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Having lunch with a friend a few weeks back, I was reminded of the schism in America.  She is among the kindest, most gracious people I’ve ever known, a Christian, and politically, a normal American.  She was distressed because she was having difficulty speaking with a long time friend, a D/S/C.  Valuing their friendship, and knowing the outcomes, she was determined not to speak with them of politics.  Her friend continually tries to engage her in political arguments, from which my friend demurs, but even that enraged her friend, who she fears is no longer her friend.

It has been my experience that one can discuss politics, and pretty much anything else, with Normal Americans.  However, try to do that with a D/S/C, and angry exasperation is the least you get.  More often, name-calling, red-faced, spittle-flinging rage is the outcome as one learns they are racist, sexist, like Hitler, and various sort of phobic.

Back in January of 2020, Kira Davis, at Red State.com, wrote Coastal States Are in the Fight of Their Lives…Is the Rest of America Listening?  Her article is emblematic of the red/blue divide.  A sample:

credit: santacruzsentinel.com

America has a ‘bubble’ problem. For far too many Americans 2016 was their first exposure to the idea that not everyone thinks like they do. How many times have we heard some snobby commentator ask why ‘these people’ keep voting against their own ‘self-interest’? Too many. It has not even occurred to many citified liberals that one’s ‘self-interest’ might look completely different from their point of view. The recent video of Don Lemon and his #resistance team ridiculing drooling rednecks and Trump voters (one in same for them) is just another example in a long line of snooty superiority for that crowd. It only served to remind us just how out of touch coastal elites are with the ‘unwashed masses’ in the middle of the country.

But it’s not only a liberal problem. Conservatives share the same ‘bubble’ issues, although it is certainly a bit more understated. Conservatives are inundated with liberal media, entertainment and curriculum every day. We don’t have to search for other points of view…it is offered to us daily. If we want expansive views we have to work to find them. We have more information, simply by virtue of being forced to be curious.

It’s a good point.  D/S/Cs often accuse non-D/S/Cs of sampling only conservative ideas, of being afraid to expose themselves to the brilliance and black hole-like attractive power of D/S/C ideas.  This is surely projection.  If one is paying attention to contemporary issues, they are constantly bombarded by that sort of philosophy.  D/S/Cs own the legacy media, Hollywood, academia and much of what passes for popular culture.  It takes great effort to avoid it.  Finding conservative thought takes effort.

However, too many conservatives have made themselves their own bubbles by just completely writing off the coasts as useless liberal bastions. Just as liberals look at conservatives in states that may be hurting from tragedy or natural disasters and say, ‘Those bigoted hicks got what they deserved’, so do conservatives often look to the coasts and our insane politics and say, ‘Those bloody idiots are getting what they deserve. I have no sympathy for them at all, whatsoever.’

On the surface, this is likely correct, however, Conservatives don’t believe everyone that lives in California or New York are raving leftist lunatics, and they do feel sympathy for them.  They also worry about the loss of rights imposed on them by their D/S/Cs masters/rulers.  They just understand federalism, and there is little or nothing they can do about it, particularly in the state political realm.  They have no vote and no influence over D/S/C politics in those states/regions.  Still, Davis makes a heartfelt plea:

But I need everyone reading this to hear me – a Californian – right now.

The coastal states are in the fight of their lives right now and that is YOUR PROBLEM because we all live in this country of united states. We are your countrymen, not the idiots who don’t belong on free soil just because we have the misfortune to be surrounded by corruption and careless voters. Everyone should be terrified at the blatant stripping of constitutional rights happening right now in the west and the east. How long before it bleeds into your state?

It has been bleeding elsewhere for a long time.

Here in California we’ve seen a couple of bills that have passed into law that far surpass the typical ‘left coast’ madness. Our transgender sex ed curriculum has been forced into every school despite the fact that parents overwhelmingly oppose it – by a large majority. That one was a heartbreaker but at least parents still have some options – homeschooling (for now) or private schooling (for now).

Davis also spoke to AB5, the bill that essentially outlawed freelancing in California.

credit: wetheogverned.com

Don’t get cocky while you wait for California to break off and sink into the ocean. AB5 is already sitting in Congress waiting for a floor vote. The federal version is called The PRO Act and it will make it illegal for you to hire yourself out for any reason.

Don’t laugh at us. Don’t scoff at us. Help us. We are your neighbors, your fellow Americans. We cannot all live lives like you do. We do not deserve your scorn or condescension. Our fight is your fight. A lot of conservatives like to get all high and mighty about ‘fighting commies’ but when that communist vision is actually being codified into the law as we speak, many of you are simply ignoring it or telling us we’re just getting what we deserve. [skip]

We need your help, not your scorn. The coastal states are dying but there are many good people begging for help.

Can anyone hear from inside their bubbles?

Oh, we hear.  Normal Americans know what is happening in California and other blue states.  They know not everyone in those states agrees with the insanity.  They also know the majority do.  The question is what can be done?

Do we get the federal government to pass laws binding the states?  Apart from ensuring a republican form of government, the federal government does not have that power.  Because of the 10th Amendment, the federal government cannot simply dictate state policy in every particular , even if that policy would be to ensure liberty.  This is a good thing.  If and when D/S/Cs once again seize federal power, they will surely try to dictate state policy, and not in favor of liberty.

But CA doesn’t have a republican form of government!  Sorry, but it does.  People still get to vote, and while there is certainly rampant vote fraud, a majority of Californians keep electing the very people that are destroying the state.  It’s their choice.

AB5 and Virginia’s anti-Second Amendment policies, as well as other repressive measure there and in other states are almost certainly unconstitutional.  An enormous number of California’s laws, regulations and policies are likely unconstitutional, but undoing them all takes years—likely centuries—so that’s not going to fix things before California’s Marxist rulers drive the state into oblivion, or before Virginia’s Marxist legislators provoke a civil war or are run out of office if enough voters have buyer’s remorse.  Besides, all D/S/Cs have to do is hold one house of Congress to prevent substantial constitutional good being done.  If they hold both, or the presidency as well, things will get very bad very fast everywhere.

Normal Americans can offer moral support, and they do, but because the states are laboratories of democracy, so to speak, people are free to flee failed experiments, and millions have.  Normal Americans know some people can’t easily leave Marxist states, but because those corrupt governments aren’t erecting walls to keep their residents in, because they are free to leave if they choose, their residence in those states remains their choice, and their corrupt legislators are going to listen to people living outside their state even less than they do residents, which amounts to less than nothing.

Perhaps I’m just short sighted.  Perhaps I’m not seeing obvious avenues of aid.  Perhaps, gentle readers, you can help me, and Ms. Davis out?