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Not exactly confidence-inspiring…

A relative recently visited his local doctor and was somewhat surprised to find no one in that office, including the doctor, wearing a mask.  Inquiring, he was told “they don’t work.”  Mrs. Manor, who wears hearing aides, also visited a doctor recently.  In that office, the staff wore masks, but when the doctor’s speech was muted by his mask and Mrs. Manor couldn’t understand him, he removed it. 

I accompanied her to the visit, and an earnest fellow at the front door took my temperature with an infrared device.  “Oh, you have a fever!” he exclaimed.  Glancing at me, he said: “You don’t look like you have a fever.”  “I don’t,” I said, “try again.”  He tried again, and got no result, which resulted in much frowning at the thermometer, and some violent shaking of it.  On the third try, he said: “Oh, you don’t have a fever.”  No kidding.  It was a miraculous cure.

Some of the stores in my middling sized Wyoming town require masks, at least on signs at the doors.  A few are sticklers about it, most of the rest don’t enforce it, rightly understanding if they did, they’d lose a huge amount of business, so a few patrons wear masks, but most don’t.  Employees of those persnickety businesses spend much of their time with the masks off their noses, or dangling from one ear because the damned things are hot, annoying, actually reduce the amount of oxygen they’re getting, people can’t understand them, and if they wear glasses, they can’t see where they’re going due to fogging.

I’ve noticed a trend in reporting on masks.  Various medical “authorities” issue carefully qualified endorsements of masks that usually assert they are effective, but issue such a long list of qualifiers and caveats it’s apparent they really aren’t effective.  Gun free school zone signs are security theater; masks are medical theater.  Are they better than nothing?  Many things are better than nothing, which is not exactly a ringing endorsement for the concept, so of course, Joe Biden has, once again, suggested a policy that would deprive Americans not only of comfort and convenience, but liberty:

Kamala Harris is all for interfering in American’s lives on a national scale:

After all, what’s the point of having ultimate political power if you can’t use it arbitrarily against the little people?  I seem to remember something about President Trump being called a dictator, but when he refused to dictate medical policy for every American, he was accused of killing people by those that wanted him to be a dictator as long as he was dictating their preferences.  If it saves only one life, everyone should be wearing full body condoms. Mrs. Biden is also prepared to dictate:

President Trump was not impressed:  

Trump argued that Biden’s approach was ‘regressive, unscientific and bad for our country.’ He accused the former vice president of opposing Trump administration policies that proved effective, such as travel bans, even as he pushes for a mask mandate that fails to take into account how the pandemic was impacting specific communities.

‘At every turn, Biden has been wrong about the virus, ignoring the scientific evidence and putting left-wing politics before facts,’ Trump said at the briefing. ‘Sleepy Joe opposed both the China and Europe travel bans. He opposed the China travel ban that I instituted very early and the Europe ban I instituted quite early.’

The choice in this election is very much liberty vs. authoritarianism.

All Americans must have their freedoms. I trust the American people and their governors very much,’ Trump said. ‘Joe doesn’t know too much.’

Gropin’ Joe’s pronouncements on the pandemic haven’t been exemplars of accuracy thus far:

Yeah, I’m kind of beginning to get this message:

And this, gentle readers, is very much what we have to look forward to should D/S/Cs be able to rig the election:

Just remember: these are the people who know what’s best for you, so shut up you racist, sexist science deniers.