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The topic of Joe Biden’s apparent mental deterioration is much in the public consciousness, if not specifically in the news, these days, as Rick Moran at PJ Media explains:

The influential business magazine Forbes posted an article titled ‘Does Joe Biden Have Dementia? Does It Matter?’ by senior contributor Elizabeth Bauer. It was a provocative piece that made the not-so-startling suggestion that Joe Biden needs to have a cognitive assessment done

But that suggestion was apparently too much for the staid financial publication and they pulled it after a few hours.

What’s so controversial? Bauer summarizes the evidence and then makes the point that Trump took the Montreal Cognitive Assessment screening test in 2018 and aced it. So why not Biden?

‘And — folks, this is where I’ll take off the journalist hat for just a moment: I have watched someone take this test. To a cognitively unimpaired person, the questions seem trivial. But the individual that I watched take this screening could not answer questions that to an unimpaired person would seem obvious. These are not ‘trick questions’; it’s not an IQ test nor is it designed to ferret out nuances.  But if a person really does have impairment, the test really will identify it.

Which means that, yes, if Biden’s gaffes and his outbursts are just ‘Biden being Biden,’ then there should be an easy enough answer: Biden could take the screening test just as easily as Trump did, and just as easily pass it, and then everyone can just shut up about the issue — unless, that is, the claims of Republicans that he has been pushed and manipulated into this election against his own best interest, and he’d be better off having stayed in retirement, are actually well-founded.’

It’s a topic I addressed in Gropin’ Joe Biden: Making Us All Better.  Moran continues:

With some Democrats actually suggesting that primaries and debates be canceled to limit Biden’s public exposure, it’s safe to say that most Democrats know what’s ailing Biden.

That they don’t seem to care if the man they want to be president is mentally competent to serve is chilling.

Oh, they care, just not for the welfare of Joe Biden or the nation.  Recently, Joe’s basement broadcasts have featured his wife Jill doing most or all of the talking, with Joe at her side, indistinguishable from a cardboard cutout.  Read the rest of Moran’s brief article, and then consider this scenario:

They plan to get Joe elected, even though they know Donald Trump  will obliterate him in any debate.  His handlers, and the media (I know: one in the same) will do whatever is necessary to prop him up.  Kemberlee Kaye at Legal Insurrection  reports that NBC presented the story of Biden going off on an auto worker in a Detroit plant.  However, they—and the other legacy media outlets—edited it to remove the worst of Biden’s loss of control in an apparent attempt to make him look feisty and in control.  His deteriorating mental state is not—to them—a bug, but a feature, one they’re hoping to use to their benefit.  They just need to keep him more or less together, and exposed to the public as little as possible, until he’s inaugurated.  Selective editing, limited appearances with reliable “reporters,” ignoring his continuing mental crumbling, or when that won’t work anymore, furiously spinning to explain his obviously faltering mind as merely “Biden being Biden,” or “stuttering,” should do the trick.

But why?  So they can slip in a stealth president as vice president on the Biden ticket.

Dumping Biden from the ticket now has the potential for D/S/C disaster.  My pal, Bookworm, discusses the issue here.  It would leave them with Bernie Sanders.  They cheated him once already, and even for people as corrupt as D/S/Cs, it would be difficult to do that a second time.  Bernie Bros would go berserk.  It’s not that they don’t want a socialist/communist in the White House; they do.  They just want a stealthier socialist/communist, one who will get power first and only then unleash their inner totalitarian.

Every other D/S/C candidate failed miserably.  From where would come another at this late date?  They know they can’t afford to run Sanders, and there is no one else interested in running, other than the two dozen or so already soundly rejected by D/S/C voters.  Andrew Cuomo, for a short time their great white viral hope, is fading fast in the light of apparently accurate accusations his policies killed the elderly in nursing homes. He has also repeatedly said he won’t run.  Worse, none of the other potential saviors can plausibly check the right, vital virtue signaling, PC boxes, which are always subject to change without notice.

So they keep Biden at the top of the ticket, a puppet, a stand in required only to maintain barely plausible mental coherence long enough to raise his hand and take the oath of office on inauguration day while the real D/S/C president waits in the wings.  After a decent interval, which in this case will be measured in days, weeks at the most, Biden will step down and the stealth vice president becomes president.

So who’s the Veep?  Who could best wink at a knowing D/S/C electorate?  Most importantly, who could trick enough of the non-D/S/C American public to beat Donald Trump?  D/S/Cs are clamoring for a female VP…

credit: brietbart.com

Hillary Clinton?  She’s owed the presidency, and if she has to get it by subterfuge, she’ll do it.  She has also endorsed Biden, and is delighted to be part(!?) of his campaign. But Hillary does not forget, and she does not forgive.  She was cheated last time—Russians, Trump, misogyny, Deplorables, slipped on a banana peel, etc.—and this time the American people will be delighted to sweep her into office just as soon as they sweep Biden out.

There are three main problems with this: 1) Hillary is one of the least likeable public figures of all times, and she has not become more popular since 2016.  2) The Clintons are no longer the political force they once were in the D/S/C Party.  3) This is most important: Hillary Clinton is not doing to do anything to reverse the very disturbing possibility that 20% or more of the Black population are going to vote for Donald Trump.  If that happens, the D/S/Cs are doomed.  It’s also possible Hillary and/or many of her cronies will be indicted over the summer, but one should not hold out any real hope for that.  D/S/Cs are also clamoring for a “woman of color” VP.  Hillary is as white as it gets.

credit: likesuccess.com

Who does that leave?  Michelle Obama.  She has recently published a book, which has received the usual tongue-bathing reception from all the right—left–people.  Superficially, at least, she is popular, certainly more popular with D/S/Cs than Hillary Clinton.  Barack Obama, behind the scenes, continues to wield considerable power in the D/S/C Party.  Most of all, Michelle might be able to bring blacks back into the fold, or more accurately, back onto the plantation where, as for the last half century, they’ll be promised the moon and stars, but given Obamaphones instead.

Biden is in “talks” with Michelle about her role in his campaign:  

I’d take her in a heartbeat,’ Biden told Pittsburgh’s KDKA on Monday when asked if he’d choose Obama if she said she would be willing to be on the ticket with him.

‘She’s brilliant. She knows the way around. She is a really fine woman. The Obamas are great friends,’ Biden added.

Biden, however, said that he doesn’t think she is interested in the position.

‘I don’t think she has any desire to live near the White House again,’ he said.

Why, gentle readers, do you imagine Barack Obama waited so long to deliver a lukewarm endorsement for Joe Biden?  Is the timing merely coincidental?  Do you imagine this a new idea, that the Obamas and the D/S/C party hierarchy haven’t been scheming this for a long time?  For them, race–and unbridled power–is everything, as Gropin’ Joe reflects:

I’ll commit to that [it will] be a woman because it is very important that my administration look like the public, look like the nation. And there will be, committed that there will be a woman of color on the Supreme Court, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a vice president, as well.

But what if Joe chooses someone else for Veep?  Kamala Harris, for example?  Should he try that, he will be quickly disabused of that foolish notion.  He may even be all in for a Michelle presidency.  After all, he’ll go down in history, at long last, as an elected president.  After a decent interval, say a day or a week after inauguration, He can resign for “personal reasons,” to “spend more time with my family.”  Oh sure, much of the public would be outraged by the obvious fraud, but they’re only Deplorables.  Who cares what they think?  Fundamental transformation would be right around the corner and no one important would have to care about them ever again.  Besides, D/S/Cs won’t complain–much, or for too long.                The only fly in the ointment is Donald Trump and those damned Deplorables.  That can be easily handled with sufficient levels of vote fraud, though it is currently unclear at best whether D/S/Cs will be able to use the Coronavirus to destroy Trump’s electoral chances.  The opportunity for all mail-in ballots and universal ballot harvesting appears to be slipping away, making the necessary levels of vote fraud iffy.  In the meantime, the usual suspects will do everything possible to manufacture new scandals that will require the immediate removal of Trump from office.

If all of that weren’t bad enough, the Tara Reade accusation is gaining ground by the day, further panicking D/S/Cs.  I’ll have more on that situation tomorrow.

Sixteen years of an Obama administration: coming to a country near you?