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For the first time in recent history, D/S/Cs are unfiltered.  They’re no longer trying to be stealthy, but are trumpeting their actual beliefs and intentions from the rooftops.  These people don’t want to be servants of the people, they’re social engineers, people who ignore reality and construct their own.  They believe they can ignore human nature, or at the very least, their self-imagined characteristics of education, title, and moral and intellectual superiority make them capable of transforming human nature.  They’re going to build the brave, new socialist man.  From the degraded clay of the common man, the smelly, uneducated, unenlightened, toothless, WalMart shopping, God and gun clinging Deplorables, they will create a socialist utopia where all socialists before them failed, because they’re just that good.

One such is Margaret Sullivan, who tells us what we ought to know and care about:

Since I became The Washington Post’s media columnist in 2016, I’ve developed a habit of asking people, wherever I travel, how they get their news.

In keeping with that, I had a brief chat last weekend in Sarasota, Fla., with a middle-aged man (a local used-car salesman, he said).

‘Pretty much just from here,’ was how he answered my question, indicating his smartphone. When I dug for specifics, he mentioned Fox News.

The horror.

The impeachment hearings, which that day had offered riveting testimony from diplomat Marie Yovanovitch? He merely shrugged: Didn’t know, didn’t care.

That plenty of Americans share this apathy about what’s happening in their government is appalling, but hardly shocking.

Many clearly do care, as the movement of public opinion favoring impeachment suggests, but there’s a whole category that pollsters and pundits call ‘low-information voters.

Sullivan, who wrote this article in November of 2019, is oblivious to the fact that most Americans absolutely distrust people like her, and even in November of 2019, the tide was turning against impeachment, but of course, that doesn’t fit The Washington Post’s narrative:.

Roberts, the Times article and Florida Man all point to the same thing: A lot of Americans don’t know much and won’t exert themselves beyond their echo chambers to find out.

This is the way a democracy self-destructs. [skip]

But apathy — or giving in to confusion — is dangerous.

‘I’m terrified that the idea that it is all too much and it is okay to tune out is getting socialized as an acceptable response,’ said Dru Menaker, chief operating officer of PEN America, the free-expression advocacy organization.

‘Our country is being challenged to its very core, and we have an obligation to pay attention precisely because things are so overwhelming,’ she told me by email.

And what should we do to be properly informed?  Do you really have to guess what Sullivan thinks?

If every American did any two of the following things, the ‘who knows?’ club could be swiftly disbanded.

Subscribe to a national newspaper and go beyond the headlines into the substance of the main articles; subscribe to your local newspaper and read it thoroughly — in print, if possible; watch the top of ‘PBS NewsHour’ every night; watch the first 15 minutes of the half-hour broadcast nightly news; tune in to a public-radio news broadcast; do a simple fact-check search when you hear conflicting claims.

For those who can’t afford to subscribe to newspapers, almost all public libraries can provide access.

Newspapers subscriptions and revenues are declining dramatically because most Americans don’t want to read their wares and don’t trust them, nor do they trust PBS NewsHour or National Public Radio.  But Sullivan can help us:

I would also offer this small list of things to stop doing: Stop getting your news and opinions from social media. Stop watching Fox News, especially the prime-time shows, which are increasingly untethered to reality. [skip]

And democracy needs news consumers — let’s call them patriotic citizens — who stay informed and act accordingly.

Flag-waving is fine. But truth-seeking is what really matters.

Indeed, which is why people aren’t reading The Washington Post, which won’t tell you things like The Washington Examiner will:

Gun sales are expected to push past the 13.8 million sold last year, in part because buyers are growing more concerned that if a Democrat is elected president in 2020, sweeping gun control will pass in Washington.

Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting, a group that watches the arms industry, said today that it expects sales to reach 14 million this year.

Other groups said sales recently spiked as the Democratic presidential race heated up and after Virginia voters gave Democrats control of the state legislature in an election where gun control was a driving issue.

Last weekend, for example, a gun show in Northern Virginia reported that many dealers sold out.

Permits for those wishing to carry a concealed handgun have also surged to a new high.

‘Sales have definitely been brisk, especially of small concealable handguns. We also saw a spike in sales of tactical rifles like AR-15s and AK-47s, for which I think we can confidently thank Beto O’Rourke,’ who vowed to take them as a former presidential candidate, said Justin Anderson, the marketing director for Hyatt Guns, a huge seller in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Although O’Rourke is out of the race, other candidates have pushed attacks on guns. Former Vice President Joe Biden has sparked considerable concerns with his proposal to ban 9-mm handguns, the most popular caliber, and one used by most law enforcement agencies.

Sales numbers were indeed very high in 2019, though final numbers are not yet available.  Black Friday’s firearms sales were the second highest in history.  Circa January, 2020, sales of guns, ammo, magazines and accessories are skyrocketing, particularly in Virginia, which is the model for anti-liberty gun grabbing at the moment.  Seattle Times.com provides some Biden background:

While saying he supports the Second Amendment, Biden called the absolutist arguments of some gun-rights supporters ‘bizarre.’ Noting people can’t own machine guns or bazookas, Biden said, ‘Why should we allow people to have military-style weapons including pistols with 9-mm bullets and can hold 10 or more rounds?’

Biden is infamous for his lack of knowledge about not only firearms technology, but the Constitution and the law relating to firearms.  He’s wrong about machineguns.  They may be individually owned, but there are so many onerous restrictions, including a $200.00, non-transferable tax, that such weapons are very expensive, and most people simply don’t want to go to all the trouble to own one.  In the Heller decision (2008), the Supreme Court held that the Second Amendment does speak to an individual, fundamental, unalienable and express right, which protects the firearms commonly used for lawful purposes.  The most common and popular handgun type in America is the semiautomatic pistol, often in 9mm caliber.  The 9mm cartridge is nothing new, is very popular and common, and is far from the most powerful handgun cartridge.

Most such handguns have standard magazines of greater than 10 rounds.  The Clinton gun ban restricted magazines to ten rounds and accomplished nothing for public safety.  Biden has recommended shotguns for self defense (take the first link in the article), and actually encouraged people to blindly fire through closed doors and up into the air, both grotesque safety violations likely to injure or kill others and send anyone doing either to prison.

It is the uninformed, despotic inclinations of people like the Democrat presidential candidates, including Biden, that are driving ever-increasing sales of firearms.  Firearms sales dropped off after the election of President Trump when Americans could reasonably believe their Second Amendment rights were safe, but the anti-gun fervor of Democrats nationally and in places like Virginia, have again driven sales through the roof.  Should a Democrat be elected in 2020, we’ll again see a rush on guns like that of the Obama days, Barack Obama being generally considered the most effective gun salesman of the modern age.  Ammunition will once again be scarce and expensive, and modern sporting rifles like the AR-15 family, standard capacity magazines and semiautomatic handguns will be in short supply.

And now you know, gentle readers, what Margaret Sullivan, The Washington Post, and similar media outlets, will not tell you.