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Dame Margot Fonteyn
credit: telegraph.co.uk

Take your work seriously, but never yourself.

Dame Margot Fonteyn

There are many things I take seriously.  I have, three times, raised my right hand and sworn to uphold the law and the Constitution.  My scribblings on this scruffy little blog are, in large part, an attempt to honor that oath, and as regular readers know, I do not take myself seriously.  Looking back at me in the mirror is a goofy guy.  I embrace my goofiness, and the world might be better if others did likewise.  It would surely be more relaxed.

Among the things I take very seriously indeed are my obligations as a teacher.  It is my obligation, my duty, a matter of honor, to teach my discipline via the best and most correct curriculum I can manage.  In this pursuit it is essential I use every minute of increasingly scarce instructional time, and that I focus on academics, never political indoctrination.  Engaging in political indoctrination is malpractice, it denies kids the time and curriculum they deserve and stunts their practical and intellectual growth.  It’s something teachers must not do, and something competent teachers of good will do not think to do, if for no reason other than that they simply don’t have time.

Over the last two decades, I’ve lost easily 1/3 of the curriculum.  That’s entire books, stories, writing and all manner of brain development my students will never experience.  The effect is cumulative across the curriculum.  Failing to learn what they should in English affects math, history, science and every other discipline; all are intertwined.  How can I, or any professional teacher, possibly imagine spending time preaching their political beliefs anything but perverse and destructive?

That’s a question New Jersey has to answer as Tyler O’Neil at PJ Media reports:

This week, twelve New Jersey schools have launched a pilot program to try out a new LGBT curriculum for a whole host of different academic subjects. The curriculum will be mandatory across the state beginning in the 2020-2021 school year, with no parental opt-out provision. Last year, Gov. Phil Murphy (D-N.J.) signed a bill mandating this kind of curriculum, making New Jersey the second state after California (2011) to do so. Illinois followed later last year.

How can this be?  Simple: Democrats control all three branches of New Jersey government.  When that happens, as in Virginia, California and Illinois, Americans get the chance to see what D/S/Cs intend for the nation.  In that respect, those states really are laboratories, but of tyranny, not Democracy.

‘We want students to see themselves in the stories that are told,’ Ashley Chiappano, a manager at the LGBT activist group Garden State Equality, told USA Today. ‘We want to make sure they are getting accurate, appropriate and historically relevant information about the community and the strides that have been made.’

Of course, and the “stories” that matter in our national identity are those of the aberrant and confused sexuality of a tiny portion of the population.

The pilot sites to be announced by the state Tuesday – including schools in Hackensack, Morristown, Newark and Asbury Park – are intended to be proving grounds for new lessons in history, economics and even grammar designed to improve awareness of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender contributions and issues, USA Today reported.

credit: iwastesomuchtime.com

“Grammar”?! There is such a thing as gay, lesbian, trans, queer and whatever grammar?  Of course there is.  Standard D/S/C tactics including controlling the “messaging.”  Define the terms of the debate, of daily social discourse, and you control the debate.  Make the perverse virtuous, make the outrageous accepted, make evil good, good bad, and men and women a tiny and insignificant part of a far broader range of unlimited genders.  Make words mean not what they denote, but whatever D/S/Cs want them to mean at any given point in time, particularly when it comes to writing legislation. This goes far beyond connotation.  Thus does “shall not be infringed,” mean “must be infringed” because “infringed” doesn’t mean “infringed”; it means “shall not be protected.”  We see this in our universities where actual academic disciplines are increasingly replaced with “studies,” that amount to years of political indoctrination.  For example:

Other lessons would twist grammar in order to push incorrect pronouns reflecting nebulous gender identity rather than biological sex.

Ah yes, the current pronoun fixation.  My high school students barely understand the parts of speech.  Terribly sorry, but I don’t have time to invent and impose nonsensical pronouns when my kids have trouble recognizing and using actual pronouns and their antecedents.  It is not enough, it is never enough, to praise such people and their aberrant thinking.  It is not enough that they be left alone to do as they please.  They must be praised for their virtue and given rights that far exceed the rights of others.  They must be allowed to infringe on the rights of others.  It is significant that this indoctrination is never aimed at supporting the Constitution, individual liberty/sovereignty and the unalienable rights recognized by the Constitution.

History, economics, and even grammar’ is actually an understatement when it comes to the breadth of these lessons. According to the pilot program proposal, the lessons are geared toward students in grades 5/6, 8, 10, and 12. At each age bracket, students will have 2 math lessons, 2 English-language arts lessons, 2 social studies lessons, 2 science lessons, 2 visual and performing arts lessons, and 2 World Language lessons.

‘The intent of the law is for material to be weaved across subjects rather than taught as a stand-alone history lesson, said advocates and legislators who supported it,’ the magazine reported. In other words, not only will parents not be given the option to opt their kids out of the program, but children will not necessarily be aware of the LGBT lessons when they are taught.

This is particularly insidious, which is precisely what is intended.  There won’t be a few periods of presentations of LGBTQWERTY history, philosophy, or terminology, but every curriculum will be suffused with it.  Every reading in English will be analyzed in terms of LGBTQWERTY sensibilities.  Significant men and women throughout history will suddenly be discovered to have been some brand of queer, and their beliefs and accomplishments will be discovered to have been in furtherance of contemporary queer agendas.

While it is important to acknowledge the Nazis’ oppression against gay people, many LGBT activists have sought to redefine history in pursuit of their agenda. Some have claimed that the Bible figures of King David and Jonathan were homosexual or bisexual, while others have insisted that the Bible figures Deborah, King David, and the Apostle Paul were ‘transgender’ or ‘gender non-conforming.’ While many historical figures did engage in homosexual activity — the ancient Greeks were notorious for pederasty — the concepts of ‘lesbian,’ ‘gay,” “bisexual,’ and ‘transgender’ as identities are extremely modern, and it would do violence to history to apply them anachronistically to figures who never considered themselves that way.

But that’s the point.  All tyrants change history to suit them, to make their current depredations seem reasonable, even justified.

LGBT propaganda has often been cloaked in the language of'”anti-bullying’ lessons. This suggests that those who disagree with LGBT pride are bigoted and offensive. Many conservatives respect and honor LGBT people, even if they disagree with their lifestyles, however.

O’Neil goes a bit too far here.  I “respect and honor” others not for their sexuality but for their character.  People whose identity is defined by their sexuality or race tend not to be honorable people worthy of respect.  Who would think well of me if I demanded everyone think of me as a “white” teacher rather than a teacher who happens to be white?  As one who has been immersed in the arts for a lifetime, I’ve known many gay/lesbian/etc. people.  I teach some; I’ve worked with some.  Some are good and honorable people worthy of some degree of respect.  Others–and these invariably tend to be the people whose adjectives define them–are not.

The Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey has collected more than 3,500 signatures on a petition denouncing the law as a violation of religious liberty that ‘forces sexual ideology’ onto unsuspecting children. The petition asks the state to give parents the choice to opt their children out of LGBT lessons.

‘This law violates the fundamental and constitutional rights of parents to direct the moral and educational upbringing of their children,’ the petition says. ‘It was written with no protections for families – families cannot opt their child out of the content for any reason, not even if they have religious or moral objections!’

Silly religious people.  That’s the point!  Your moral and intellectual, sexuality obsessed betters want to indoctrinate your young, and you’re not going to be allowed to stop them:

Lawmakers argued against an opt-out provision because the lessons are intended to be integrated into the curriculum — a convenient excuse to make them mandatory.

Right.  There is no question this is partially aimed at the religious, which more and more tends to be conservatives, but merely angering their political opponents is only a happy side effect for D/S/Cs.  This is about power, about the future.  A much abused and misattributed aphorism goes something like this:

If you’re not a leftist when young you have no heart.  If you’re not a conservative when older, you have no brain.

D/S/Cs know the young, inexperienced and passionate, can be easily misled.  They fall for logical fallacies, and because they are not responsible for their own upkeep, tend not to understand economics.  They want to be fair and caring, and want to be seen as empathetic.  However, once one must provide work on the terms of others if they want to eat, have a car, a place to live, and all the other necessities and pleasures of life, their view of the world tends to more closely comport with reality.  This is obviously not universally true.  Many Americans, enjoying material plenty unlike most of the inhabitants of this world before them, can delay that realization for years, even decades.  As Margaret Thatcher said:

The trouble with socialism is you always run out of other people’s money.

For many D/S/Cs, that reality hasn’t yet smacked them over the head.  Even many that vote with their feet, fleeing people’s republics like California and New York, try to turn Texas and Florida into the pits of leftist despair they fled.  But always, the key is to indoctrinate the young, who will then be forced, for decades, into an uphill battle toward reality and adulthood, a battle they may never entirely win, but in the process, D/S/Cs will reap political power and material wealth.

If we are to survive as a constitutional republic, teachers must, individually, dedicate themselves to teaching only the curriculum and leave political indoctrination to politicians.  That’s why lunacy like the “1619 Project” and the New Jersey mandates must be universally denounced.  They do not represent the truth, the reality of the curriculum, and with the extraordinarily limited time available to teachers, choices must be made to include only accurate and apolitical materials.  

 Ultimately, if New Jersey politicians get away with this, the fault will lie with New Jersey voters, with the parents of school children.   It’s their job to ensure their children are taught, not indoctrinated.  Any bets which way this will go, gentle readers?