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The 2020 presidential election, regardless of which D/S/C wins the nomination, will offer the American public an exceedingly clear choice: greater individual liberty and prosperity, or an enslaving government and personal and national economic decline.

It was Barack Obama who said the nation’s GDP would never again rise above 2%.  All the smart people agreed; it would take a magic wand to exceed 2%.   The stock market was going to crash and never recover, there would be a massive recession, and the best Americans could hope for was the rule of benevolent D/S/Cs to skillfully manage America’s inevitable and continuing decline.  Then came Trump.

Donald Trump has demonstrated, in only three years, everything the smart people knew was not only wrong, but a lie.  Americans, including increasing numbers of Black and Hispanic Americans, now understand America really is a land of opportunity.  Energy independence, rising wages, shrinking taxes, upward mobility, the restoration of the rule of law, the rollback of ruinous regulations and the ongoing draining of the swamp have all demonstrated that America is better—far better—under leaders that love the country and its people.  Prosperity and American Constitutionalism are not dead, they are thriving, and can continue to thrive, but only if enough Americans embrace our ancient faith: American Constitutionalism.  Which brings us to Gropin’ Joe Biden, campaigning in Dallas, TX prior to Super Tuesday:

Despite his victory in the South Carolina primary, Crazy Joe Biden has been having a rough few weeks. Most notably forgetting what office he’s running for and getting caught in a lie about being arrested in South Africa. True to form, he made himself look foolish again on Monday when he was quoting—or attempting to quote—the Declaration of Independence.

This is what he was trying to say—“the thing”– a sentence known to schoolchildren wherever American history and literature are still faithfully taught:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

All men are created equal under the law.  That’s what American Constitutionalism is.  That’s what Biden seeks to destroy, as Fox News reports:

In a surprise moment at the end of his Dallas rally on the eve of Super Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden called former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke up to the stage — and vowed to put O’Rourke, who has said the government should forcibly seize assault rifles from Americans, in charge of gun-control efforts.

Ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow, March 3, 2020, I will be casting my ballot for Joe Biden,’ O’Rourke announced to applause at the rally’s conclusion.

O’Rourke called President Trump an ‘existential threat’ to ‘free and fair elections,’ and urged rallygoers to view Biden as the ‘antithesis of Donald Trump,’ someone who is ‘decent, kind, caring, and empathetic.

Well, he’s right about the antithesis part…

Biden, taking the microphone after O’Rourke spoke, then announced, ‘I want to make something clear — I’m gonna guarantee you, this is not the last you’re seeing of this guy — you’re gonna take care of the gun problem with me, you’re gonna be the one who leads this effort. I’m counting on you, I’m counting on you, we need you badly.’

O’Rourke has previously said he would like to seize all Americans’ AR-15 assault rifles, promising: ‘Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,’ at a Democratic primary debate last year, shortly before his campaign collapsed.

There is no doubt O’Rourke intended—and intends—to do just that.  He was trying that approach as a last ditch attempt to revive his flatlined campaign.  However, it’s clear he, and every other possible D/S/C candidate have the same intentions.  Mike Bloomberg has already spent untold millions in the struggle to deprive Americans of an unalienable right.

Wrote NBC News’ Benjy Sarlin: ‘Biden hugging Beto going ‘You’re going to take care of the gun problem for me!’ is a thing you will see in a Republican ad someday.’

The sooner the better.

The moment was yet another headache for Biden as he struggles to appeal to gun owners. Last week, he bizarrely declared that ‘150 million’ Americans — approximately half the country — had died due to gun violence since 2007.

Here’s another political red flag:

Folks, I knew — I believed that he wasn’t going to be a very good president,’ Biden said. ‘But I have to admit to you that Donald Trump, well, I didn’t have any idea how much it was always going to be about Donald Trump. It’s having a corrosive impact. It’s having a corrosive impact on our children.

One of the best ways to tell when a politician can’t defend their own policies is when they invoke “the children.”  This coming from a party that wants pre-teens chemically and surgically mutilated in the name of trans virtue signaling.

Perhaps the fastest way to ignite a civil war is seizing American’s guns.  There is no more obvious trip wire toward tyranny.  But why AR-15’s and similar weapons?  Rifles are used in no more than 3% of crimes of all kinds, and AR-15-like rifles an even smaller portion of that 3%.  Banning them, and seizing them from law-abiding Americans will have virtually no effect on public safety.  Handguns, particularly semiautomatic handguns, are much more commonly used in crimes, so what’s the D/S/C fixation on semiautomatic rifles that outwardly resemble military arms?

And why do D/S/Cs want to ban magazines of greater than 10 round capacity?  Magazines can be changed in as little as a single second.  Magazine capacity is essentially irrelevant.  There is nothing to be gained for public safety in such a ban.  The Clinton gun ban, which was in effect for a decade, and which banned many AR-15-type rifles and magazines of greater than 10 round capacity was a complete public safety failure.

The answer is: precedent.  Three decades ago gun banners accidentally revealed their true intentions, as Josh Sugarmann did in 1988: 

The public’s confusion over fully-automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons — anything that looks like a machine gun is presumed to be a machine gun — can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons.

This is why, to this day, gun banners try to mislead the public, tricking them into believing common semiautomatic rifles are actually fully automatic military arms.  This is why they seek to control the debate, using false terms like “assault weapon,” and “weapons of war.”  They know defining the terms of the debate is the only way they can win.

If they can ban any class of firearms, they are that much closer to banning them all.  They have hit on AR-15-like rifles, the most popular rifles in America, because they can portray them as scary looking and somehow uniquely dangerous.  It doesn’t matter that such arms are rarely used in crimes, the point is they are more likely to convince the uninformed no one “needs” such dangerous weapons.  It doesn’t matter that far more people are killed and injured every years by fists, feet and knives, the point is to enact a lasting ban on any type of firearm.

Once AR-15s are banned, and particularly if government agents go door to door to seize them, an inescapable precedent for banning all guns will be set.  Only this time, there will be a more plausible case for banning all manner of handguns, which are used in far more crimes.

But what of magazine bans?  Precedence also applies.  If magazines can be limited to 10 rounds, why not six?   Why not three?  Who “needs” more than three rounds?  And if magazines can be banned, what would stop ammunition bans?  No ammo, maximum safety.  If the right to keep and bear arms, while still recorded in fading ink on a yellowing document, is so eroded as to have no application in the lives of Americans, the door is open to unlimited tyranny.

Some may argue such a ban is unconstitutional.  The courts would never stand for it, and the Supreme Court surely would overturn it.  This is why D/S/Cs have waged lawfare against President Trump by judge shopping, finding judges willing to ignore the Constitution to enact D/S/C policy.  While the Supreme Court as it is presently constituted might strike down such measures, even that is not guaranteed, and if D/S/Cs take control of government, the Supreme Court will be packed with sufficient numbers of political judges to ensure D/S/C policy, not the Constitution, rules.

Mini Mike Bloomberg demonstrated his intentions at a Fox News Townhall:  

He dodged the question, responding instead that as a former NYC Mayor, he’s important and gets threats, and his security detail are highly trained, and he pays for them, so it’s OK for them to have the guns and equipment, and the protection, he wants to deny Normal Americans.  I guess his life really is more valuable than ours.  Take the link and see it in his own words.

The disarming of the law-abiding public is the necessary first step to permanent single party rule.  Without the threat of arms keeping corrupt politicians at least somewhat honest, there will never again be a fair election, and Americans will no longer be free women and men, but slaves to the state.  The Second Amendment won’t be the only unalienable right to fall, just the necessary first one.

We can thank Gropin’ Joe and Mini Mike for this much at least: they are making our 2020 choice more and more clear.  Do we vote to keep “the thing,” or to fundamentally transform America into a socialist utopia, where everyone is less prosperous, less safe and less free?


Despite winning the highly coveted and influential American Samoa primary, Mike Bloomberg has “suspended” his campaign after spending more than a half billion dollars to reach that high goal.  He will, of course, continue to spend millions to destroy the Second Amendment on the local, state and national levels.

As I’m sure you know, gentle readers, Joe Biden came back from political death to hold a relative narrow delegate margin over Bernie Sanders.  Charlie Hurt at Fox News comments:

Last night was a great day for America. Not only is America not ready for socialism, the Democratic Party isn’t ready for socialism and that’s a great, wonderful thing. The problem, though, is that all the enthusiasm remains behind Bernie Sanders,’ Hurt told ‘America’s Newsroom.’

Was it a great day for America?  Did Democrats resoundingly reject socialism, or did they merely vote for a stealthier socialist in the hope that if Biden is elected, he’ll only then reveal his true inner totalitarian?

This is certain: In the contemporary D/S/C Party, there is no such thing as a “moderate” where the Second Amendment and individual liberty are concerned.