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On April 1, 2020—there’s an appropriate date—I first broached the subject of the accusation of sexual assault against presumptive D/S/C nominee Joe Biden in Gropin’ Joe Biden: Believe This Woman?  It is the story of Tara Reade, who, in her 20s, worked as a staffer in the office of then Senator Joe Biden.  Reade, a confirmed Democrat, reportedly tried to go through the system, and was in short order fired. I concluded that article thus:

At the least, the media should give Reade the same kind of public exposure they so willingly gave Christine Blasey Ford.  They should do it honestly, without spin, and let the public decide.  Of course, they’ll be doing that just as soon as pigs fly, so as always, normal Americans will have to judge Joe Biden’s character and abilities on their own.  Fortunately, he’s helping them do just that.

Reade has recently made a criminal complaint against Biden, but let us stipulate there will never be an arrest in this case, and the DC Metropolitan Police have said as much. The case is decades old and whatever statute of limitations applies has long since expired.  That they, or any law enforcement agency would look into such a case is merely a matter of bookkeeping and public relations.  The possibility of a civil suit against Biden remains, but that’s not the current issue.  There are two pertinent issues:

1) What is to be the political standard in cases of accusations against political figures?  Do we “believe all women” as even Mr. Biden has urged, and if we do, does an accusation disqualify a man, forevermore, from political office?

2) What is the journalistic standard in such cases?  Is it any longer possible for the media to report such things honestly and without bias, particularly if the accused is a Republican?

Let us compare and contrast the political/media—they are, circa 2020, one in the same–response to the Brett Kavanagh case and the Joe Biden Case.

Brett Kavanaugh/Kristine Blasey Ford:  Blasey Ford is a staunch Democrat, who did not contemporaneously tell her story to others when it occurred decades ago, when she was only 15.  She was unable to provide a specific date—she was unsure of the year–time, or even a place where the incident occurred.  Her story amounted to Kavanaugh, then also a teenager, engaging in a bit of over the clothing groping, but no penetration, which would render any criminal charge not a rape, but something less, and it would have been a juvenile matter in any case.  It was not reported to the police, or apparently anyone else, at the time.

All of the witnesses Blasey Ford claimed were present, participated, or had knowledge of the event either denied it ever happened, denied they were there—wherever “there” was—or had no memory of any such event.  Blasey Ford’s life-long friend, who Blasey Ford was sure would corroborate her story, denied she had any knowledge of it, and said she did not believe Blasey Ford.  In addition, mutual friends threatened her and tried to intimidate her into supporting whatever Blasey Ford’s account was at any given moment.

There is no evidence Blasey-Ford and Kavanaugh ever met.

Blasey-Ford’s account went through many revisions, and she was caught in numerous lies, such as claiming she was afraid of flying.  She was eventually forced to admit she frequently flew around the world on surfing vacations.

Kavanaugh, who categorically denied any such event took place, had no reputation for inappropriate behavior with women as a teenager or an adult.  Many friends and others—including women–that knew and know him testified his behavior toward women was unblemished.  The case brought forward several other women whose outlandish similar claims against Kavanaugh were, after initial breathless headlines, quickly disappeared.

Blasey-Ford was admittedly very concerned about abortion and feared Kavanaugh would help overturn Roe v. Wade.  She raised more than $600,000 via GoFundMe.

Joe Biden/Tara Reade:  Reade is also an affirmed Democrat, who did contemporaneously tell her story to her brother, mother, and at least one neighbor, all of whom have confirmed this.  Reade, at the time—decades ago–was in her 20s, and working as a staffer in Biden’s senatorial office.  There is no question they knew each other.  Reade’s account is specific as to date, time and place, and included digital penetration, which would render it rape under the laws of virtually every state.  Both Reade and Biden were adults; a prosecution would have been a felony.  Reade did not report the case to the police at the time.

There were, according to Reade, no direct witnesses to the event, but she did report it, through channels, and nothing was done, other than her demotion and firing.  During that time frame, sexual maltreatment of women was common in the US Senate.

While the media, which has barely covered the case, has claimed Reade’s story has changed, but the changes amount to the continuing revelation of details damaging to Biden.  As this is written, Reade has not been caught in lies, and continues to demand full transparency, including any documents of her complaint from that time.  

Unlike Brett Kavanaugh, Joe Biden does have a life-long reputation of improper behavior toward women, frequently pawing women and girls, smelling their hair, and swimming nude in the presence of female members of his Secret Service detail while vice president.  Multiple women, since his run for the presidency, have come forward to express their displeasure with Biden’s unwanted touching.  

In 2019, Biden released a video apologizing for his improper behavior toward women.  Biden has denied Reade’s allegations.

Reade does not appear to have benefitted financially, and has no apparent overt political motive.

The Reade story continues to unfold, very much to the detriment of Biden, as Fox News reports:

Two more people who knew Tara Reade in the ’90s reportedly came forward on Monday to back the former Senate staffer’s claims of sexual misconduct against Joe Biden.

Lynda LaCasse, a former next-door neighbor of Reade’s and a self-described supporter of Biden spoke on the record with Rich McHugh of Business Insider about past conversations they had with Reade about the allegations.

‘This happened, and I know it did because I remember talking about it,’ LaCasse told Business Insider, recalling a conversation with Reade that occurred in either 1995 or 1996.

Another past acquaintance, Lorraine Sanchez, a former colleague, also recalled past conversations with Reade, though she said did not recall Reade referring to Biden by name.

‘[Reade said] she had been sexually harassed by her former boss while she was in DC,’ Sanchez told the publication, ‘and as a result of her voicing her concerns to her supervisors, she was let go, fired.’

Also recently revealed is Reade’s mother, since deceased, called in to the Larry King show, then on CNN, in 1993, and spoke about the case, though she did not mention Biden or her daughter’s name.  This revelation is much to the chagrin of CNN, which is doing its best to avoid any coverage of Reade’s accusations.  The media have spent scant time on Reade’s allegations, and not a single reporter that has interviewed Biden has, to date, raised the issue.

Biden’s campaign has released talking points, claiming The New York Times, which wrote an article favorable to Biden, wrote that the incident never happened.  The Times, after a complaint from the Biden campaign after the article was published, sanitized it, removing all mention of his well known groping of women and girls.  The talking points forced the NYT to correct the record and the Biden Campaign’s false talking points.  The NYT, to put it mildly, is very much part of the D/S/C propaganda arm.  When even they feel the need to correct a D/S/C…

Even a few members of the media have begun to decry journalist’s blatant double standard in breathlessly, endlessly reporting on Kavanaugh, and ignoring, or covering up, the accusation against Biden.  Michelle Goldberg is a New York Times opinion writer:Even D/S/C political operatives have begun to complain of the media double standard, going so far as to demand Biden drop out of the race:

It should be noted the Daous are advocating for Bernie Sanders:

Nancy Pelosi has recently endorsed Joe Biden, calling him a paragon of leadership, morality and virtue.  These clever revisions of her commentary on the Kavanaugh affair reveal her hypocrisy:

Final Thoughts:

 I have always maintained that in any accusation against any man, on campus or off, he must be afforded full due process rights.  An accusation is merely that, and men must always be considered innocent until proved guilty.  Women do lie about rape, and pretty much anything else human beings can lie about.  Women making accusations must be treated humanely and with professionalism, but no one should be believed without competent corroborating evidence, and certainly no arrest should be made without probable cause, and no conviction should result without proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

But we are not talking about criminal cases.  Even if these cases were reported to the police when they occurred, it’s unlikely they’d ever go to trial.  We’re talking about the political.  Of the two cases, there is far more evidence against Joe Biden.  There was never any real evidence against Brett Kavanaugh apart from Blasey-Ford’s unreliable account.  It’s true the evidence amounts to Reade’s account, and the testimony of those she told at the time that she told them at the time.  However, that alone speaks to her credibility, credibility that Blasey-Ford never enjoyed.  Also speaking to her credibility are Biden’s own actions over many years.

There is no reason for rational, unbiased people to believe Brett Kavanaugh a molester of women.  There is reason for rational, unbiased people to, at the very least, think that possible with Joe Biden, and a cursory Google search will turn up innumerable examples of photographic evidence of just that.

So what of Joe Biden?  One might suggest since Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court, no harm no foul.  So it should be with Joe Biden.  The difference is the Kavanaugh affair was a blatant political hit job against an innocent man, a man with no history of mistreatment of women, an attempt not only to harm Justice Kavanaugh, but President Trump through him.  The accusations against Biden will also potentially have political consequences, but there is reason to think the accusations not only possible, but likely.

The media’s reputation is at an all-time low, and deservedly so.  They are, with few exceptions, the propaganda arm of the D/S/C party, and as recent events have revealed, the Chinese Communist Party.  They cannot be trusted to honestly report the news.  Their descent into terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome has not only caused them to cover for Mr. Biden’s dramatic, tragic and sad mental decline, but to treat him entirely differently than Brett Kavanaugh was treated, despite there being great differences in the two cases, differences that should lead honest journalists to show far more interest in the Biden case.

Do I believe Tara Reade?  Judging through the lens of my police experience and standards, I would find her credible, where I would not find Christine Blasey-Ford credible.  In the Blasey-Ford account, there is only her word, and reason to doubt her veracity.  The Reade account is far better supported.  Neither case would reach the arrest threshold, and prosecutors would hear of them from me only so they would not be surprised should the press inquire.

Americans should reasonably take Reade’s accusations into account when considering how to cast their presidential votes, though there are, to be sure, far more important considerations, none of which we’re likely to hear on the news, at least not honestly presented.  Politicians aren’t popes, though the opposite is being argued in some quarters these days.  It’s clear D/S/Cs believe women only to the extent they are temporarily politically useful.  The party of and for women has revealed itself to be a party of and for its own power and privileges.

Whether this will have a real effect on the D/S/C presidential race remains to be seen.  Many want to do away with Biden, though Party elders want nothing to do with Bernie Sanders.  As I’ve often written, I suspect Michelle Obama is waiting in the wings.  Whatever happens, we can reasonably expect it to be cynical, corrupt, and to have nothing to do with the welfare of our representative republic, or the American people.  D/S/Cs have established new rules, and they absolutely don’t want to live by them.  Rules are for the little people: Republicans and normal Americans.

UPDATE, 04-30-20, 1110 CST:  In 2012, Joe Biden sent his senate records to the University of Delaware, where members of the Board of the university said they would be released after the end of December 2019, or two years after Biden “retires from public life,” whatever that might mean.  Obviously, he hasn’t held any public office since Mr. Trump’s 2017 inauguration.  Now, they are refusing to release any records, which might, or might not, confirm Reade’s account of formally reporting the rape.  Even The Washington Post(?!) is demanding the release of the records.  Fox News reports members of that Board have significant financial ties to Biden.  It just gets better and better.

UPDATE, 04-30-20, 2145 CST:  Fox News is reporting Biden’s campaign sent operatives to the Library of the University of Delaware in mid-march to “rifle through” Biden’s senate records.  Were they there to see what was present on Tara Read?  Unlikely.  They were probably there because they knew what was present and needed to disappear it.  Obviously, Joe Biden, or at least his minions, learned from Hillary Clinton.  Perhaps they even believe the FBI is still on their side.  Perhaps they’re right…