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The Coronavirus pandemic has further exposed the corruption and stupidity of our media.  Whatever credibility they had left after more than three years of fake news in the service of the ongoing coup attempt is circling the drain, and they’ve only themselves to blame.  The more they attack President Trump during the current crisis, the more popular he becomes.  The New York Post reports:  

In the ABC News/Ipsos poll released Friday, 55 percent of Americans approve and 43 percent disapprove of Trump’s management of the outbreak, which has infected 14,250 people and killed at least 205 in the US.

Last week, the numbers were nearly reversed — with only 43 percent approving and 54 percent disapproving of his performance.

In recent days, the president has adopted a more somber tone as he appears in daily briefings along with the White House task force, including Vice President Mike Pence, the country’s point man on the coronavirus response.

The poll also found that 72 percent of American said their lives have been disrupted in some way by the crisis — a huge jump from last week, when only about one-quarter of Americans said the same.

D/S/Cs think reality is malleable.  They can change it by the right “messaging,” by constructing just the right lies to trick Deplorables, the toothless, WalMart shopping, smelly, inbred, unsophisticated denizens of Flyover Country—the red states—into thinking the right thoughts and voting the right—Left—way.  President Trump began working on the Coronavirus in January?  He’s taking steps, including economic steps that D/S/Cs reflexively love?  He’s getting it right and acting in a “presidential” way they’ve always claimed he cannot possibly do?  He’s getting it right?  He can’t be allowed to get away with that!

For years, they’ve called him a dictator, now they’re upset he’s unwilling to actually be a dictator:

They’re panicking because all of the woke nonsense they worship is being exposed as woke nonsense:

They’re doing everything they can to lie about President Trump’s response to the virus:

Their messaging isn’t working.  In times of national emergency, when Americans can see, firsthand, the realities of life and human nature, rather than the fairy tale, woke version D/S/Cs—which always includes their media propaganda arm—sell, they reorganize their priorities and cast aside the nonsense living in the most prosperous, productive, safe nation in history makes possible.

The Washington’s Post’s Amber Phillips was forced to apologize for a lie that has seen wide distribution:

Unable to control the public, unable to make President Trump look bad for doing good, sensing the panic they’ve created is beginning to dissolve into reason and rational calculations of risk vs. costs, they’re engaging in their own panic and arguing for less information rather than more:

They are actually arguing that all media should refuse to carry President Trump’s regular pandemic briefings:

These are the people who, for years, have complained that Trump is not holding regular press briefings.  Now that he is, they’re complaining because when they behave like self-important idiots, when they call him racist for presenting facts, when they try to stir up panic, he calmly puts them in their place:

They continue to lie about President Trump, spout Chinese propaganda, and attack Trump for putting America first:

And where is Joe Biden?  Where’s the man who alone, among the pack of two dozen or so, could defeat Donald Trump?  Why Joe is talking about finding some new-fangled technology that might allow him to actually talk to people over that new-fangled Internet thing.  He plans to hold “shadow” press conferences following Mr. Trump’s updates, to give the impression he’s a sort of president himself–so near and yet so far–but thus far no joy.  And when he tries, he demonstrates why he isn’t speaking to the American people: he’s losing his mind.  In the space of a minute, he got confused, his wife had to come on camera to try to orient him, and finally, when that confused him even worse, had to call him offstage from the wings.  Take this link to see it.

Sadly, Biden is mentally deteriorating before our eyes.  Have his handlers no shame, no common decency?  What about his wife and family?  Is it that D/S/Cs don’t care?  Do they think that with the right drug mixtures, they might be able to prop him up long enough to fool the public and get him elected?  Or are they cruelly using him as a means of springing a savior like Michelle Obama on the nation, through making her his vice president to take over a week after the inauguration, or at the convention?

What an incredibly lame excuse.  Lighting for home broadcasts does not require 20 foot ceilings.

And they think telling each other not to cover Mr. Trump’s Coronavirus briefings is going to work?  A reckoning is coming, and not just for the media.

PRE-POSTING UPDATE:  Congressional D/S/Cs have stopped the relief bill Republicans believed was ready to go to the president at the last minute, at the behest of Nancy Pelosi, whose daughter had this to say about Senator Rand Paul’s Coronavirus diagnosis:

She’s referring to the crazed neighbor who assaulted Paul, badly injuring him.  This is, of course, the kind of tolerance and compassion for which D/S/Cs are justly infamous.  In the meantime, The New York Times made two revisions of a single headline–courtesy of Mary Chastain at Legal Insurrection:

Notice the progression from actual reporting to total protect D/S/Cs/blame Republicans mode.  And of course, they couldn’t leave it alone on the editorial pages, which are no longer any different than the “news” pages:

Finally, from an honest Congressman, here, in part, is why D/S/Cs are doing their best to damage Americans in the hope of hurting Trump:

Apparently, they’re also trying to get free Obamaphones again.  Sen. Tom Cotton provides some additional DSC demands:

Pushing insanely expensive environmental mandates on the airline industry, which is in deep financial trouble which is getting worse by the day, is particularly insane.  Here’s what they’re really trying to do:

They’re trying to turn America into Venezuela.  Why, one might be tempted to think they actually want the economy to fail so they can blame it on President Trump, but no one is that evil–are they?  There is some reporting that Pelosi may have realized she and her D/S/C minions made a serious mistake, but the proof will be in action, not words.  If there is any justice, every D/S/C will be run out of office at the earliest opportunity.  Clearly, their concerns have little to do with the welfare of the American people.