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In Andrew Cuomo: The Campaign Commercials Write Themselves, I wrote about two trends: (1) The tendency of D/S/Cs to see New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as the next D/S/C messiah.  After all, he has been on TV daily talking—and talking and talking—about the Coronavirus, and D/S/Cs are beginning to realize Joe Biden is an electoral disaster. (2) The newest messiah, while blaming everyone but himself, forced New York nursing homes to keep and accept people infected with Covid-19.  He’s responsible for the deaths of innumerable elderly New Yorkers.

Michael Goodwin at The New York Post reports Cuomo has reversed himself, but is claiming it’s not a reversal at all, and of course, is taking no responsibility for the seniors his policy killed:

Gov. Cuomo will never be confused with Fiorello La Guardia. ‘When I make a mistake, it’s a beaut,’ the legendary mayor of New York once confessed.

Unfortunately, Cuomo’s pride and political calculations don’t allow him to admit error even as he finally reverses one of the mostly deadly policy mistakes in New York history.

Nursing homes and rehabilitation centers have tallied more than 5,000 coronavirus deaths, yet the governor accepts zero responsibility despite his March 25th order forcing them to take infected patients from hospitals.

Now he says they no longer have to do that, announcing Sunday that ‘a hospital cannot discharge a person who is COVID positive to a nursing home.’

Indeed, the initial order denied nursing homes the right even to ask if patients being sent by hospitals had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Now hospitals must do discharge tests and only those who are negative can be referred to nursing homes.

Said one nursing home executive, ‘It feels at least a month too late.’

File that one in every dictionary under “understatement.”  Still, Cuomo claims the reversal is not a reversal, nor is it a recognition of the fatal impact of the initial order:

‘Whatever we’re doing has worked, on the facts,’ he insisted.

Of course it did, because as I have so often observed, no D/S/C policy can possibly be wrong, thus no apology or recognition of fault is possible or necessary.  The facts are only New Jersey has a higher percentage of elderly in nursing homes killed by Covid-19.  I guess that could count as “worked” if work means unnecessarily killing uniquely vulnerable people.

Cuomo insists the nursing homes ‘could have resisted’ taking COVID-positive patients if they had no ability to care for them. The order, he seemed to be saying, was only meant to ensure that such patients were not discriminated against.

That point, he conceded, ‘was never really communicated,’ as if the March 25 order was not meant to be taken verbatim.

So the only failure is a failure to communicate, though he didn’t specify whose failure that was. Certainly not his.

As Goodwin points out, Cuomo is lying.  Nursing homes were given no latitude, and those that tried to argue were immediately threatened.

The second problem with Cuomo’s claim is the case of the Cobble Hill Health Center, which lost at least 55 patients to the virus. The CEO, Donny Tuchman, showed reporters April emails where he asked state health officials for assistance, and was turned down. He also asked them if COVID-19 patients he had could be sent instead to the Javits Center or the Navy ship Comfort, both of which were far below capacity. He was rejected again.

Socks befitting a messiah…

To add insult to injury, Cuomo has now taken to calling Covid-19 a “European Virus,” which I’m sure the Chinese propaganda ministry appreciates:

Is this just a matter of political arrogance?  “How dare anyone question the governor of the State of New York?!”  Is it a matter of thoughtless and reflexive political correctness?  NY bureaucrats write all laws and policies first with an eye to D/S/C orthodoxy rather than with concern for the health and welfare of citizens?  Of perhaps it’s both?  It’s now clear however, Andrew Cuomo, the new D/S/C messiah, might have just a bit too much blood on his hands to dethrone Joe Biden.  On the other bloody hand though, D/S/Cs have never much cared about that sort of thing.  Fundamental transformation is never easy, and it tends to be hard on those being transformed.  Let’s let Goodwin sum up, gentle readers:

It’s true there was one way Albany officials did help beleaguered nursing homes. The packages of equipment they sent included body bags.

They’re just that kind of people.