2 thoughts on “27”

  1. Sherry Hodge said:

    Whats wrong with you? Is this how you make a living since you can’t call it a job , but doing it by trying to stir up or create chaos that can potentially get people hurt or killed. Democrat, Republican, leftist or rightwing what the heck happened to just being a human? There is no humanity in politics and the people who ride the issues and lie. There is no decency in what you do, you know the real and I mean real facts but you twist and turn them just to create chaos so that what you want may happen from the calamity that you create. You or your kind have no honor.

    • Dear Sherry Hodge:

      I’m not sure whether you’re asking what’s wrong with me or Charlie Kirk, but you responded directly to his tweet. All he provided was a list of folks on the Left who at one point or another appeared in public in blackface, something I have never done, nor do I believe Mr. Kirk has ever done. I am, therefore, at a loss to understand where Kirk or I might be lying or twisting facts “just to create chaos.” Perhaps you can clarify your points?

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