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On December 6, 2019, in New York City: Crime Pays, I wrote of one of the most insane of a plethora of insane leftist policies: after springing recidivist criminals from jail, give them free stuff on the public dime, stuff like gift cards, tickets to museums, and tickets to the Mets.  An excerpt:

It’s puzzling indeed.  How does one get people who have no respect for the law, who have every incentive to avoid coming to court because they know they’re going to be convicted and sent to jail, have to pay fines, do community service, and all that inconsequential stuff, to come to court?  In NYC, apparently by giving them presents for committing crimes.  I’m sure Joe felon will say to himself: ‘self,”’he’ll say, ‘if I come to court on that armed robbery beef, I’ll get a Target gift card for $25 bucks, and some Mets tickets.  Sure, I’ll gonna end up doing 10-20 in the pen ‘cuz it’s my 5thfelony conviction—they have video, my homies rolled over on me, and I confessed, but hey, a Target gift card and Mets tickets?  That’s a no brainer!’

 This is the kind of ‘expert’ advice and enlightened D/S/C policy that has made cities like New York, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and others the ‘move to’ magnets they are today.  Perhaps Mayor De Blasio will really get serious and offer things like free illegal handguns, multiple sessions with high-class call girls, even high quality illegal drugs.  They can get the guns and drugs from police evidence lockers, so it won’t cost a thing.  Actually, they’ll just be recycling the stuff.  Seize it from criminals; give it right back out to them!  That will entirely eliminate the middleman and streamline the entire criminal justice process!  Talk about enlightened fiscal policy!  I’m sure they can come to an understanding with call girls: provide services in exchange for not being arrested?  It’s a win/win for everybody, unless the call girls want to be arrested to get the free stuff.

Or better yet, they could give years off sentences for future felonies, or vouchers for various felony crimes: get out of arrest free cards for burglary, robbery, car jacking, drug dealing, rape, and if they really wanted to go full woke, even murder!  Of course, those big vouchers would be saved for favored victim groups, and the most hardened criminals who really don’t want to come to court, but if the point is to ‘mete out justice the way it’s supposed to be done,’ it’s only logical, and oh so progressive!

Who could possibly have predicted–other than Normal Americans who actually understand human nature and have demonstrated common sense–what would happen under such enlightened policies?  The NY Post reports on some of the “unexpected” consequences:

Newly sprung Rikers jailbirds are trying to liquor up on the city’s dime.

The ex-inmates have been flooding area booze shops, ever since the recent launch of a soft-on-crime city initiative that provides them with two $25 gift cards, merchants said Saturday.

JR, an employee at Paretti’s Liquor Store near the Q100 bus stop along the bus route from Rikers to Queens Plaza said her store was refusing to sell to the cardholders.

‘We’ve had more people coming in with the visa things. No, we don’t take that, no gift cards, none of that. People come in here always trying to find a way to pay without really paying,’ the employee told The Post.

Most legitimate stores won’t take the cards because they can’t guarantee they’ll be reimbursed.  Then there is this:

While booze has been tough to obtain for the newly released, vendors reported that other goodies like Juul pods and tobacco products were within reach.

‘Yet to see one person use it to buy food,’ Ahmed, a worker at the Plaza Deli Grocery, noted.

Yeah, who could possibly have foreseen that?  But that’s not all, oh no.  The City is also providing crooks with burner phones, winter coats, Steve Madden shoes   (not exactly Pay-Less price levels), and I’m sure there will be other goodies not yet mentioned.

It’s a sad state of affairs when the city bends over backward to reward criminals instead of protecting the victims of their crimes,’ one law-enforcement source told The Post. ‘What’s next? Free limo service back home?’

No, but under the current NYC administration, bail has become a thing of the past.  Judges have no option but to immediately release, without bail, even violent felons, and that’s working out brilliantly.

This pretty much says it all:

A spokesman for the mayor defended the giveaways, saying that sending ex-inmates home ‘with essential resources needed to survive is critical to ensuring the safety of themselves and others, and maintaining our status as the safest big city in America.’

“The safest big city in America.”  Apparently these people don’t get out much.  One one hand, this kind of lunacy clearly demonstrates what you get when they elect Democrats.  On the other, New Yorkers elected these communists knowing they were communists, so sympathy for them must be limited.  After all, if one thinks giving some of the worst criminals in America $50 bucks, a cheap burner phone and a few other goodies will stop crime and maintain public safety, why there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished with a little fairy dust and unicorn farts.