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Uh, how can the President “hijack” his own press briefing?  This edition of Too Stupid To Survive is dedicated to the extraordinary stupidity revolving around the Covid-19 hysteria.  We begin with Gropin’ Joe Biden, who, hermetically sealed in his basement in Delaware, occasionally virtually emerges to confuse everyone:

I wonder who “the other Biden” is?

I doubt he could be elected to the Senate either.

Of course.  Why didn’t I think of that?  

UPDATE: 04-08-20 2110 CST:  Mr. Biden has announced–sort of–he’s :coming’ for you kid.”  The “Kid” is Kamala Harris, so presumably, she’s going to be Biden’s Vice Presidential pick.  In that same virtual appearance, he said this:

He’s right: it makes no sense.  Interesting how the sanctuary/”Trump is Hitler” states are the first to scream for federal help…

So what’s your point?

The media is engaging in definition of character…

They sure do love them some Communist Chinese…

See what I mean?  They’ll take the word of communists, but not our president.

And Jake Tapper was delighted to retweet this, but the media is not biased, no sir:

If at first the media doesn’t succeed, lie, lie again:

President Trump has recently suggested that hydroxycloroquine may be an effective treatment for Covid-19, and the media have gone berserk.  The only reason he must be saying this is because he’ll profit.  Not so much…

And speaking of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Haley Stevens is a D/S/C representative from Michigan:

Mysteriously, she disappeared this tweet.  And speaking of stupid:

Suggesting a generic, safe drug might be efficacious is a crime against humanity?  Yeah?  Well that’s different you racist science and climate deniers!

For those not quite up on this one, Northam, the Governor of Virginia, weathered a scandal when a photo of him in blackface—or full Klan regalia—in his medical school yearbook turned up.  Because he’s a Democrat, he survived, but apparently, learned nothing.

Nope: her company is a Chinese government propaganda organ. 

Mr. Trump was right.  See what I mean?

Erick Erickson put a cross, lit with Christmas lights, in his front yard.  The media and other usual suspects went berserk:

See what a racist menace Erickson is?

And who can forget out of work actress Alyssa Milano during the Kavanaugh inquisition?  She sat behind him with a progandistic clipboard, frowned and wept at the horror of it all.

Now Gropin’ Joe Biden is “credibly” charged with rape.  The difference between the Kavanaugh and Biden accusations is considerable.  There is no proof Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh ever met, but Biden’s accuser was a member of his staff.  Suddenly, Milano has discovered due process for accused men!  But what about believing all women?!

And so has the rest of the D/S/C establishment:

You gotta have priorities:

Because nobody is more credible than him…

Lowering expectations to the bottom of the Mariana Trench department:

Keep Joe Alive Still–KJAS?  Doesn’t have quite the same ring as MAGA, does it?

Demonstrating that rules for the little people don’t apply to the self-imagined elite, we have the nastiest piece of work in the US Senate: Chuck Schumer:

D/S/Cs are rooting–for misery for Americans:

You have to hand it to the media: they’re persistent:

Speaking of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results:

Too Stupid To Survive