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Remember the first election of Barack Hussein Obama?  Remember how D/S/Cs called him “the one,” thought him a deity and actually called him “god?”  Remember, mostly though, how not a few Americans thought—and said—electing him would somehow heal all America’s racial wounds?  Having a half-Black man as president would magically expiate all racial guilt and lead our country into a bright new future of racial harmony, a veritable, never ending “summer of love”?

Remember the heady days when Obama, after only days in office, was given the Nobel Peace Prize because he was Barack Obama, and the Nobel Committee was just sure he was going to bring peace to the world some day, some way?  And remember Fast and Furious, and Benghazi, and the Iran Deal?  Remember those heady days of the federal government forcing businesses and schools to let adult male pedophiles into women’s and girl’s bathrooms?  And do you remember how his administration, for eight long years, was the most racially divisive in modern American history?

Do you recall how Mr. Obama’s DOJ sent race hustlers to stir up racial conflict in the Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray cases?

Somehow, the D/S/C god had no knowledge of human nature—or didn’t give a damn about it.  Oh, he occasionally talked a good game of “soaring rhetoric,” but on closer examination, that rhetoric really didn’t say anything.  He smashed our economy, strengthened our enemies, damaged our allies, and proved to be a Black president, rather than one that happened to be black.

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Still, for many years, various disciples of The One have lobbied to include him on Mt. Rushmore.  Consider this from RT News from 2013:  

‘History undoubtedly will accord President Obama a special place by virtue of being the first African-American president,’ said Prof. Paul Wahlbeck, chair of the political science department at GW. But although Wahlbeck confidently acknowledged his belief that Obama will soon join the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, he said he is also ‘reluctant to venerate political leaders while or shortly after they served.’

Suuuuure he was.

Two other professors mirrored Wahlbeck’s thoughts, all stating that it is too early to make plans regarding the addition of Obama’s face, but that it could happen in the distant future.

‘Historical judgments take time to form and Obama is still in office,’ history and public policy professor Edward Berkowitz told The College Fix. ‘It could be that he will be one of the great presidents, worthy of having his likeness carved on a mountain, but certainly not yet.’

Fast forward to July of 2020, as Matt Margolis at PJ Media reports:

Don Lemon told fellow CNN anchor Chris Cuomo that the key to resolving the ongoing controversy about American monuments and racism is to put Barack Obama ‘front and center’ on Mount Rushmore.

And he was serious.

Well, as serious as a fundamentally unserious, and very dim person might be…

‘I think, listen … if they are going to put someone on Mount Rushmore, considering the history of this country, the first black president should be front and center.’

Cuomo partially agreed. ‘Add to Mount Rushmore. I think that’s, first of all, it’s a more salable idea than the idea of taking away Founding Fathers.’

There we have it, gentle readers: two of the most monumental D/S/C intellects of our age.

Lemon further added to his point by saying, ‘So what’s wrong with all of us together thinking or reshaping our country so that more people rethinking our country in the way we think and where our priorities are so that this country … it belongs to everyone.’

Well Mr. Lemon, other than making no more sense than Joe Biden on one of his good days, the process you are apparently struggling to describe is representative democracy.  Unfortunately, Lemon is not speaking of retaining American constitutionalism, but overthrowing its guarantees of the rule of law and liberty and equality for all for the inequality and tyranny of social justice.

If making a Black man president—twice—didn’t fix the racism Lemon sees behind every tree, how will memorializing his incredibly divisive and harmful presidency in granite do the trick?  And how is it, if America is a fundamentally, systematically racist country, Barack Obama–the One–and Gropin’ Joe Biden did nothing to solve that national problem?

And if Mt. Rushmore is a horrific symbol of white supremacy and racism, a reminder of the racial foibles of an America long past, why would any black person want to be placed among such monsters?    Why, he’d be outnumbered, forever subordinate to the terribly flawed men that created such a racist nation.

There is one additional problem: tragically, Barack Obama will never be added to Mt. Rushmore.  Why not?  Is the very granite of the mountain racist?  Are Americans still too racist to acknowledge the greatness of America’s first Black president—other than by voting for him the maximum, constitutionally allowed, number of times?  The Sioux Falls (SD) Argus Leader reports:  

Something we’re not going to be seeing…

Since 1989 the National Park Service has worked with RESPEC, a rock mechanics engineering firm, to study the structural stability of the sculpture and to install rock block monitoring devices that assure long-term preservation of the sculpture, she said.

‘RESPEC supports our long-held belief that no other rock near the sculpted faces is suitable for additional carving.’ [Mount Rushmore National Memorial Chief of Interpretation and Education Maureen] McGee-Ballinger said. ‘RESPEC also believes that if additional work were undertaken it is possible that exposing new surfaces could result in creation of potential instabilities in the existing carving.

Oh.  It’s not physically possible.  No doubt RESPEC is just chock full of racists lying to deny Barack Obama his rightful place among white supremacists.  Then there’s this:

‘Second, Mount Rushmore was sculpted by Gutzon Borglum to represent the first 150 years of the history of the United States — the birth, growth and preservation of our country. He chose the four presidents (Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Lincoln) to represent the principles of our present form of government not to represent the individuals themselves.’

She said the memorial represents the ideals and meaning for which it was founded without the addition of other figures.

‘It is one man’s artistic interpretation, and a tribute to that period of our nation’s history,’ McGee-Ballinger said. ‘The National Park Service takes the position that death stayed the hand of the artist and the work is complete in its present form. Thus, to maintain both the integrity of the structure and the artist’s concept, there is no procedure for adding another likeness, the sculpture is complete.’

Oh, so it’s the old “don’t mess with a great artist’s creation” argument, eh?  What about all the times others have added to or changed with work of Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Rodin, Picasso, Van Gogh…what’s that?  No one in their right mind would even consider that?

Credit: riehlworldview.com