomplishments that would be extraordinary for any two-term president, particularly since D/S/Cs have obstructed and attacked him every step of the way.  He spoke of his real accomplishments in dealing with Covid-19—D/S/Cs are lying about that—and said: “Joe Biden’s plan is not a solution to the virus, rather it’s a surrender to the virus.”

This really left a mark: “When it comes to his agenda, Joe Biden wants to keep us completely in the dark.  He doesn’t have a clue.”  I can’t wait for the debates.

“I will not raise taxes; I will cut them very substantially.”  I can’t wait.

This was deadly;  “Joe Biden’s agenda is made in China.  My agenda is made in the USA.”

Speaking of the California blackouts, he quipped:  “How can Joe Biden claim to be an ally of the light when his party can’t even keep the lights on?”

Mr. Trump reminded us the D/S/C Convention didn’t mention mob violence.  Driven by polls and focus groups that are scaring the hell out of D/S/Cs, Biden is making half-hearted stabs at it since.  Mr. Trump said at least 13 members of Biden’s campaign staff donated to bail rioters out of jail.

He really drew the battle lines, but D/S/Cs have been drawing them for decades.  Referring to statutes and historical revisionism, he said: “Americans built our future; we don’t tear down our past.”

Mr. Trump actually got quieter at the end of his speech.  Pundits claim this was because he was tired.  He wasn’t.  This is a very effective technique that forces people to concentrate on what he was saying.

His speech was all about unity and patriotism—poison to D/S/Cs.  The evening ended with a magnificent fireworks display around the Washington Monument.  It made the parking lot display of the D/S/C convention look like a couple of kids with $10 bucks worth of fireworks in a suburban backyard.

It featured patriotic songs, and even Nessun Dorma from Turandot.  The moment was beautiful, celebrated America, and was unabashedly patriotic.

Final Thoughts:

The Convention was well thought out and expertly executed.  The speakers, mostly normal Americans, spoke from the heart and with real authority.  Their composition, whether male, female, black, disabled, gay, was carefully targeted.  Where the D/S/C Convention was heavy on old, has-been politicians—could John Kerry or Bill Clinton be any more corrupt, annoying and feckless, less welcome in American homes?–the Republican Convention was heavy on thoughtful, hard working Americans, many from states President Trump is aiming to win.

I’ve always believed the right rhetoric, delivered by the right person at the right time can change minds, and in so doing, change history.  The stories of so many of the normal Americans appearing at the convention will do just that.  This was particularly so for the many Black Americans that spoke.  If Mr. Trump gets an additional 5% of Black voters, it’s all over.  I suspect he’ll do better than that, and will have sufficient legitimate votes to overcome the massive vote fraud D/S/Cs have planned.  It’s hard to cheat if it isn’t close.

Pundits are working overtime to depict Joe Biden as “nice” and “empathetic,” because he’s had tragedies in his family.  Well, welcome to Normal American reality, Joe.  Tragedies, as tragic as they are, are common.  No rational American thinks dealing with tragedy entitles them to anything, to say nothing of the presidency.  The RNC Convention portrayed Joe as what he is: corrupt, feckless, weak, and wrong on just about everything for 47 years.  His policies have not been benign, but have caused grave harm to America and Americans.  There’s shockingly scant niceness in that.  They very well made the point that he’s had 47 years to fix everything about which he now complains.  He’s not going to do it during the 48th.  Mr. Trump didn’t attack Joe’s obvious cognitive decline in any excessive or cruel way, but that’s coming, particularly if Biden actually debates Mr. Trump.  His candidacy won’t survive the first debate.

Gropin’ Joe Biden got no bounce from his Kamala Harris pick.  His Convention provided a bounce, but to Donald Trump, whose favorability rating increased several points.  I suspect Mr. Trump will get a one or two point bounce from his Convention, but he’s already over 50%, which is a deadly number for D/S/Cs.  Deadly too is D/S/C’s late realization they are not going to be able to use the riots again Trump, rather the American people know who’s responsible and are getting damned tired of it.  Even D/S/Cs are buying guns and ammunition, and they’re unlikely to vote for people promising to confiscate them.

Republicans laid out a compelling case for America.  They told Americans exactly what is at stake and exactly what they plan to do.  D/S/Cs laid out an angry, gloomy and hysterical case against one man and for socialism, and carefully avoided saying virtually anything about policy.  Vice President Mike Pence made the point that if his policies were theirs, he wouldn’t way to say anything about them either.  We’ll see how many Americans want bald socialism, which is likely only possible with unprecedented levels of vote fraud, which is what mail-in ballots are all about.