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Imagine, gentle readers, you’re a leftist.  Imagine further you’re an educator, but not an actual teacher.  You’re an educrat, an enlightened being, intellectually and morally superior not only to the parents of school children, but to mere teachers, who are paid far less than you, because you’re so brilliant.  Imagine you have all the standard Leftist beliefs, including an active and debilitating fear of firearms, and a burning disdain for any that might wish to own them.

Now, overlay these attitudes and beliefs on the very real need for school security: defense against active shooters.  When you do that, you have, until recently, the status quo: school security theater.  “Feeling safe” rather than actually being safe.  You absolutely refuse to allow willing staff to carry concealed weapons, and as much as you hate the police, they’re useful in that you can claim school resource officers are all that are necessary to safeguard children and teachers.

If you have half a wit, you know that’s a lie.  Some schools are so large they’re like small towns.  A single resource officer, even two, is grossly inadequate to the task.  You also know many schools, particularly elementary schools where virtually all the staff are female, the children small and weak, and thus uniquely vulnerable, share a resource officer with other elementary schools.  They’re only available on an occasional basis.

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But you’re a leftist, so you’d prefer no police officers in schools at all, and at the very least, you’d want them disarmed, guns being evil and all.  But you need them, damn it all, to make your argument against concealed carry by staff even remotely plausible.  And then comes the opportunity not to let a crisis—actually a group of related crises—go to waste.  Covid-19, BLM, Antifa, defund the police, a perfect storm of cover for what you’ve always wanted to do anyway, and many school districts across the country are not letting those crises go to waste, as the Washington Examiner reports:

The local school board in Oakland, California, unanimously voted on Wednesday night [06-24-20] to eliminate the district’s agreement with local police.

The board cited the disproportionate arrest of black students and suggested several alternative ways to handle discipline inside schools, according to local station KRON.

Black students, who make up just over 25% of the district’s enrollment, have accounted for 73% of arrests in city schools since 2015, school officials said.

As regular readers know, this is a favorite leftist theme, and many schools—all in Democrat-ruled states/cities, have forbidden principals and police from disciplining black students.  As a result, those schools and districts have become cesspools of crime, drug use and violence, not only against students that actually want to learn, but against teachers.  That 25% of the district’s enrollment accounts for 73% of the arrests should tell the reasonable person that group is uncommonly criminal.  But educrats are not reasonable people, so they use the statistical disparity argument to cry “racism.”  They never actually examine the record of each incident, for if they did, they’d discover the principals and police are only disciplining and arresting kids that misbehave and commit crimes.  Race enters into it only in that black students are uncommonly unruly and criminal.  What better way to keep ignoring reality than to entirely remove the police from schools?  If principals and teachers want to keep their jobs, they’ll keep their mouths shut and the problem of rampant black criminality will disappear.  Educrats will blame it on the police, claiming they were responsible for the high crime rate, because racism:

The news comes the same day that California’s top education executive announced his office is working to reshape the role of police and security officers in schools statewide.

‘As a former school board member, I spent four years working very closely with school resource officers,’ Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond said. ‘But I’ve already seen data that shows when there’s police on campus, this results in more suspensions and arrests, particularly for African American students and other students of color.’

As Mark Twain said:

There are lies, damned lies and statistics.

So the Oakland School District will remove the police entirely in the name of social justice.  The need for anti-racism is so great the safety of students and teachers no longer matters.  Actually, for these people, it never did.  And if experience elsewhere is any indication of future failure, it won’t.  Not only will black-caused crime immediately run out of control, the District has just told any maniac contemplating a school attack they’re home free.  No police, no armed staff, nothing between them and helpless children and teachers.

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But what about “feeling safe”?  That’s easy.  All the children, particularly black children, will be able to feel safe because the most dangerous threat to their safety, the cause of the “school to prison pipeline”—the police—has been removed.

In Democrat-ruled cities and states, teacher’s unions are refusing to return to school, citing the threat of Covid-19.  It’s grossly overblown, but death from that virus, particularly for the non-elderly and people whose immune systems are not already compromised or who don’t have other chronic health issues, is a small risk indeed.  When a maniac intent on mass murder enters a school, the risk of death is very large indeed.

I’ll update my yearly series on school attacks beginning in September of this year.  But for the time being, educrats across the nation would have you believe you can feel safe about their school security measures.  That’s only true if you’re a mass murderer planning an attack on a completely undefended school.