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The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.” 
Mark Twain 

What happens after we die?  Is that it?  Do we suddenly turn off as a TV screen going dark, its processor failed, never to activate again?  Is everything we knew, understood, learned, accomplished, extinguished as casually as we flip a light switch?  Is our love, character, kindness, caring–all we are; all we’ve become–gone, forever lost?

If that’s so, it’s as good a reason to fear death as any.

If we’re Christian, or one of several other faiths, our earthly existence is but a beginning, a trial, a test, an opportunity to get things as right as human beings can get them, or to earn eternal damnation—separation from God.  Living a life as Christ would have us live it, we know where we’re going, but we can never be certain what that life—eternal life—will be.  We tend not to like change, and it’s hard to imagine a greater change; it’s beyond our imagination.

Yet we recognize life as God’s greatest gift.  All else flows from it, for without it, nothingness.  In his book—if you haven’t read it, you shouldThe Gifts Of The Jews, Thomas Cahill suggests from God, the Jews came to understand that each human life was unique, each live has inestimable value.  No longer were people mere subjects of an earth bound king, locked into an eternal cycle of birth, servitude, a short, hard life, then death.  Finally, there was more, much more, and men and women were no longer mere members of tribes, clans, guilds, whose worth was measured always in their usefulness to the state.

And from the Jews, all came to understand that all lives have meaning beyond our limited ability to understand.  Human life is so important, the Bible frequently affirms the natural right of self-defense.  This is only rational.  If one has no right to defend life, life is worth nothing, or is at best a commodity, and is forfeit to those strong and evil enough to take it.  And from the right to self-defense, our law dictates the highest penalty—death—for its unlawful, unjustified taking.

I’ll not go into abortion.  That’s a multi-volume book, not an article.  I’m sure, gentle readers, you can draw your own analogies and parallels.

As I’m sure you know by now, Robert Trump, President Donald Trump’s brother, died only a few days ago.  In response, a great many Democrats/Socialists/Communists took the occasion to wish death on President Trump.  Bishop Talbert Swan, for example, is the head of the Springfield (MA) NAACP and the head of the Springfield Spring of Hope Church of God in Christ.  Many expressed surprise, shock and disgust at such vile hatred.

They shouldn’t have been surprised.  In 2018, Swan was supposed banned for life from Twitter. Guess life is shorter than we assume, or for Twitter, Swan was just too useful.

For many D/S/Cs, particularly during the Trump Administration, this is to be expected.  It’s their daily thought process, their faith, and wishing death on others is merely an accepted, indeed, praiseworthy expression of their sociopolitical faith.  That a minister should say such things should not be at all surprising; he’s merely leading the flock.

Men and women of actual faith, people of good will, are disgusted by those that wish harm, even death, on others, and for good reason.  They hold all lives valuable, invaluable beyond human measures.  When even strangers die, good people pray for their souls and the comfort of those they have left behind.  To maliciously wish for a death is a cold, vicious expression of evil.  It’s a rejection of God’s greatest gift, of God Himself.  It reveals a shriveled soul, one who values lives only for the personal or political utility they may derive from them.  To the faithful, wishing death on another is different only by degree from murder–the unjustified taking of life.

Our sociopolitical beliefs tend to say a great deal about us, and speak particularly loudly for those that have no actual faith.  Without faith, without its civilizing influence, without the sure knowledge of eternal life, what else have they?  Controlling and manipulating others is all they have for the short time they strut the stage, as William Shakespeare said (Macbeth: Act 5, Scene 5):

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,

Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,

To the last syllable of recorded time;

And all our yesterdays have lighted fools

The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,

And then is heard no more. It is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.

Such hatred inevitably follows D/S/C philosophy, which, as I have often written, cannot be falsified.  It is flawless, incapable of error, therefore when it fails, as it inevitably does, it cannot be counted as failure, but merely a minor setback on the inexorable path to D/S/C utopia.  The setback occurred only because not enough money was spent, the policy wasn’t given to the people good and hard enough, not enough time was allowed for the policy to work its wonders, and worst of all, Normals (AKA Deplorables)—Americans that oppose D/S/C’s intellectual and moral superiority—were allowed to exist to oppose it.  The policy, whatever it is, will work this time, because this time, it’s going to be overseen by D/S/Cs who are smarter and more moral than all before them.  How can it possibly fail?

With such belief in their own infallibility, how could there possibly be room for a higher power, for God?  Indeed, some D/S/Cs claim faith, and I do not judge the sincerity or depth of the relationships of others with the Almighty, but as Matthew 7:16-20 notes:

Ye shall know them by their fruits.

We have seen those fruits for years, but more recently, they have been on unrestrained display in our cities and on the media.  It is easy for such people to wish death on others, because they do not value individual lives.  To the committed D/S/C, lives have value, as they did before God’s covenants with the Jews, only in their utility to the state.  They organize people into politically useful groups.  We call this “identity politics.”  These groups must think and behave in D/S/C defined ways, thus did Gropin’ Joe Biden blurt out that anyone that did not vote for him wasn’t Black.  As long as a Black person thinks and believes–and votes–as they are allowed, they are praised and many promises of free stuff and status are made, but when they don’t, even if they’re a member of a doubly useful victim group, a Black woman, say, they are immediately cast out, and quite vicious and sincere death threats daily greet them.  Ask Candace Owens.  

Ask Kim Klacik

This is why D/S/Cs covertly and overtly support and enable Black Lives Matter, knowing it to be a violent, racist, Marxist organization seeking the overthrow of our Republic.  They are politically useful.  Their name/slogan, and their violence are useful in the over arching identity politics narrative.  This is why when anyone suggests all lives matter they are immediately greeted with spittle-flinging rage, cries of “racist,” “white supremacist,” and actual violence.  The lives that matter are only those politically useful—for the moment.  When innumerable young black men are gunned down by other young black men on the streets of our D/S/C ruled cities, their lives matter not a bit, but when a violent black felon dies during an arrest, no life has ever mattered so much in human history.  Yet when a 5-year-old white boy is brutally murdered by a black man, those media outlets that bothered to cover it at all didn’t mention the respective races, or downplayed any racial angle.  There was no nation-wide rage, no riots, not screams of “no justice, no peace.”  To them, the child’s life mattered not at all.  It wasn’t useful.

Again, this is entirely predictable.  D/S/C philosophy cannot accept individual sovereignty.  Free men and women, people whose lives matter regardless of their race, gender or utility to the state are annoying.  They dare to think government works for them, and gets its powers from them.  They do not recognize and stand in awe of the self-imagined elite.  When they are tyrannized, they tend to demand their rights be observed.  They demand due process.  They demand actual, not social, justice.  To those building the inevitable utopia, such demands are mere annoyances, and annoyances can, and must, be erased.

If one’s political opponents are demons, lock children in cages (actually temporary holding areas built by Barack Obama) are actually Hitler and worse than Hitler, what action against them is out of bounds?  Are the righteous not compelled to seek their death?  Harassing and assaulting them in restaurants and other public venues?  Been there, doing that.  Assaulting them, destroying their places of business and homes, dragging them out of their cars and beating them unconscious?  Doing that too.  Inciting others to attack, even kill “the other?”  Telling any lie about them?  Censoring them, denying them their jobs, driving them to suicide?  All this has been done and is being done.  By those standards, mere death wishes and threats are little more than unconscious thoughts, daily business, the happy musings of the superior intellect.

Except there is no happiness in such lives.  I have experienced hatred and rage.  I’ve allowed–briefly–the cold, black pleasure of those thoughts. They’re exhilarating, but exhausting.  They, little by little, destroy the soul, leaving one unable to feel empathy, unable to recognize the humanity of others, unable to value their lives as one does their own.  I long ago foreswore those destructive impulses, seeing them for the selfish, evil demons they are.  What must the lives of those who embrace those demons be?  We are seeing that ugly, addictive play, acted out in real time before us.  We are seeing their fruits, and they’re poisonous, to the individual soul, to our republic and to western civilization.

Black lives matter, and of course, so do the lives of faithful D/S/Cs, but not the lives of their political enemies, which at last notice was at least half of the population of America.  Thus do they ever seek to disarm the law-abiding, while simultaneously allowing their thuggish shock troops to destroy civil order throughout America, calling it “reparations.”  Thus do they seek to emasculate or eliminate the police.  Thus do they do away with bail, elect D/S/C prosecutors who will not prosecute criminals, and throw open the doors to the jails.  Thus do they exalt social justice while destroying the rule of law.

They don’t do this because they believe every life valuable, meaningful.  They do it because to them, the only lives that truly matter are those that will help them seize and keep power and wealth.  Everyone else is merely collateral damage on the road to utopia.

If your life is of no value to them now, what will it be worth when they gain ultimate political power, and take all necessary steps to ensure they never lose it?

Still surprised by #wrongtrump?