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Imagine you are a police officer.  Imagine you stop a robbery suspect only minutes after the robbery is reported, a huge brute, fiendishly strong and high on pot, who attacks and brutally beats you, and forces you to shoot him to save your life.  You have the great misfortune of being white, and the worse misfortune of being forced to shoot a black man. Riots ensue, the community to which you have given your devotion is all but destroyed.  Incredible, vile lies are told about the incident and about you.  Imagine a local investigation and a highly politicized, racist federal investigation are convened.  Imagine your professional and private life obliterated, in part by the national media publicizing the address and video of your home.  Further imagine, by some miracle, both investigations reveal no cause to prosecute you, no violations of policy or the law.

Home free, finally, right?  Wrong.  The violent thug that forced you to kill him is suddenly a holy social justice martyr, the inspiration—as though any is needed—for a Marxist, racist organization and non-stop rioting and violence.  You’ll be in hiding the rest of your life, absolutely necessary to protect your family and yourself from social justice headhunters looking for street cred for killing you.

Finally, imagine that because there is no statute of limitations for homicide, you’ll spend the rest of your life facing “investigations” as racist prosecutors resurrect the case, looking for social justice points.

Michael Brown
credit: the political insider.com

Regular readers recognize I’m speaking of the Michael Brown case.  Brown forced Ferguson, MO police officer Darren Wilson to shoot him on August 9, 2014.  The SMM Brown case archive may be accessed here.  My last post in this case was in August of 2019, an analysis of the usual false statistical disparity arguments.  I write again not because of Black Lives Matter, which latched onto the Brown case as its legitimacy, and its recent climb to faux-prominence, but because Darren Wilson has, once again, and I suspect not for the last time, stood in legal jeopardy, as Fox News reports:

A St. Louis County, Mo., prosecutor said Thursday that he will not be charging the White police officer who shot 18-year-old Michael Brown in 2014, after quietly reopening the investigation.

Civil rights leaders and Brown’s mother reportedly hoped that Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell, who became the county’s first Black prosecutor in January 2019, might reopen the investigation into police officer Darren Wilson, who shot Brown six years ago.

Bell told reporters today that his decision was ‘one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do.’

Indeed, and not because it was a difficult legal issue.  Bell is Black, and in coming to his decision, made a choice to be a prosecutor who happens to be black rather than a black prosecutor.  Prof. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection provides pertinent background:

In 2018, St. Louis County voters elected Wesley Bell as the county prosecutor, the first African-American elected to the position. Bell defeated longtime prosecutor Bob McCulloch, who became a target of Black activists, unhappy with his handling of the investigation into Brown’s death.

Fox neglected to mention that McCulloch convened a grand jury, and unlike virtually any grand jury before it, did not pick and choose evidence.  He presented all the evidence, and the grand jury realized there was no case against former officer Wilson.  The most racist Department of Justice in American history under Eric Holder, Barack Obama’s self-described “wingman,” was also forced to admit there was no case against Wilson, who acted entirely within the law and proper procedure.  Fox also neglected to mention the aftermath of the legitimate shooting was the economic destruction of Ferguson, which has to date, never recovered.

But after a five month investigation into the case’s evidence, witness statements and forensic reports, he came to the conclusion that ‘we cannot prove that he committed murder or manslaughter.’

No kidding.  The case provoked utter lunacy on the part of the media.  As I reported in Update 10, The PBS News Hour adopted a majority approach to witness testimony.  If 51% of witnesses said “X” happened and 49% did not, it must have happened.  Take the link to see the reality of witness testimony in that case.  The FBI had to wade over their head in outrageous lies, many from people who didn’t actually see the event, but claimed they did.  Many interviews, as in the update, devolved to farce.  Such analysis is not only faulty, it’s plainly stupid and was obviously adopted by the media because even they began to realize Brown was responsible for his own death and it wasn’t a close call.  Here’s a brief synopsis of the essential facts of the case from a May, 2017 update:  

Brown and his friend, both of whom were daily pot smokers, were walking in the middle of the street after committing a strong arm robbery of a convenience store. Brown was carrying the cheap cigars he stole and intended to use to smoke pot. When Brown refused to get out of the street—a misdemeanor offense by itself—Wilson tried to get out of his vehicle to speak with them, but Brown slammed the door, pinning Wilson behind the wheel, and reaching through the open window, began to not only viciously beat Wilson, but tried to take his handgun. CNN neglects to mention that Brown was 6’4” tall and weighed just under 300 pounds.

During the struggle, Wilson’s gun discharged, very slightly wounding Brown in the hand. Brown fled, but quickly turned, and made a berserker charge on Wilson, who reasonably believed his life was in danger. He fired, striking Brown several times, none of those rounds stopping Brown’s charge until the final round hit him in the top of the head—his head was down in a football lineman-like charge—stopping him actually at Wilson’s feet.

Brown never tried to surrender, never knelt nor were his hands ever in the air in surrender. That BLM narrative has been absolutely proved completely false. In fact, all credible testimonial evidence, and all physical evidence, supported Wilson’s account. A very large number of supposed witnesses were revealed to have lied, not to have seen the incident at all, or to have simply made up stories after the fact based on media accounts.

Fox continues:

Bell didn’t face any backlash when he re-reviewed the investigation into Brown’s shooting because Wilson was never charged or tried, and there is no statute of limitations on murder charges.

Note Fox’s account of the incident:

credit: cncpunishment.com

Brown, accompanied by his friend, was told to get out of the middle to the street in a residential neighborhood by Wilson, when Brown approached the police vehicle. In the entire altercation, which lasted about 90 seconds, Wilson fired a total of twelve bullets, six of which struck Brown in the front of his body.

Witnesses said Brown, who was unarmed, had his hands up when he was shot, but federal investigators and the grand jury said the evidence showed otherwise.

Dorian Johnson
credit: cnn.com

That’s because it never happened.  It was a lie, probably first started by Brown’s accomplice Dorian Johnson, and gladly taken up by the Media, BLM and every other race hustler.

Brown’s body was left in the street for four hours, which provoked outrage among his family and local residents, prompting the furious protests that ensued.

Brown’s body was “left in the street” so that the police could conduct a competent investigation under very adverse circumstances.  Not moving a body until all possible evidence procedures are exhausted is Basic Police Procedure 101.  Imagine the outrage if the police weren’t able to check every possible evidence procedure box because they were swayed by a angry mob.  Race hustlers local and national didn’t need any specific factor to be outraged or to prompt “the furious protests that ensued.”  As today, many of those peaceful protests resulted in massive property damage, arson, assault and other similarly “mostly peaceful” activities.

‘Although this case represents one of the most significant moments in St. Louis’s history, the question for this office was a simple one: Could we prove beyond a reasonable doubt that when Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown he committed murder or manslaughter under Missouri law?’ Mr. Bell said during a press conference Thursday.

‘After an independent and in-depth review of the evidence, we cannot prove that he did.’

Bell noted that just because Wilson was not found guilty of murder or manslaughter, he had not been exonerated.

Bell didn’t need an “independent investigation” to come to that conclusion. Two of the most exhaustive investigation in American history, one of which really, really wanted to hang Wilson, proved it.  Obviously, Bell was sufficiently honest, or at least not sufficiently stupid, to try that case.  However, he still needed political cover, so he claimed Wilson was not “exonerated.”  One who has committed no crime, particularly one who discharges their police duties within procedure and the law, needs no exoneration.

‘There are so many points at which Darren Wilson could have handled the situation differently and if he had, Michael Brown might still be alive,’ Bell told reporters.

Really?  Such as?  Armchair quarterbacking six years after the fact is easy.  That Bell apparently did not point out anything Wilson might have done differently is telling.

Will Darren Wilson and his family ever know peace?  Or will racist prosecutors, driven by social justice warriors, from time to time, take another run at Wilson liberty and life?  This time, Bell came to the only rational, lawful conclusion, but apparently, forever persecuting an honest man is the social justice thing to do.