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L to R: Alanna Smith, Chelsea Mitchell, Selina Soule
credit: law.com

I’ve been writing about the contemporary Trans/D/S/C war on women’s sports for some time now.  To find my previous articles, enter “trans” in the SMM search bar.  In Connecticut, which is perhaps the prominent state in abusing young female athletes in the national rush to be the most woke, the parents of high school girls have been complaining, in writing, to the state sports sanctioning body and to the media, in an attempt to secure a level playing field for their daughters.  Their efforts, predictably, have come to nothing.  The D/S/C Party, supposedly the party of women, has abandoned them in favor of a handful of confused boys.  Gender related mental illness, circa 2020, matters much more than the rights of girls and women.  Society, and particularly all women, must cater to trans activists and their supporters because reasons, equality, diversity and shut up.  Finally, the parents of these unfortunate actual girls, are going to court, as PJ Media reports:

On Wednesday, three high school girls and their mothers filed a Title IX lawsuit against the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC), challenging the rules that allow biological males to compete in women’s high school sports. The lawsuit alleges that CIAC and other education officials violated Title IX of the Civil Rights Act by discriminating against girls and failing to provide effective accommodation to allow girls to compete on a level playing field.

High school senior Chelsea Mitchell, the fastest biological girl in Connecticut who has nonetheless lost four state championships to male competitors who identified as female, told PJ Media what it feels like to train as hard as she can without hope of ever emerging victorious. She joined the lawsuit in order to secure a fair playing field for girls to compete.

‘It’s very unfair for me and the other girls to race against biological males. It has inspired me and the other girls to stand up and fight for our right to compete and to have a fair competition,’ Mitchell said.

Putting the delusions of boys suffering from gender dysphoria over actual girls is a logical—actually illogical—progression of D/S/C wokeitude and virtue signaling.  D/S/Cs routinely construct their own reality, imposing their conception of how things ought to be over how they actually are.  In so doing, in trying to redefine human nature, they ignore human nature:  

Several organizations, including Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, wrote a letter in June in support of the two transgender athletes who are mentioned in the lawsuit.

‘We are in solidarity with Andraya Yearwood, Terry Miller, and all other transgender student-athletes in the Constitution State,’ the organizations wrote. ‘As organizations that care deeply about ending discrimination against women and girls, we support laws and policies that protect transgender people from discrimination, including in participation in sports.’

They care so much about women and girls they’re supporting men pretending to be women over women and girls, and when girls complain, they’re discriminating against the faux-women.

Further, ‘just like other female athletes, transgender student-athletes have made important contributions to their teams, towns, and our state. In cases when they have achieved athletic success, they should be able to celebrate their hard-earned victories, just like every other student-athlete.’

Every other athlete, of course, except actual girls and women.  When people realize they’re in a rigged game, when they know they cannot, through their own honest efforts, win, they’ll quit trying, which may be exactly what D/S/Cs and “trans athletes” want. Mitchell explained:

Chelsea Mitchell
credit: thechristianpost

Lining up against them is very intimidating. It’s also frustrating and disheartening to know that they had an unfair advantage against me, the track star confided. ‘I’ve really felt defeated. There really isn’t much more I can do than just run my race every time. Every race I’ve ever run against the biological males, I’ve lost. It’s definitely very defeating. It makes you wonder why you’re continuing to run.’

The lawsuit, filed by Mitchell and two other female athletes, Selina Soule and Alanna Smith, all of whom are represented by their mothers and the law firm Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), explains at length how this policy leaves females at a disadvantage in sports.

As I’ve previously written, taking estrogen does not balance or eliminate the physiological advantages males get post puberty.  In size, strength, and other attributes, even average male athletes will have an advantage over elite female athletes.  It is interesting to note it is not women identifying as men entering and dominating men’s sports at issue.  The physical realities Connecticut athletic officials ignore apply there too, and give the performance advantage only to men pretending to be female.

The lawsuit specifically mentions the 2019 State Open Championship women’s indoor track 55m race in which biological males Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood defeated Mitchell in statewide competitions, relegating her to a third-place finish when she was the fastest biological girl in the race. [skip]

The lawsuit notes that ‘a transgender athlete advocate recently wrote that this should be accepted because part of competitive sports is ‘learning to lose.’ A policy such as the CIAC Policy that ensures that girls get extra lessons in losing, however, cannot be reconciled with Title IX.

“Learning to lose.”  That’s easy for men masquerading as women to say when they know no woman has a chance to beat them.  These are, without exception, boys that could not win in completion against other males, but become a girl, and athletic fame is theirs—at the cost of denying girls the fruits of a lifetime of dedication and sacrifice.

There’s a very common sense of fear among the athletes here in Connecticut. No one really talks about it. It’s like the elephant in the room. I think a lot of people are very scared of the backlash against them,’ Mitchell said.

I decided to join this lawsuit because I think that every girl deserves a fair playing field. The CIAC has allowed biological males to compete in the girls’ category for the past three years, and that’s very unfair for me and the other girls. I’ve lost four state championships, I’ve lost two All-New England awards, I’ve lost countless other opportunities, so I want to see change. I don’t want girls in the future to go through this same thing.”

President Trump announced several months ago the Department of Education would determine whether the Connecticut policy discriminates against girls.  That it does discriminate would seem self-evident.

Selina Soule

Perhaps the best evidence is girls identifying as boys are not winning boy’s competitions.  This too is self-evident, because there are, no matter how much D/S/Cs would wish to deny it, fundamental, immutable differences between men and women.  Male size, strength and endurance matter, and putting makeup, female jewelry and attire on a man does not turn him into a woman, nor does such camouflage make women men, and thus capable of competing against them.

Federal anti-discrimination law was written to ensure women had equal opportunities for athletic development and achievement.  No law, no policy, can make women perform on the same level as men, but they can destroy women’s sports.  In order to make sports fair, we establish all manner of weight classes in contact sports, and age classes in endurance sports.  We do not expect 70 year-old men to compete against 20 year-old men, nor do we expect 95-pound women to compete in contact sports against 145 pound women.  It would not be fair.  It would deny reality—which is precisely what is happening in Connecticut and elsewhere.

If Trans domination of female sports is justifiable because women need to “learn to lose,” why not bind female track athletes hand and foot?  Wouldn’t that better serve that purpose?  Or why not allow men masquerading as women to ride motorcycles in footraces?  Women would learn to lose more quickly, more often and more completely.

It’s long past time to return to a reality-based culture in sports, the law, and everywhere else.  I’m tempted to ask how much farther, how much more divorced from reality the woke crowd can possibly be, but I’m afraid they’ll show us.

UPDATE, 02-16-20, 1630 CST:  Brian C. Joondeph at The American Thinker provides a particularly telling example of the real effect of trans men invading women’s sports:

As an example, let’s look at the 2016 Rio Olympics and compare the men’s and women’s marathon results, the sport mentioned above where a biological male will be competing as a female.

At the last Olympics, the gold medal winner in the women’s marathon ran in a time of 2:24:04. In contrast, the men’s gold medal winner ran 16 minutes faster, finishing in 2:08:44.

Interestingly both winners were from Kenya, born about a month apart in 1984, taking age and ethnicity out of the equation.

More instructive are the finishing times of the other men in the race. If the gold medal winning woman ran in the men’s event, her time would have placed her in 90th place, far away from the medal stand. Conversely, any of the top 89 finishing males would have won a gold medal if competing as a female in the women’s event.

Men pretending to be women can instantly vault from also ran to gold medal status, but the same is not true for women pretending to be men.  There’s powerful motive there, entirely apart from how one “identifies.”