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John Hinderaker at Powerline recently asked: Why Does An Epidemic Bring Out The Worst In Liberals?

Actually, any crisis brings out the worst in D/S/Cs, but more specifically, it causes them to engage in definition of character, it exposes their true beliefs, who and what they really are, the things that want to do to Normal Americans they generally dare not say, or couch in euphemisms. Seeing an opportunity to use a crisis to their personal and political advantage, they wish disease and death on Deplorables.  Their inner totalitarian rushes to the surface, and they don’t bother to try to restrain him—or her.

As is so common, my pal Bookworm inspires me (she should be on your daily “to read” list), in this case, by examining the different mindsets D/S/Cs and Normal Americans have in this viral spiral:

After selecting my groceries at Walmart yesterday, I ended up with a checkout clerk who was a young woman, maybe in her early 20s. She was wearing gloves and a facemask, although the mask was sliding down her nose a bit more than is considered safe. She was sweet and efficient. I thanked her for working during this time.

Her response was a matter-of-fact, ‘What else would I do? I have bills to pay.’

I answered that she was right, that we all do, and that we’re lucky to live in a state that hasn’t gone to a total lockdown but instead allows people to work. She was surprised to hear that different states have different approaches. It turns out that not all of us are news junkies. She didn’t know what was going on in California or Michigan or any other state that has placed people under lockdown in their own homes.

‘How can they do that? That makes no sense. People have bills to pay. We have to work.’

Here we have a common sense explanation of the issue.  People have to work. If people don’t work, they have to go on welfare to survive.  No taxes are being paid.  No taxes, no money for welfare and other public services.  No money, the Fed prints pictures in the image of money, which quickly becomes worth less and less, inflation runs rampant and we become the socialist worker’s paradise of D/S/C’s fevered dreams.  We starve; they—the self-imagined elite–thrive.  The upside, to their way of thinking, is a starving people are easier to control and can never vote them out of power.  Bookworm explains:

1. Leftists still think like children. Just as children believe that Mom and Dad can keep them safe from the monsters under the bed, Democrats have transferred this childish yearning for safety into a belief that a big government can keep them safe too, including safe from death.

2. As a subset of thinking like children, leftists, despite their professed love for science, believe in magic. They believe that if you wish enough or find the right magic, you will create a world without fear, pain, or death.

They live in the extremes.  The world is black and white, and they are morally and intellectually superior—white—in comparison to the evil Deplorables—black, but not in the good, racial sense of the word–that do not accept their superiority and insist on running their pathetic, meaningless little lives the ways they think best.  They are good, their opponents evil.  They hate, but project hatred on those they hate. Their magical thinking makes them see the world as they want it to be, as it would be if everyone attained their moral perfection, not as it is.  Yet even the institutions they totally control, such as universities, are never-ending cesspools of racism, sexism, rape, triggering and white privilege.  They can somehow never attain their socialist utopia.  Nate Silver, editor of FiveThirtyEight and ABC correspondent writes:

Translation: red state Deplorables will die off because they’re not smart enough to do what D/S/Cs are doing.  He analyzes through the D/S/C political narrative, and is apparently unable to recognize conditions in New York City and Flyover Country are very, very different.  Bookworm:

3. Despite magical thinking, leftists actually lack faith. Faith in a higher being means faith that the world has a purpose, that their lives have a purpose, and that our body’s death does not mean our soul dies.

This is an essential factor in risk analysis.  On any day, I may contract an illness that will kill me.  My heart might stop, or I might suffer a catastrophic stroke.  I might be killed because someone else doesn’t have my driving skills.  I might be hit by falling space junk in my front yard.  But I know my redeemer liveth and that one day, I will see Him face to face.  I don’t take unnecessary risks, but know risk is the nature of life.  Faith makes it bearable, and compels me to allow others to live without imposing my brilliance on them.

4. Leftists are mentally ill. Yes, they really are. Certainly, leftists tend to magnify danger to a neurotic degree.

Often, this is mostly crude political calculation, but the insanity always remains.

5. Leftists lack the ability to see beyond what’s in front of them. The virus is in front of them, so that’s all they fear. Unlike that Walmart clerk, who fully understood what happens when you can’t pay your bills, they’re paralyzed by the virus’s threat. It blocks out all other thoughts. They do the same with guns. They can always envision the ones who have died (especially if they’re thinking about white school children, rather than the scores of black men mowed down in gun-free ghettoes), but they are incapable of imagining those who live because guns protected them, whether from criminals or an evil government.

6. Leftists have such overwhelming Trump Derangement Syndrome that they are beyond all rational thought. They’re also reflexively oppositional. If Trump’s optimistic, they’re pessimistic.

Their beliefs/policies are non-falsifiable.  If a proposition can’t be falsified, it’s not science.  There is no evidence, no science, that can convince them they’re wrong.  When their policies inevitable fail, when tragic and predictable history is relived, that can only be because Deplorables were allowed to exist to oppose them, because not enough money has been spent, because their policies were not enforced with sufficient fervor, or because not enough time has been spent for the wonders of their infallible thinking to become manifest.  Those that oppose them are wrong, hence evil, hence expendable, Silver’s “weird dynamics.”

In the current crisis, D/S/C governors are letting their full freak out, and among the worst is Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.  It is no coincidence D/S/Cs are, for the moment, touting her as a Vice President candidate.  The Hill reports:

Protesters, led by the Michigan Conservative Coalition, stormed the Michigan Capitol on Wednesday demanding an end to the stay-at-home order, which they claimed was infringing on their personal liberties.

Whitmer said that kind of behavior could result in a resurgence of the disease, which has hit her state particularly hard. As of Thursday evening, Michigan has reported 29,263 cases and 2,093 deaths.

‘The thing that I’m concerned most about, and that I think my fellow governors are as well, is a resurgence,’ Whitmer said.

‘When you see a political rally — that’s what it was yesterday — a political rally where people aren’t wearing masks and they’re in close quarters and they’re touching one another, you know that that’s precisely what makes this kind of disease drag out and expose more people.’

What silly Deplorables.  How could they think their meaningless little liberties were being infringed?  Their betters know best.  How dare they insist on exercising free speech!  If they continue to disobey their rulers, why, their rulers will just have to punish them, show them who is really in control, who really has the power.  Don’t they know only D/S/Cs are allowed political expression? It’s all for their welfare; they aren’t smart enough to know what’s best for them, so Gov. Whitmer is going to show them–good and hard.

Throughout the nation, D/S/C health commissars are enjoying their new power, even inMontana?

The Valley County Health Department in Montana sent out a flier to businesses with a scary edict requiring all essential workers from outside the county to wear pink armbands or bracelets signifying their quarantine status in order to shop in the county. The flier demanded that anyone not wearing a pink armband be reported to police.

The flier read in part,

‘Anyone who is from out of town or out of Valley County who has a PINK wristband has been here 14 days or more and no longer needs to do the strict self-quarantine. They may enter your business. Anyone who is from out of town or out of Valley County, staying here/working here, and has not completed the 14 day quarantine is REQUIRED BY THE VALLEY COUNTY HEALTH OFFICER ORDER to use curbside delivery only. They are not to enter your business to shop.’

Not only are the people without the bracelets to be banned from stores but the health department suggested that business owners practice authoritarian speeches for non-conformers. They were told to say, ‘You are violating our Governor’s and Valley County’s Health Officer’s orders. I am happy to shop for you with curbside delivery…If you don’t cooperate, you will force me to call law enforcement.’

Who in their right mind would think Normal Americans would think, or say, anything like that?   Americans are law-abiding people, but only as long as their hired hands abide by the rule of law.  The “Valley County Health Officer” doesn’t fit in that scheme, nor does the governor, whose whims are not law.  A governor can order everyone to change their underwear daily and wear it on the outside so the police can check, but that’s not law unless the legislature duly passes it.  That’s why we have legislatures; they write law.  Our police do not enforce the whims of bureaucrats, or at least, they shouldn’t if they want to remain in the good graces of Normal Americans, if they value the rule of law.  Valley County healthcrats, obviously sensing rising Deplorable wrath, issued this mealy-mouthed “clarification”:

Oh right.  It was all the “contractor’s” fault.  Paul Tweten, John Fahlgran and Mary Armstrong aren’t totalitarian commissars drunk with the sudden power that goes with not letting a serious crisis go to waste, no sir.  It was just “a break down of our internal processes.”  They didn’t really mean to threaten people that disobeyed what they didn’t mean to say with arrest.  As Emily Litella used to say: “never mind.”

And speaking of totalitarian commissars:

That’s right comrades.  When you see wrong think and wrong act, use your government issued cell phone to photograph the enemies of the people and the stalwart and ever present people’s security agents will take them away!  You are the eyes and ears of the Great Leader!

Our faith in New Yorkers is restored, courtesy of The New York Post:  

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s critics let him know how they really felt about him ordering New Yorkers to snitch on each other for violating social-distancing rules — by flooding his new tip line with crank complaints including “dick pics” and people flipping the bird, The Post has learned.

Photos of extended middle fingers, the mayor dropping the Staten Island groundhog and news coverage of him going to the gym have all been texted to a special tip line that de Blasio announced Saturday, according to screenshots posted on Twitter.

Speaking of our Great Leaders, Nancy Pelosi recently explained how she is getting through these trying times:

Thank goodness Nancy is well stocked with expensive chocolates.  And standing in front of multiple, multi thousand dollar freezers—reportedly some $24,000 worth—she proudly displayed a substantial horde of expensive, gourmet ice cream confections:The peasants were not amused:

Pelosi is rich.  No one should begrudge other’s honestly acquired wealth. That’s the way capitalism works.  Good for them.  However, the Speaker of the House of Representatives might try to be a bit more representational.  It might reflect well on her to at least try to understand how most Americans live, particularly as she is politically maneuvering to deny them the funds to keep their businesses and communities alive.  “Let them eat ice cream,” is not a good look if one is a public servant.  The Hill reports:

Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is speaking out against demonstrators who are gathering in some states to protest stringent stay-at-home orders designed to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Pelosi told ‘Fox News Sunday’ that she couldn’t understand why Americans are protesting strict measures to keep people at home, saying that one of the answers to the pandemic is to ‘shelter in place.’

‘That is really the answer,’ Pelosi said. ‘Testing. Tracing. Treatment. Shelter in place… But, you know, people will do what they do.

How dare the little people disobey their rulers! How dare they do the things necessary to the survival of their families!  Don’t they know Nancy Pelosi knows what’s best for them?  Why don’t they just stay at home and eat gourmet ice cream and expensive chocolates?

And Gov. Whitmer isn’t stopping at threatening people for exercising their First Amendment Rights.  She working on really important priorities, as Fox News reports:

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ordered on Monday the creation of a task force to investigate why the novel coronavirus has disproportionately affected the state’s African-American community.

‘The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted communities of color throughout our state,’ Whitmer, a Democrat, said in her executive order. ‘For example, while African Americans represent 13.6 percent of our state’s population, they represent a staggering 40 percent of the deaths from COVID-19.’

Whitmer’s task force will investigate and study strategies to address the disparity as well as the historical and systematic inequalities pertaining to race that have amplified the death rate in the state’s black community.

As always when D/S/Cs are making the most of a crisis, women, minorities and other favored and politically useful victim groups hardest hit.  Government has no conscience, no kindness.  It cannot protect us, yet it lies that it will, and we can’t sue it when it fails.  Government cares nothing for individuals. “The people” are, to them, an abstraction, an occasionally useful talking point.  Individuals are even less meaningful, unless they’re politically useful, and their usefulness always comes with an expiration date.  Small, constitutional government exists within narrow, well-defined limits, to serve the people.  All too often, government recognizes no limits, and the worst politicians in that regard are D/S/Cs.  Power seized in a crisis is rarely surrendered, and individual liberty is rarely regained.

D/S/Cs, of course, control the legacy media, and much of cable and Internet media as well.  They’re hoping to use Covid-19 to kill off Normal Americans:

Ms. Santiago, obviously smarting from the backlash of people who don’t think wishing death on others reflects intellectual and moral superiority, apologized—sort of:

Hmm.  I wonder what Ms. Santiago’s actual sentiment was?  I’m sure she’s entirely sincere about not wishing death on Deplorables.  No D/S/C would do that, would they?  Bookworm has an additional thought about the People’s Republic of California:Here’s what she’s talking about:

A pertinent reminder of D/S/c’s convenient “reasoning”:

We end, gentle readers, with Day By Day Cartoon, which should be on your daily reading list.

“Murika” indeed!