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Of course they do.  I have a bumper crop of idiocy for this edition of Too Stupid To Survive, Gentle readers.  Buckle up:

If you like rats, you can eat rats.  Thus saith the Vietnam-era manly, self-decorated warrior:

Credit: truckerphoto.com

There’s not a veteran here who would take an AR-16 with a long clip to go out and shoot a deer or shoot anything,’ [John] Kerry said. There is no business, Joe led the fight to get those things off the street. And now we have a crowd who’s willing to bring them back. And we saw what happened in Las Vegas and other places. We need a Joe Biden with the guts and the courage and the savvy to be able to do something about that’s reasonable about guns in our country.

Uh, “AR-16”? 

“20, 30, 40 50 clips in a weapon?”  That’s savvy?  And then there’s this from Gropin’ Joe:

Sorry JoeAnyone can sue gun manufacturers for negligence.  They just can’t sue them for manufacturing a legal product, which is true of the manufacturer of any legal product.  And in the “political definitions” category:

During the first 2020 Democratic primary debate, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar said if there is a mandatory buyback, it would not involve gun confiscation.

‘Gun confiscation, right, if the government is buying back, how do you not have that conversation?’ moderator Chuck Todd asked.

‘Well, that’s not gun confiscation because you give them the offer to buy back their gun,’ Klobuchar said.

‘I look at these proposals and I say, ‘Does this hurt my uncle Dick and his deer stand?’ coming from a proud hunting and fishing state? These ideas don’t do that,’ she added.

Uh-huh.  And if people don’t want to have the government “buy back” property that wasn’t the government’s in the first place, then confiscation?

Don’t you just love the “looking boldly into the future” Soviet-era depiction of Perez?  It kind of looks like banana republic money too.  And this prediction didn’t age particularly well…  This is what passes for logic in Los Angeles:

Uh, how about blaming unprotected sex with people that have STDs?  And what would any edition of TSTS be without AOC?

It’s an idiom, AOC, an idiom.  It’s not meant to be taken literally.  And this woman has a college degree.  And speaking of journalists, Don Surber takes us into the wonderful world of the media:


[Katy] Tur [of MSNBC] also happens to be one of the more biased journalists out there, using her platform to routinely spin Democratic talking points. Recently, she bemoaned gerrymandering in Senate races, which happens to not be a thing since state lines can not be gerrymandered.’

Then in another segment, she said, ‘When I ask people if they’re voting for [POTUS], I hear about their 401(k)s a lot … but there are those out that who don’t have a 401(k) and this economy is not really working for them. They can get a car, but it’s a loan that will take 30 years.’

Let’s see, 30 year car loans?  Banks would love to collect the interest on those.  And do we really expect journalists to know anything about the topics they report on?  As Gropin’ Joe Biden would say: c’mon Man!”  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is also a perennial source for TSTS, as The Washington Examiner reports:

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Texas Democrat, suggested during an FBI oversight hearing on Wednesday that Russia is responsible for the vote-reporting issues from Tuesday’s Iowa caucuses.

‘I hope that the Iowa Democrats will ask for an FBI investigation on the app,’ the Texas Democrat told FBI Director Christopher Wray. ‘I believe that Russia has been engaged in and interfering with a number of our elections dealing with the 2016 election.

Mark this down on your calendars, gentle readers: she’s not blaming Trump.  And here goes Gropin’ Joe again:

Here’s this edition’s gratitude item:

Yeah, thanks Bernie.   And in the “is it possible to be less self-aware” category for this edition of TSTS:

Gee, I don’t see what’s wrong with this:

Isn’t that what all Americans want?

Have they looked where Hillary put those 30,000 e-mails?  Yale University continues on the politically correct path:

Yale apologizes for calling gender identity disorder ‘gender identity disorder’


Of course they do.  AOC is a never-ending source of gaffes:

There is a town in England called Milton Keynes, but no ‘famed economist’ of that name. Upon being corrected by fellow tweeters, AOC explained that she had conflated John Maynard Keynes and Milton Friedman. Which is funny it its own way.

I don’t suppose anyone has told her about Keynes’s view that income inequality is key to long-term growth, either.

Is it considered impolite to point out that the leaders of the Democratic Party are, for the most part, ill-informed and not very intelligent?

She’s supposed to have a degree in economics.  You have to wonder what’s going on inside his head…

Perhaps the pressure is getting to him.

On Sunday, Joe Biden snapped at a voter in New Hampshire, calling him a ‘lying, dog-faced pony soldier.’

The dust-up came after the voter asked Biden, ‘How do you explain the performance in Iowa and why should the voters believe that you can win a national election?’

‘You ever been to a caucus?’ Biden replied.

After the voter said she indeed had attended a caucus, Biden shot back: ‘No you haven’t. You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier.

Of course it is:

What could go wrong?

I’m not quite following the logic here…  And in the “self-defeating ideology” category, The College Fix reports:

The University of Massachusetts-Lowell Center for Public Opinion surveyed Democratic primary voters at the end of January and found nearly two-thirds would rather a meteor hit the earth, ‘extinguishing all human life,’ than President Trump win re-election on Nov. 3.

That’s a serious poll result.

And here’s the alternative:

We end with yet another argument for private schools:

A Florida teacher has been busted for trying to get drugs delivered to her while she taught at an elementary school, according to authorities.

First-grade teacher Valerie Lee Prince, 43, called a dealer to bring her an eight ball of meth at Jacksonville Heights Elementary School — saying she was willing to abandon her class to collect it, according to Clay County Sheriff’s Office.

‘You call me, I can just say I have to use the phone real quick — I could step out and come right back in,’ she told the dealer, who was an informant who worked with police narcotics officers to record the call.

Too stupid to survive.