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In the classic 1971 Woody Allen movie “Bananas,” Allen plays a milquetoast involved in a revolution in a banana republic.  When the rebels win, the rebel leader begins to behave like contemporary Democrat Governors, ordering citizens to change their underwear every half hour, and “underwear will be worn on the outside, so we can check.”  I doubt Allen knew he’d be so accurately predicting the lunatic behavior of D/S/C politicians so many years in the future, as Jeff Reynolds at PJ Media reports:

Gov. Kate Brown
credit: atr.org

Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D-Portland) said that residents of counties that have yet to reopen may not travel to open counties to get haircuts or dine in restaurants.

In an article that highlighted the confusing and often contradictory nature of Brown’s lockdown orders due to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, The Oregonian reported:

‘Can I leave the Portland area to get a haircut in another county or visit the beach?

The governor said Thursday the answer is no, although it doesn’t appear she plans to enforce that.

Brown asked Portland-area residents to hold tight and resist the urge to drive to another county to get a haircut, dine out at a restaurant or visit a tourist sites.

‘I know this is really hard,’ Brown said. ‘I know many of us are really wanting to get our hair done, get our haircut, whatever you need to do, but we are asking folks in the metro area to be thoughtful of their fellow Oregonians and to stay home and limit their travel to essential need. … We obviously don’t want to overwhelm the rest of Oregon by traveling outside the metro area.’

Of course.  So Oregonians can’t travel to free areas to sample freedom.  It wouldn’t do to give businesses on the verge of bankruptcy much-needed patronage.  Will the social distancing police be asking the peasants for their travel documents?

Brown also said police won’t be stopping Portlanders who are heading out for a visit to the coast, but she asked that metro area residents respect her direction, which is meant to lessen the spread of COVID-19.’

And wear your underwear on the outside, so we can check.