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I am not, gentle readers, going to fall into the brain cell destroying trap of commenting moment by moment on the ongoing Senate impeachment trial.  That way lays madness.  But to begin the weekend, just a few thoughts on the state of our politics, circa January, 2020.  As proof, I refer you to the header tweet of this article.  Jennifer Rubin is The Washington Post’s token “conservative.”  She’s conservative only in comparison to the rest of the staff of The Washington Post, which places her far left of center, at best.  She began at Never Trump and has since rapidly descended toward Stalinism.

The general topic of this article is the insanity of the ravening Impeach Trump crowd.  Schiff’s lengthy opening diatribe saw innumerable Senators of both parties rushing out of the chamber for the bathroom, snacks, and a few minutes of fresh air away from the sanity-destroying sound waves of Schiff’s monotonous, repetitive, and deceptive maelstrom of Trump hatred.  As a teacher of high school and college speech and debate, I guarantee Schiff would have bombed out of the first round of the poorest quality high school debate tournament I’ve ever seen.  A stirring public speaker he is not, quite apart from his content.

Let us take a quick visit to The Federalist where John Daniel Davidson tells us “Democrats Are Losing Their Minds.”  Losing?  They’ve been sane at some point in the past?  Certainly not in recent years, and absolutely not since Donald Trump’s election.  The House “Managers” managed their case from the beginning by accusing the Senate of treason, conducting a cover up, and “rigging” the trial.  That the Senate adopted rules virtually identical to those used in the Clinton trial, rules entirely approved by Democrats of that time, was beside the point.  One suspects not many Senatorial minds were changed by that approach, with the possible exception of more rational Democrats –there may be a few–being appalled by Schiff.

On Monday, as senators and House impeachment managers prepared for the opening of President Trump’s impeachment trial Tuesday, Democrats and their courtiers in the mainstream press decided to ratchet up the their rhetoric to the point of delusional hysteria.

The House managers—led by Reps. Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler—issued a statement that essentially accused Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of a coverup, saying his proposed rules for the trial are ‘rigged,’ nothing more than an ‘effort to prevent the full truth of the President’s misconduct from coming to light.’

That wasn’t all. Schiff and the impeachment managers also called on Trump’s lead impeachment lawyer, Pat A. Cipollone, to disclose what he knows about the president’s alleged behavior underlying the two articles of impeachment, saying Cipollone is a ‘material fact witness,’ and that, ‘The ethical rules generally preclude a lawyer from acting as an advocate at a trial in which he is likely also a necessary witness.

This is particularly ironic in that only one of the “fact” witnesses they called during the House “investigation” had actually spoken with President Trump, who repeatedly told him there was no quid pro quo.  The rest had no first hand knowledge–no facts—to report at all.

Funny they should mention that. As my colleague Mollie Hemingway pointed out on Twitter, Schiff is himself a material fact witness to this entire impeachment imbroglio, beginning with his office’s coordination with the whistleblower.

If their impeachment removal gamble fails, as it inevitably will, they’ll say it only failed because McConnell rigged the trial, or because the president covered up his crimes by instructing key witnesses not to cooperate, or because all Republicans are corrupt. The narrative takeaway will be that Democrats tried to save the country and the Constitution by removing a dangerous criminal from the White House, but were thwarted, and only voters can stop Trump now by throwing him out of office in November. After all, the future of the republic is at stake.

What is this all about?

So in the days ahead, when Schiff and other Democratic leaders mention a ‘rigged’ trial or a ‘sham’ process, they’re unintentionally invoking language that many Americans have been using for some time now—not about Trump, but about the political establishment they elected Trump to overthrow.

…that’s Trump’s real crime, and the one thing that must not be allowed to happen again.

Cruise Captain Kristol is not suggesting the House investigation was a show trial, but the Senate trial is.  He’s obviously in the terminal stage of Trump Derangement Syndrome, poor Never Trumper.  And speaking of insanity, consider this from former Clinton Press Secretary Joe Lockhart:

Following Adam Schiff’s stellar example, Lockhart is simply making things up.  Like Schiff, when caught, he claimed it was just satire.  Right.  D/S/Cs have such wry senses of humor.

Let’s visit David Marcus at The Federalist, where we see yet another example of ever-deepening D/S/C insanity:

During his monotonous two-hour rehashing of the case against the president, Democratic House Manager Adam Schiff argued that if president Trump is allowed to run for president this year, ‘we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won.’ That’s right, nine months out from election day Schiff and the Democrats are laying the groundwork to call a Trump second term illegitimate, just as have they done for the entirety of the first term.

Remember the good old days, back in 2016 when there was no chance Hillary Clinton could lose and the only question was whether angry Trump voters, or even Trump himself would accept the outcome of the free and fair election? Boy did that narrative bust. Instead, the exact opposite happened. Trump won and it is the Democrats who now express grave concerns about the sanctity of our election results.

However ludicrous, Schiff’s statement is the necessary extension of the Democrats’ logic in bringing the case so quickly, without waiting for witnesses. And as it seems extremely likely the senate acquits Trump, then the same ‘emergency circumstances’ will exist that caused the rush to impeach in the first place. Schiff is flat out telling voters that if Trump is not removed from office they should question the fairness of the outcome of the next election.

Schiff’s point is no election won by a Republican can possibly be legitimate.  Hillary was supposed to win.  It was her turn!  She was going to ride the Obama wave to a permanent D/S/C majority.  She would so fundamentally change America no other outcome would ever again be possible.  All the best people were certain she’d beat the buffoonish Trump.  Then, horror of horrors, Trump won!  Hillary crawled into a wine bottle, and the coup began before Trump took office.  Also to their horror, Trump didn’t fail.  True to his promise, his term in office has been one win after another, all in furtherance of his campaign promises, all to the benefit of the American people, not the self-imagined elite of both parties.  As a result, they’ve gone stark, raving, barking at the moon, mad.

Trump colluded with Russians to win the 2016 election—except he didn’t, despite D/S/Cs best, rigged efforts to frame him.  The assertion was always counter intuitive and  incredibly stupid.  Why would the Russians favor Donald Trump, a wild card, a man over who they had no control, who had never been overtly favorable toward them?  Hillary, on the other hand, is a life-long Marxist.  She of the “reset” that wasn’t, she who gave away a substantial portion of our uranium reserves to the Russians, she whose illegal server surely allowed the Russians–and other enemies–to learn many of our national security secrets, she who was positively disposed to totalitarians and negatively disposed toward America, she who refused to protect our diplomats and lied about their murder, the Russians wanted Trump instead of her?

Trump’s election was illegitimate because he won, because he’s Donald Trump, and because not only is he not enacting the D/S/C agenda, he’s doing the opposite and it’s doing great things for America, exposing D/S/C policies for the abject failures they always have been and are.  Now Trump must be stopped because when he wins, the 2020 election will also be illegitimate, because it’s impossible that Americans would vote for anyone but an anointed D/S/C candidate.  Despite all evidence to the contrary, to do that, they’d be voting against their interests!  They’re not smart enough to know what’s good for them.  Don’t they want all that free stuff?

This, gentle readers, is why D/S/Cs violently oppose voter ID, why they want illegal immigrants and the dead to vote early and often, why they oppose keeping voter registration lists up to date and accurate.  Only if voting is completely unregulated and open to massive fraud, can the results be trusted, because only then, can the “right”—left—candidates win as they are destined, in a diverse, inclusive, woke, moral, eternally D/S/C universe.  Perhaps if D/S/Cs are truly concerned about the integrity of our elections, they might stop their pursuit of Trump and work with Republicans to ensure election integrity?  Why that sort of thing—sincerely working with others—might even accomplish worthwhile things for the American people.  On the other hand, maybe it’s better that Congress do little or nothing…

Not only that, if we don’t convict Trump right now, we’re going to be fighting the Russians right here in America!  Consider Schiff’s logic, such as it is. If we don’t help the Ukrainians militarily, we’ll be fighting the Russians at the mall!  But wait a minute; wasn’t it Barack Obama (D-you didn’t build that), that refused to lift a finger to help them when the Russians were invading, and thereafter refused to send them military hardware?  And isn’t it Donald Trump who has sent them, on time and in full, actual military aid?  Are Schiff and the rest of the D/S/Cs in some sort of alternate universe?

Extraordinary how D/S/Cs, since the election of Donald Trump, have suddenly seen Communism as threatening.  When the Russians actually attacked Ukraine during the age of Obama, they were content to deny Ukraine military aid, just as they were content to deny Poland promised missile defense at the beginning of that fabled time of fundamental transformation.  Now, Russia is the gravest threat apart from Trump and climate change, in approximately that order.

The issue, as always, is not truth, but the preferred, transient narrative.  In the service of “orange man bad,” anything D/S/Cs say is truth, no matter how blatantly and obviously false it inevitably is.

While claiming to protect the Constitution, D/S/Cs want to establish the precedent that presidents may be removed from office not only for what they haven’t already done, but for what they might do in the future.  This would apply only to Republicans, and only for as long as necessary to ensure no Republican can ever again be elected.  They’ve got the man, they’re just trying to find a crime, or at least a narrative, that might stick.  This defenestrates the presumption of innocence, due process, and every other fundamental liberty.

That’s their point.