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Over the last several years, I have often written about rape in three primary contexts: (1) to explain how competent rape investigations should be done, (2) to expose the D/S/C campus rape narrative—particularly the part where women never lie about rape—of rampant rape on college campuses, a “rape culture,” (3) to explain Donald Trump is not the cause of rape—and every other social ill—in America.  To find all my writings on this topic, enter “rape” in the SMM homepage search bar.  However, consider this excerpt from Rape: Damned Lies And Statistics, posted in October of 2016:

When the trivialization of violent felony crimes becomes fodder for social experimentation and political exploitation, everyone suffers. Police officers investigating rape must deal with the elements of the crime as it exists in their state. Consider this example rape statute:

One is guilty of first degree rape when:

1) without the consent of the victim,

2) they commit penetration of any portion of the body,

3) with any portion of their body, or with any object.

The statute has three elements that require the crime must have been committed without the consent of the victim, and it must involve penetration of any portion of the body, with any portion of the suspect’s body, or any object. If any of those elements are missing, it’s not first degree rape. It may be some other specifically defined crime, but it’s not rape.

But if a woman was actually raped, shouldn’t the criminal be punished? What are you, misogynistic? You’re probably a racist too!

If we want to live under the rule of law rather than social justice, this is not a matter of patriarchal oppression or mere semantics. For a law—any law—to be constitutional, the person of average intelligence must be able to tell which behavior is and is not prohibited.

Among the points of that article were rape has become politicized and trivialized by Democrats/Socialist/Communists, beginning on college campuses and spreading to society at large.  Many college administrators see a police investigation as not only unnecessary, but irrelevant, and young men cleared by the police have still been branded rapists and expelled from school.  To such people, the aftermath of an actual rape is a political opportunity.  Irrelevancies such as identifying, arresting and prosecuting the rapist are far down the list of priorities, because their goal is always social justice.  On campus this means vindicating the narrative that women are in constant danger of rape, and accused rapists have no due process rights because if actual evidence is considered, much of the time, the narrative won’t stand up.  As I wrote in the linked article, crime have specific elements, and much of what is commonly called “rape,” actually isn’t.

Let us say, gentle readers, you are female, and you have the very bad fortune to live in the People’s Republic Of Minnesota, where Keith Ellison is the state Attorney General.  Evita Duffy at The Federalist, reports:

Keith Ellison, former Democrat National Committee vice chairman and current Minnesota attorney general, said he does not want police officers to respond to rape calls. The shocking policy suggestion occurred during a Zoom conversation featuring Ellison and Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.) to discuss racism and police reforms. The dialogue was moderated by White House correspondent for ‘PBS NewsHour’ Yamiche Alcindor.

Ellison stated: ‘If you’re a woman who’s been a victim of a sexual assault, and the assailant ran away, wouldn’t you rather talk to somebody who is trained in helping you deal with what you’re dealing with, as opossed to somebody whose main training is that they know how to use a firearm? Right?’

Here we have the chief prosecutor of an American state, who does not want rapes investigated.  He does not want the police to speak to rape victims.  If one doesn’t understand D/S/Cs stand for social justice rather than actual justice under the rule of law, this would make no sense.  Actually, it doesn’t make any sense in a sane world, but in the world of social justice, it’s merely taking the fantasy world of a dominant campus “rape culture” and transplanting it into civil society.

To Ellison and other social justice warriors, rape is not a serious crime, but an opportunity to push their favored narratives.  The victim needs to be given an opportunity to tell “her truth,” which must be the social justice truth of male oppression and evil, particularly white male oppression and evil.  Should she foolishly demand punishment for the rapist, she will either be reeducated, or if she will not adopt the proper social justice mind set, be destroyed.

They deal with classes of people, tribes, favored victim groups, not individuals.  Individuals are annoying, particularly when they demand their rights.  Better to deal with abstractions, broad groups that can be used to paint broader narratives useful in getting, keeping and expanding power.  If an individual is lauded, it’s only because they are useful in the broader context of power.  They’ll be discarded as soon as their usefulness expires.

An example of this is the credible accusations of one of Ellison’s former girlfriends of domestic abuse.  All women are to be believed, unless of course, they accuse a D/S/C social justice warrior, then they are to be ignored, abused, and destroyed.

Sadly, Ellison is only one of the Soros prosecutors, D/S/C social justice warriors whose campaigns to become prosecutors have been lavishly financed by George Soros and his affiliated organizations.  They work together to avoid prosecuting criminals in general, particularly black criminals, and obviously, rapists, and they have taken local prosecutor’s offices around the nation as an under-the-radar attempt to subvert law and order, the rule of law, and America.

During my police days, I specialized in investigating stalking and rape.  There is no doubt some women lie about these crimes, and I don’t say that as a misogynist who doesn’t think women can be stalked or raped, but because I was able to prove some allegations false, always with incontrovertible evidence, which almost always included the faux-victim’s confession.  Human beings lie about all manner of things for all manner of reasons, even when it would be better for them to tell the truth.

When an actual crime occurred, my job was to help the victim deal with every aspect of the criminal justice process, which included referring her to appropriate counseling.  But my most important function was to identify the perpetrator, gather sufficient evidence not only for probable cause for arrest, but proof beyond a reasonable doubt at trial.  Having done that, it fell to the prosecutor to win and to put rapists behind bars, preferably for a long, long time.

Only then, gentle readers, could a victim have some semblance of peace.  Only then could they begin put their lives back together.  But that wasn’t the end of my work.  I kept close tabs on the rapist, and I informed the victim of all parole hearings, and eventually, of their release.  And should a stalker or rapist return to town, I let them know every resource of the criminal justice system was ready to nail them to the wall; they had our—particularly my–undivided attention.

Through all of that, I stayed in touch, and I cared for them.  I am not, by any means, the only police officer that does that.  All professional agencies have officers that specialize in these crimes, and police officers love to catch people that abuse women and children.  They keep a special fire going in their hearts for them as a prelude to the eternal fires that await them.

Doesn’t Ellison want rapists to be caught and punished?  Doesn’t he know there is such a thing as a serial rapist?  Doesn’t he know some serial rapists escalate to murder?  Doesn’t he want to enforce the law?  Doesn’t he want to put dangerous criminals in jail where they won’t be able to victimize women?  Aren’t D/S/C’s the party of women?  He is, after all, the Attorney General of Minnesota, what the hell is wrong with him?

Apart from all the usual D/S/C social justice lunacy, one of the main narrative points these days is “police bad,” so Ellison, like a good little communist, is upholding the Party line.  If that means rapists won’t be caught, that’s the price he’s willing to have Minnesota women pay for woke purity and the political narrative.  If that means serial rapists will continue to rape, even murder women, he has bigger fish to fry.  If that means the law will go unenforced, that’s an important part of the narrative, because the police have to be abolished, so he’s not going to call attention to crime.  And of course, criminals are a vital D/S/C constituency, and all Soros prosecutors have vowed to empty the jails.

Consider Attorney General Bob Barr on Tuesday (07-28-20) appearing before a congressional committee.   He repeatedly tried to get them to denounce mob violence.  Not a single D/S/C would do it.  Instead, they either denied mob violence was occurring, or blamed President Trump for the violence they say doesn’t exist.  Destruction of property, sedition, arson, murder, rape, all allowable, even desirable, in the name of social justice.  Ellison is just another good little, state-level communist.

D/S/Cs the party of women?  Only if women are for rioting, anarchy, rampant lawlessness, and no consequences for rape.  AG Ellison has just told every rapist in Minnesota, and any non-Minnesota rapist looking for a fertile hunting ground, Minnesota is wide open.  It’s the socially just thing to do.  And hey, maybe everyone will blame it all on Trump.