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Governor Ralph Northam (D-Infanticide/Blackface/KKK) of Virginia, was very worried about the potential for violence on Virginia’s annual Lobby Day.  Why, armed extremists were coming in the thousands to engage in violence, even insurrection!  There were credible threats!  He declared an emergency and declared the Capital Commons off limits to anyone carrying a firearm.  There was a massive police presence, barricades, masked State Troopers, the works.

credit: babylonbee

Were Northam not a card-carrying D/S/C he would have known better.  All he needed to have done was review the brief history of the Tea Party movement.  Their rallies were uniformly peaceful; in fact, they were polite and cheerful.  Despite staged provocations by D/S/Cs, including Nancy Pelosi and members of the Congressional Black Caucus, they remained polite and cheerful, their events marked only by their policy of leaving their venues even cleaner and neater than they were before their protests.  This is hardly surprising considering they were there to demand politicians actually obey the Constitution, while arguing for limited, rule of law, government.  Antifa they were not.

credit: Chris Muir, daybydaycartoon

Predictably, to normal Americans, which surely includes gun owners, the pro-liberty rally, despite frigid temperatures, was entirely peaceful.

credit: babylonbee

According to Mary Chastain of Legal Insurrection, some 22,000 people attended, some from as far away as Louisiana, and true to form, they even picked up trash prior to leaving.  One of the entirely realistic worries of Normal Americans was that D/S/Cs would try to provoke some kind of violence, which they’d use to demonstrate their propaganda was right.  They tried, but it didn’t work out terribly well for them.  As the meme goes, D/S/Cs, the Media and Virginia Leftists Hardest Hit!

I post this article under the Second Civil War category because D/S/Cs continually argue that any opposition to their anti-liberty/gun schemes is evidence of extremists trying to provoke a war, which would be futile because the government has far more powerful weapons, including nucs.  They are laughably wrong about normal Americans trying to provoke a war, as Monday’s (01-20-20) demonstration so clearly illustrates.  They’re also wrong about the futility of resistance, a matter I’ll address on this scruffy little blog tomorrow.

Let’s examine, gentle readers, some scenes/stories from the protest, beginning with PJ Media

An incident occurred at the Richmond rally that has some people wondering if they’ve just discovered one of these opposition plants. The video below shows a thin man wearing army-style clothing and claiming to be a libertarian while encouraging someone who is speaking to ‘start a revolution right now’ and ‘hop that fence and kill that guy.’

The crowd quickly turns on the man making the violent suggestions and starts loudly telling the cameras that ‘he’s stirring stuff up’ and ‘that’s not how we are.

They proved it by not being that way.  PJ Media also reported that You Tube removed livestreams of the rally, apparently claiming it violated their standards because in some of the videos, guns were visible.  Thanks goodness it’s not possible to so much as see guns anywhere else on the Internet or elsewhere in the media or popular entertainment.  Goodness knows to what that might lead.

Gabe Guiterrez of NBC News demonstrates why President Trump’s “Fake News” label is, if anything, much too mild:

Take the link.  Those in attendance can clearly be heard reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, which is not quite the same thing as “we will not comply,” though the Pledge is to D/S/Cs as a crucifix to a vampire.

I’m sure you’ve seen, gentle readers, maps like this.  As this is written, even more VA counties–virtually all of them, and many cities–have declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries.  The point being, they will not enforce unconstitutional gun laws.  This, of course, enrages D/S/Cs.  To make that point even clearer, a number of Virginia Sherifs also attended, and spoke, at the rally.

Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms recently explained that Virginia hasn’t descended into tyranny–not quite yet anyway.

Nothing’s been signed by the governor yet. In fact, nothing has even gotten to his desk at the moment. We’ve had three gun control bills pass out of the Senate, but the House hasn’t even had a single committee hearing on any gun control legislation. In fact, Virginia gun owners are actually having an impact on the debate in the legislature, thanks to the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement that’s swept across the state and has led to tens of thousands of engaged citizens contacting their lawmakers to oppose Ralph Northam’s gun control agenda.

On Northam’s agenda are bills that would ban “assault firearms,” which are any rifle in the AR-15 class, the most popular and widely owned rifles in America.  Also contemplated are limiting magazines to 10 rounds, and entirely banning suppressors.  Owners of such guns would be allowed to keep them, but only if they register them, registration being absolutely essential to confiscation.  Failing to register would leave gun owners with two options: surrender them to law enforcement, or face confiscation and prosecution.  Virginia D/S/Cs are also pushing a “Red Flag” law that reportedly has even some Democrats uncomfortable due to a lack of due process.  Limiting handgun purchases to one a month is also on the agenda.

Other additionally disastrous potential laws require “universal background checks” that could easily outlaw gifts between family members, or even temporary loans of firearms.  Another would essentially abolish preemption laws, allowing cities to write their own gun laws, making it impossible for law-abiding Virginians to know the law from place to place.  Also being considered are regulations that would close indoor ranges, restrict the placement of outdoor ranges, ban all non-lead ammunition, and punish gun owners for failing to report a lost or stolen firearm.

In short, the proposed laws are a virtual anti-liberty/gun dream, and an obvious preview of what D/S/Cs intend should they again control the White House and Congress.  This is also why any attempt by Mr. Trump to seat another Supreme Court Justice will make the Kavanaugh inquisition look like a church social.  What D/S/Cs can’t get in the legislature, they expect to get in the courts regardless of that annoying Constitution.

Scholar Dr. John Lott at Townhall.com explains that also at issue is a law that would greatly restrict or eliminate reciprocity with other states.  This would prevent those lawfully licensed to carry concealed handguns in other states from carrying in Virginia:

If state Democrats and Henning get their way, criminals will only need to look for an out of state license plates to know who to attack.

For most of the country, reciprocity is already a fact of life. The average state allows people with concealed handgun permits from 32 other states to travel freely. But the seven “may issue” states and D.C. pull down that average; only one of those seven states, Delaware, recognizes permits from any other state. These “may issue” states only give out permits to people who provide local public officials with a good reason for being able to defend themselves.

There’s no good reason not to issue permits much more generously. Permit holders are extremely law-abiding, losing their licenses for firearm-related violations at rates of thousandths or tens of thousandths of one percentage point.

By all means, take the link and read the rest of Lott’s article.  Consider this too from Democrat Delegate Mark Levine:

Virginia Democrat Delegate Mark Levine taunted a Second Amendment-supporting citizen Friday by imagining a scenario in which the U.S. military crushed the citizen in battle. Virginia Democrats are pushing sweeping new gun control measures, including three gun control bills that passed the state Senate this week, while Second Amendment supporters plan to assemble in Richmond for a rally on Monday.

Levine, whose 45th District in northern Virginia encompasses sections of Alexandria, Fairfax County, and Arlington, defended the position he stated on Fox News by arguing that an AR-15 would be no match for the U.S. military.

As one might expect, Ralph Northam has joined Barack Obama as one of America’s most effective gun and accessory salesmen:

Virginia gun sales soared in December as tens of thousands of Virginians stocked up on firearms, ammunition, magazines, and more in the wake of the Democrats’ takeover of the state legislature in the November elections. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports gun sales in the last month of 2019 were the second highest in state history.

While December is always the busiest month for firearms sales, we are truly in the midst of a buying spree of historic proportions. I was speaking to Scott Ayers at Farmville Sporting Goods not long ago and he told me that any AR-15’s he gets in are pretty much sold as soon as he puts them up for sale (with the exception of those chambered in .223, for some reason). The same goes for 20 and 30 round magazines, but what really surprised me was that Ayers says he sold more suppressors in December than in the past five years combined.

Final Thoughts:

Law-abiding, peaceful Americans

One would hope that the rally, and the constant deluge of citizen complaints to legislators would have the desired effect, but as I’ve so often written, D/S/Cs believe as an article of faith their policies cannot possibly be wrong.  It remains to be seen whether political reality–the actual will of the people, and the Constitution, will override that virtually unshakable conviction.

It has often been said, and attributed to many, “they that will not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  History unmistakably teaches that none the laws being proposed in Virginia will have any effect on public safety.  Many will, rather, endanger the honest and law-abiding.  Criminals have the nasty tendency not to obey the law, any law, gun laws included.  The law-abiding, as was conclusively demonstrated on 01-20-20, do obey the law, and contrary to the evil attributed to them by D/S/Cs do not want civil war.  They very much want to avoid it.  They support the rule of law, which also includes the right to keep and bear arms.

However, as I’ve previously noted in this series, attempts by government to deprive Americans of their Second Amendment rights, more than perhaps any other despotism, are virtually certain to provoke a second civil war.  If Virginia D/S/Cs don’t back down, the first major step toward hostilities may well be taken.  Let us pray they discover a newfound appreciation for the Constitution before that happens.

UPDATE, 01-21-20, 1845 CST:  Governor “Coonman” Northam has taken credit for ”de-escalating” the rally: 

Despite the peaceful nature of the rally, Governor Ralph Northam tried to take credit for the lack of violence. ‘We are all thankful that today passed without incident,’ Northam said in a statement. ‘The teams successfully de-escalated what could have been a volatile situation. This resulted from weeks of planning and extensive cooperation among state, local, and federal partners in Virginia and beyond.

“The teams?”  “De-escalate?”  I don’t with to denigrate law enforcement, but the only arrest reported was that of a young women who refused to take off a mask.  There was nothing to de-escalate.

The media, of course, persisted in saying the rally was full of “white supremacists.”  If so, it was the worst white supremacist rally ever:

I love the “Black Guns Matter” shirt.  There’s an American with a sense of humor.