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I’ll be back tomorrow with a wrap up of the D/S/C Convention, but first, a brief update on the Rayshard Brooks case, which has very much faded into the background of a blizzard of wokeitude in which George Floyd remains the essential holy social justice martyr and saint.  Local Station WSBTV has an update:

Attorneys for the officer accused of shooting and killing Rayshard Brooks outside a southwest Atlanta Wendy’s has filed a motion in court to have Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard removed from the case.

‘Paul Howard has systematically sought to deprive Garrett Rolfe of a fair trial and impartial jury since the day he announced his decision to arrest Garrett Rolfe. Because Paul Howard’s statements to the public were ethically inappropriate, because Paul Howard will be a necessary witness in this case, and because Paul Howard is currently under criminal investigation by the GBI for his actions in this case, we move to recuse Paul Howard and the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office from prosecuting the case against Garrett Rolfe,’ the motion filed Monday said.

Howard responded by saying he’d say something sometime later.  It appears this was largely because he had other things on his mind, as Fox5Atlanta reports:

It appears Fulton County will have its first new district attorney in nearly two decades. Incumbent Paul Howard was beaten by more than 45 percentage points Tuesday in a runoff against Fani Willis.

Howard recently came under fire after the FOX 5 I-Team uncovered the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was looking into allegations that Howard used grant money from the City of Atlanta to nonprofits under his control. One of those non-profits paid Howard at least $140,000 in city grant money. He agreed to pay a $6,500 state ethics fine for failing to disclose his role as a CEO for two non-profits.

The GBI was investigating the way grand jury subpoenas were issued by Howard’s office in the Rayshard Brooks murder case.

In addition, three past or present female employees have filed lawsuits alleging harassment or discrimination.

Howard ran unopposed for two decades, but not this time.  There is no qualified Republican in the general election, so Willis will replace Howard.  So it seems Howard’s removal in the Brooks case is essentially moot.

Willis was very critical of Howard’s charging decision in this case, and one might reasonably believe that played a role in ousting Howard, but that does not mean she’ll drop charges.  Where race is the overriding concern, justice always takes a back seat, if it’s along for the ride at all.

I’ll continue to report as developments warrant.