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As regular readers know, I’ve been predicting Michelle Obama would be the savior–in D/S/C terms–of the Democrat/Socialist/Communist Party in 2020.  Despite the polls, which as in 2016 showed Hillary Clinton to be the next president until she wasn’t, despite the propaganda that depicts Joe Biden as a sure winner, despite the serial denials of Biden’s rapidly deteriorating brain, despite the constant—and failed—attacks on President Trump, despite a lamestream media that isn’t even trying to pretend to be anything but the propaganda arm of the D/S/Cs, D/S/Cs are worried.  They’ve locked Mr. Biden in his basement, and they’re trying to figure out a way to avoid debates with Mr. Trump at all costs.  They know any debate will be an absolute disaster for them.

Their hopes now lie in their vice presidential choice.  Not Biden’s choice—he can barely remember where he is—but their choice.  Unfortunately, they’ve locked themselves into choosing “a woman of color.”  No one is pretending that Joe Biden, if elected, will finish a term.  While D/S/Cs are pretending he is electable, they know better.  Their hopes depend on the VP candidate, who will take over shortly after the inauguration when Mr. Biden, bravely and selflessly, his legacy secured by finally, at long last, being elected president, steps down.  In effect, they’re putting their hopes for the presidency on the Vice Presidential nominee, who every sentient being knows is actually the presidential nominee.

I’m not the only one observing the battlespace preparation.  US News.com, back in April, wrote:

JILL BIDEN, WIFE OF Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, said on Friday that she would ‘love’ if former first lady Michelle Obama were her husband’s running mate.

Biden told CNN that it ‘would be wonderful’ if the former first lady joined her husband’s campaign as vice president.

‘I’d love it if Michelle would agree to it,’ Biden said. ‘I think she’s had it with politics. She’s so good at everything she does.’

Candidate Biden served as vice president for Barack Obama. He told Pittsburgh’s KDKA earlier this week that he would pick the former first lady as his running mate ‘in a heartbeat.’

“She’s so good at everything she does.”  Such as?  Starving school children with inedible school lunches? Wasting tons of food and millions of dollars in that totalitarian endeavor?  Perhaps that’s why all of her college writings and grades are still kept under wraps—because she’s so good at everything she does.  At least Mrs. Biden probably wouldn’t have to sit beside Michelle as she falters while trying to read a teleprompter.

In May of 2018, in Michelle Obama: How Can We Miss You If You Won’t Go Away, I wrote:

Former First Ladies tend to retire gracefully.  They do not hector; they do not scold; they do not remind us of how badly we disappointed them.  They simply go on with their lives, becoming, once again, the normal Americans they could not be while living in the Beltway fish bowl.  One might imagine their relief to discover the rapacious media have moved on to their latest target, pretty much forgetting the last First Lady—what was her name again?—in the pursuit of whoever they hate these days.

And then there is Michelle Obama, as CNN reports:

Former first lady Michelle Obama on Saturday again criticized the role of women in electing President Donald Trump, suggesting that his victory showed a lack of women’s empowerment.

‘In light of this last election, I’m concerned about us, as women, and what we think about ourselves and about each other,’ Obama said at the United State of Women summit in Los Angeles. ‘What is going on in our heads where we let that happen. So I do wonder what are young girls dreaming about, if we’re still there?

‘If we’re still there?’ If ‘we’—presumably communist, man-hating women—are still residing in and controlling the wills and persons of all American women and young girls?  As far as women letting “that happen,” I was always under the impression women—and men—and the various other pronoun-confused actually had some degree of choice in presidential elections. Can’t women vote for the candidate they prefer, regardless of gender?  Can’t they vote for polices they prefer without allowing genitalia to override policy concerns?  Can’t they vote against Hillary Clinton because she was a horrible human being, a worse candidate, and a cruel, angry drunk that abused everyone around her?  Can’t they vote for something other than an arrogant Marxist harridan just because she’s female?

Obama continued, ‘When the most qualified person running was a woman and look what we did instead, I mean, that says something about where we are, if we as women are still suspicious of one another, if we still have this crazy, crazy bar that we don’t have for men … if we’re not comfortable with the notion that a woman could be our president, compared to what?

Oh well.  What can we expect of a woman who only became proud of her country  when it voted for Barack Obama?  Still, I’d really, really like to miss her someday…

I’d still like to miss her, but was compelled, in October of 2019, in You Knew I Was A Rattlesnake, to continue:

Biden is a major problem for D/S/Cs.  On one hand, the D/S/C base cannot go full communist fast enough.  On the other, what little remains of sanity and recognition of the Constitution in D/S/C ranks realizes that Biden, who is careful to conceal his socialism, might be the best chance to beat the hated Trump.  The problem is Biden’s age, which is, more and more, becoming apparent, not only in his serial gaffes, but in very real signs of mental diminishment.  Some in there 70s, like Donald Trump, remain vital and sharp, while Biden is showing every second of his age.

Still, they may be stuck with him because he is the only candidate that has maintained any pretense of actually loving America and Americans, and of any kind of political moderation.  Even so, in the contemporary Democrat Party, that puts him firmly in the middle of socialism, and the more rational D/S/Cs, few though they are, know normal Americans aren’t going to go for that, at least not yet.  They dimly realize that calling Americans racists, white supremacists, and every other epithet of which D/S/C/s are so fond will not tend to make American’s vote for them, but they can’t help themselves, because as Joe Biden said, they believe in truth over facts, narrative over reality.

I was about to write about how prescient I was, but it took little supernatural power to predict Joe Biden’s continual, and tragic, decline.

Michelle Obama, would, in many respects, be a D/S/C dream candidate.  She’s female and she’s black, and isn’t it about time for a black female president?  Because of an adoring, tongue-bathing, ‘just look at her arms!’ press, she has high approval ratings, and above all, she has no voting trail, or any policy positions stuck in the public consciousness, apart from forcing school districts to throw away tons of food kids wouldn’t eat.  Many D/S/Cs would see her as certain to continue Barack’s legacy—what little there is left of it—and would surely think he’d be a power behind the throne, in a sort of Clintonian ‘two for one’ sense.  D/S/Cs could also be mollified by the fact that her college papers so carefully hidden all these years reveal a committed Socialist/Marxist.

Of the two, D/S/Cs are more likely to go for Obama.  Having taken no widely disseminated Marxist positions prior to being acclaimed the nominee, her college grades, connections and writings safely hidden away, she can lie her as…er, arms…off after the convention, saying whatever is necessary to beat Trump.  There won’t be any film catalogue of insane positions/gaffes for the Trump campaign to exploit.  She can use the Barackian tactic of high-sounding, meaningless rhetoric, making aspirational but feckless promises.  The base of the D/S/C Party would presumably keep quiet, knowing she was lying, and knowing she’d reveal her true colors once elected.  They would not be red, white and blue.

A few weeks later, in October of 2019, in Michelle Obama: Battlespace Preparation, I observed:

Drafted against her will—how sad!–but nobly willing to sacrifice herself to accept to save the country from liberty, the rule of law and prosperity, Michelle Obama would stride manfully onstage dressed as a lizard thigh boot-clad banana to thunderous applause, having suffered none of the interminable D/S/C debates.  Saved from having to agree with the other candidates in their rush to build another Venezuela, she could appear somewhat American–if one doesn’t look too closely or for too long.  She has scant political baggage, and she recently published a book that would be endlessly excerpted by the media in embarrassingly gushing prose.

The media, which has long ago taken sides, would pull out all the stops to boost her as much as possible.  We would witness an entirely new definition of softball, tongue bathing interviews, even surpassing the ‘why are you so wonderful?’ standard of media Hillary interviews.  After all, Barack Obama was the D/S/C messiah.  Wouldn’t some of that rub off on Michelle?  Isn’t she, by association, at least a demi-god?  Surely Barack and Michelle haven’t been planning anything like this?  They’re not the type of people to engage in such Machiavellian intrigues.  Are they?

Well, are they?  Has Barack Obama merely been enjoying retirement, racking up millions in speaking and consulting fees, or has he been the real driving force behind the D/S/C party establishment, waiting for another chance to revive his legacy–the ongoing coup having thus far failed–overturn the overturning of his most destructive and insane policies, and plotting for the first 16 year presidency of the modern era?  Michelle Obama, who in the past has proclaimed she has no interest in politics, hasn’t said that recently.  Consider this from Victor Davis Hanson at American Greatness:

credit: spectators

Then again, there is always the chance that Biden’s unbreakable oath to appoint a woman as vice presidential nominee and his inference that she will be an African-American opens up all sort of wild card possibilities to Obama—given that he knows best the VP slot could well be a quasi-presidential nomination, given Biden’s cognitive issues, given that Biden is now ahead in the polls, and given that there is some chance that all the candidates whom Biden considers may have high negatives in his internal polling.

And thus Michelle Obama, the most popular woman in today’s polls, could ‘rescue’ the Democrats, unite the party, and finish out an Obama 16-year term, with the last eight-year regnum revealing the inner and true Obama that was stymied the first go around.

These ‘are such stuff as dreams are made of.’

Who’s left?  Elizabeth Warren?  She couldn’t be whiter, and the base of the Party would go berserk at her lack of “color.”  Kamala Harris?  Profoundly unlikeable, erratic, and she did poorly running against—Joe Biden?!  Karen Bass? Whodat? She has the Marxist, anti-American credentials, but Bernie Sanders was far more popular—his people are going to have fun at the convention—and even the base knows they can’t win with an avowed Marxist.  Susan Rice? Oh dear would Mr. Trump have fun with her, and she might well be indicted, or at least be named an unindicted co-conspirator in the not too distant future.  Hillary Clinton?  She would certainly see herself as the next president, and poor Joe would soon suffer an unfortunate accident, but as much as some D/S/Cs still drool over her, she’s actually no longer Marxist enough.

With Mr. Biden’s announcement that he will not travel to Milwaukee for the convention—could 100+ police agencies pulling out of security have anything to do with that?—the stage is set for a transformative VP pick to electrify the convention while Joe mutters in his basement.  Perhaps this too is planned, a clearing of the path for the real D/S/C presidential stealth candidate?

They’re all rattlesnakes, and we’ll know soon.