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Gentle readers, there are many new developments in the Rayshard Brooks case, but I’m going to let a day pass to see what else comes up before commenting.  Briefly, Brooks’ criminal record has come to light.  He’s a career criminal, and was on parole.  Any violation was going to send him back to prison, something he actually admitted in a video interview in late May.  The media have yet to so much as mention Brooks’ very lengthy, felonious criminal history, and are still painting him a devoted family man and saint.  Now we have a very powerful motive for Brooks’ assault on the officers.  And the officers have been charged.  Utterly insane.  More soon, possibly Friday.

For today, however, let us pause to examine why criminals are feeling very much empowered these days.  I suspect by now you’ve seen the video of a vicious thug cold cocking a 92 year-old woman.  Yes, it happened in New York City, and yes, he was Black.  She is white, a retired teacher, but because Rashid Brimmage is Black, the media is avoiding mentioning race.  Fox News reports:

The man who randomly attacked a 92-year-old woman in New York City is a serial offender who was on the streets after he only received appearance tickets for his last three arrests, law enforcement sources told Fox News.

The video, and related information, are here.  

Rashid Brimmage, 31, is a registered sex offender who has been arrested 103 times, including for allegedly sexually abusing a 13-year-old. But he was given a court date for his three most recent arrests instead rather than be held in police custody until arraignment.

He was busted most recently on Tuesday and charged with assault against the 92-year-old woman, whom he shoved on the afternoon of June 12 in the Manhattan neighborhood of Gramercy.

The victim, who identified herself to the New York Post as ‘Geraldine,’ was hospitalized and is now on the mend, but told the Post the random attack has left her ‘shaken.’

‘My head still hurts where it was bleeding, where I hit the hydrant — or where he hit me, I don’t know,’ she told the outlet. ‘Mainly it’s psychological — just the fear of going out on the street…This damned guy put me in a state where I’m fearful to walk the streets alone.’

And reasonably so in Bill de Blasio’s NYC.

Brimmage was arrested three times in late February and early March, and each time, merely given a citation.  Why would that happen?  Because New York City’s Communist Mayor and D/S/C politicians have “reformed” bail, which means even people charged with felonies will not be held on bail and will be cited, as though they were jaywalking.  I’m sure every one of them will move heaven and earth to be present for court appearances.  Missing one could result in a warrant, which would probably result in another citation.  This is all a part of D/S/C “criminal justice reform.”

Ten of Brimmage’s 65 unsealed arrests were for sex crimes, largely forcible touching, sex abuse and public lewdness, a different police source said. Five of those instances involved Brimmage allegedly groping or touching his victims – one of whom was only 13 years old, the source said.

Brimmage was arrested and charged with persistent sexual abuse after he rubbed his groin against a 13-year-old girl in the Bronx on June 5, 2019, a different police source said. Additional details regarding the results of the case were not immediately available, but the second source called Brimmage ‘a total menace.’

It’s D/S/C policies, their “reforms,” “restorative justice,” “social justice” and “transformations” that put people like Brimmage on the street.  Most know precisely what they’re doing.  They know they’re putting predatory scum among law-abiding people, the people they claim to want to protect, but they have policy/political goals that transcend public safety, even for communities “of color.”  Some D/S/Cs are so addled it’s possible they don’t realize people like Brimmage exist, or if they do, they must be victims of institutional racism, so whatever they do is not only understandable and excusable, it’s not their fault.  They should be given reparations and eternal passes for any crime they commit.  Doing away with bail, handing out tickets for sexual offenses and felonies, is an essential service to an essential D/S/C constituency.

An NYPD spokesperson told Fox News: ‘It’s deeply concerning that an individual with a penchant for unprovoked violence and a history of victimizing the most vulnerable continues to walk the streets of New York City despite a lengthy arrest record.’

“Deeply concerning” indeed.  Keep in mind a felon with a 100+ arrest record has almost certainly committed ten times that number of crimes for which they were not identified, and certainly not punished.  Brimmage, by his record and all appearances, is a sociopath.  Various estimates put their numbers at between 3 and 5% of the population, and 25% or more of repeat offenders.  This means, at any time of the day or night, virtually anywhere, anyone may be within reach of someone who is motivated to hurt, even kill, them, and having hurt or killed them, will feel no remorse at all.  It’s likely Brimmage derives intense sexual pleasure when he harms others.  It’s also likely he formulated the plan to hit that poor women within seconds of seeing her approaching.  He saw the opportunity and took it.  Why did he do it?  He wanted to see the result of his blow, the look on her face, her outcry and surprise, the blood, especially the blood.  Given his history of sex offenses—he’s surely committed hundreds more, and likely, many rapes—he probably masturbated over the memory, and more than once.

Groups of Brimmages get to take over portions of cities, for a “summer of love.”

Yes, gentle readers, such animals exist, and they’re among us.  They’re the kind of people D/S/Cs are determined to keep out of jail in the first place, and if by some miracle they end up in jail, they want them out.  They also want to make sure they can vote, because by some odd quirk of fate, felons and the dead almost always vote Democrat, often repeatedly, in different precincts and states.  They’re also the kind of people D/S/Cs excuse when they attack, even murder, the police.  That’s not their fault either.

Richard Pryor
credit: forbes.com

Richard Pryor had a funny, but horrific routine about a visit to the Pen: “I talked with the brothers, you know, I talked with them…and thank God we got penitentiaries!”

He delivered the first part of the line grinning like the most clueless community organizer, getting down with the brothers, identifying with the race, being inclusive and oh-so-woke, but he paused before the last five words, a look of horror came over his face, his eyes wide.  He continued by recounting a conversation with one of the “brothers”: “Why’d you kill the whole family!?” he asked in a terrified voice.

The calm and nonchalant reply delivered with a shrug:  “they wuz home.”

Normal Americans understand the primary value of prisons is not rehabilitation or social engineering, but keeping people like Brimmage behind bars where they, for at least awhile, don’t have the opportunity to prey on Normal Americans.  Because when people like Brimmage are among us, there will be victims, and we’ll only ever identify a small portion of his crimes, and punish him for few.

Was this a racial attack?  For sociopaths, it need not be.  They have no feelings of humanity about anyone.  For them, race is generally irrelevant, but pain and suffering are not.  However, it doesn’t strain credibility to imagine some Black criminals feel free to commit crimes today they would not have felt so free to commit in the past.  Nor does it strain credibility to imagine such people hold grudges against all white people who, if we are to credit the media and D/S/Cs generally, are corporately responsible for every pathology of the Black community and individual Blacks.  Nor are we hearing cries from the media or the usual race hustlers to investigate this brutal assault as a hate crime and thereby increase any potential penalties.

In this case, his victim could easily have been killed from the single blow to the head alone.  It’s a miracle she didn’t break a hip or other bones, injuries that at her age are often fatal, usually after months in intractable agony. It’s a miracle she didn’t fracture her skull when her head hit the fire hydrant.

If there were ever a situation crying out for an attempted murder charge, this is it.  But Brimmage is Black, and a practiced criminal.  The chance he’ll do anything but token time—if he does any at all—is small.  And there will be another 92-year old woman, or 13 year-old girl—many of them.  In New York City, and virtually every other D/S/C ruled socialist paradise, it’s just the daily price of living in utopia.