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Wendy’s, caught up in the “protest”…

One of my favorite old aphorisms:

A conservative is a liberal who has been robbed at gunpoint.

Sadly, even that kind of close range encounter with reality is often not sufficient to alter the worldview of a hardened Democrat/Socialist/Communist.  For such people, their beliefs, philosophies and policies cannot possibly be wrong, and there is no possible evidence—perhaps even the violent deaths of their family?—that can cause them to allow any of their beliefs to be falsifiable.  However, recent events, including sincere if insane efforts to emasculate or abolish the police, have changed some previously set in concrete minds:

Scott Kane went 38 years without ever touching a gun. That streak would have continued had it not been for the coronavirus. In March, fearful of the harassment his wife and child experienced over their Asian ancestry, Kane found himself in a California gun shop. His March 11 purchase of a 9mm would have been the end of the story, were it not for a political standoff over shutdown orders and background checks. Now Kane, a former supporter of gun-control measures and AR-15 bans, is frustrated by the arduous process that has denied his family a sense of security. The pandemic has made the soft-spoken software engineer an unlikely Second Amendment supporter.

This has taken me, a law-abiding citizen with nary an unpaid parking ticket to my name, over a month,’ he told the Washington Free Beacon. ‘Meanwhile Joe Bad Guy has probably purchased several fully automatic AK-47s out of the back of an El Camino in a shady part of town with zero background checks.

No doubt, but gun laws aren’t meant to inconvenience criminals.

Receipts reviewed by the Free Beacon show Kane first purchased a firearm on March 11 from Sportsman’s Warehouse in Milpitas, Calif. Santa Clara County shut down the shop before Kane’s 10-day waiting period was complete. No end date was given for the order, but a California law giving buyers just 30 days to pick up a gun remained in effect. Kane was stuck in a legal limbo that only grew worse.

Unable to do business, the store went belly-up in May. Kane had no way to pick up his gun. He started the process over again at another store in a neighboring county. He returned home with a Springfield XD 9mm and a biometric safe on April 29, 50 days after he first passed a background check and paid for a gun.

‘I’m seriously thinking of running for office or something,’ Kane said. ‘This state’s gun laws are insane.’

Good of Mr. Kane to notice.  What’s scaring anti-liberty/gun cracktivists are the millions of Americans, including many on the Left, buying guns for the first time.  This could, potentially, make it far more difficult to do away with the right to keep and bear arms, even if D/S/Cs score a trifecta and take the White House the Senate and the House.  This is a process I’ve been writing about since before the Obama years, but those years, and the possibility of a Hillary Clinton Presidency, have produced boom years for the gun and ammunition industries.

Brian, a 40-year-old Floridian, used his savings to buy a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield in March after being laid off—the experience changed his entire approach to Second Amendment issues.

‘In the past, I wasn’t against owning a gun. However, I did think that we had suffered enough as a country from school shootings, and something needed to be done. I was for stricter gun laws—no ARs, close the gun-show loophole, better mental health regulations, etc.,’ he said. ‘I would now oppose stricter gun laws.’

It is a bit different when politicians want to seize your personal property.  O’Rourke was somewhat unusual in that he admitted what a great many D/S/Cs want: to seize privately owned arms.  The Covid-19 panic, and wide-spread lawlessness in cities, and D/S/C politicians not only allowing it, but encouraging it and praising “mostly peaceful protestors” also have been changing minds.  For the first time, many Americans are coming to realize the police can’t protect them, particularly if they’re defunded, abolished, or simply not allowed to do their jobs.

Aaron Eaton, a former Army MP and current sewer company technician in Alabama, said the increasingly hostile stance many in the Democratic Party have taken toward gun ownership helped push him to make his first purchase.

‘I figured now’s the time to buy before, God help us, a Democrat becomes president again,’ he said. ‘Then I would probably never get that chance again. The only view that has changed, and solely because I got into politics because of Donald Trump, is [what I think of] the stance Democrats have regarding guns. I do not find it funny how Democrats are trying to interpret the Second Amendment.’

As regular readers know, Virginia D/S/Cs have gone bull goose looney in their attempts to disarm the law-abiding.  Even left-leaning Virginians have taken notice:

Andrew, a federal contractor who, along with his wife, bought a Heckler & Koch VP9 on March 21 in Virginia, said the state’s Democrat-controlled legislature pursuing a package of gun-control laws this winter in the face of unprecedented opposition directly contributed to his purchase. He said he and his wife are currently considering buying a number of other firearms they worry state Democrats will try to ban—or even confiscate—in the next legislative session despite those bills being defeated in the last session.

‘These are just the first two purchases—sidearms—and when things settle down, we’ll likely get into long guns too,’ he said. ‘We know we want a shotgun and an AR (or similar) platform before the progressives in the Virginia legislature ultimately prevail (as I expect they ultimately will) in tightening up regulations on ownership.’

But what about the People’s Republic of Minnesota?  That’s a hard place for liberty. The Minneapolis Council is determined to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department, so determined they have spent $63,000 dollars of public money—thus far—for private security.  The local CBS station has the story:

Health and safety concerns appear to be contributing to a surge in gun sales.

What other concerns would be more likely?

Background checks in Minnesota spiked in March as COVID-19 hit the United States, with more than 96,000 filed — the most for any month in 20 years.

Kory Krause, the owner of Frontiersman Sports in St. Louis Park, says demand again grew following George Floyd’s death last month, and it is still climbing.

‘People are really scared coming in here,’ Krause said. ‘We had a three, four hour wait just to get up to the counter during the height of … the rioting.’

Chris Hardin was in the store Wednesday picking up a shotgun he bought. He already owns a handgun, but the recent unrest near his home in Minneapolis got him thinking about his family.

‘A little scary,” Hardin said. “You just have to protect yourself, you know. Be prepared.’

When the police abandon their precincts at the command of feckless politicians and watch them burn to the ground, Hardin’s attitude becomes more common.  Around the nation, gun and ammunition inventories are dwindling, just as they did during the Obama years and in anticipation of a Clinton presidency.

The line for gun permits in Hennepin County went down and around the hall earlier this week.

‘The only other thing that comes to memory was there was a big panic after the Sandy Hook tragedy back in late 2012,’ Krause said.

If he manages to keep enough product on hand, Krause says it could be a record year for his business.

There are good reasons to be worried about one’s safety, and this article might help clarify why.  It would also be a good reason to revisit this March article: Coronavirus And Guns: You’re On You Own.  The police play an indispensable role in our society, but they cannot protect any individual, and cannot be successfully sued for failing to protect anyone.  The article explains why.

D/S/Cs cynically ensure no crisis goes to waste, even if they have to manufacture one.  Even left-leaning Americans can recognize reality and act on it, though it take dangerous circumstances to finally spark that realization.  Ironically, one of the primary dangerous circumstances is ever the realization D/S/Cs are intent on taking the liberty and property of the law-abiding while simultaneously neutering the police.  Safety for them, not for the peasants foolish enough to vote them into office.