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Just for fun, I thought I’d follow up the top 15 of 2019 with the top 11 to date.  I chose 11 rather than 10 because I wanted to include #11 on the list; I suspect you’ll see why.  Onward!

#11: Montana: Kippie Ki Yay Yoga Pants  02-12-15–7099 views

This is what’s stampeding women and children and frightening cattle in Montana these days…
credit: guff.com

Tyranny is present, even in states where one wouldn’t necessarily expect it.  Gee, I’m not sure why this one has been so popular.  Perhaps if you take the link, you can explain it to me, gentle readers?

#10: SWAT: Manufacturing The Justification To Kill?  06-05-14–7316

Yes, it’s a backward mounted sight.

 Few truly understand the nature of SWAT teams.  I wrote this article as a sort of SWAT primer to help provide that information.

#9: The Chevy Volt: And It Costs A King’s Ransom To Repair Too! (Reprised and UPDATED) 01-04-12–8300

This is one in a continuing series on electric vehicles.  As regular readers know, I predicted that after the age of Obama, fiscal responsibility would eventually catch up with GM, and lo and behold, GM finally canceled the Volt.  However, this article was written in the heyday of the Obamite EV movement, and many sought to defend the Volt against my dastardly attempts to provide facts and reason.

#8: The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 11: The Dee Dee Interview–Kaboom!  06-13-12–9794

Rachel Jeantel
AKA “DeeDee” 

Dee Dee was a pseudonym for Rachel Jeantel, a sad young girl the Zimmerman prosecution thought would be their star witness.  This article analyzes their initial interview of her, and forecast, more accurately than I could have imagined, why she would blow up in their faces in court.

#7:  A Daily Companion: The Glock 26  08-24-12–12,439

Glock 26

The Glock 26 was a brilliant solution to the Clinton 10-round magazine limit.  I bought one of the first available, and carried it for many years, until the Glock 43 came along.  The 26 is still in production, and still a fine choice.  Note:  Glock model numbers correspond to their patents, nothing else.  The 26 is Glock’s 26th patent.

#6:  When Is An Unloaded Gun An Unloaded Gun? 08-16-13–12,524

This is the story of an unlucky New Hampshire citizen arrested for carrying a loaded gun in his vehicle, despite the face the weapon had no round in the chamber, and no inserted magazine.  Take the link to see the resolution, and to be forewarned that not every police officer knows, or will follow, the law.

#5:  Chris Kyle: The Universe Has A Second Laugh  01-05-13 –13,825

Chris Kyle
Credit: blogzap2it.com

This is the follow up to my original story on the late Chris Kyle.

#4:  The Universe Has A Good Laugh  06-04-12–12,597

credit: businessinsider.com

This article deals with the controversy over a story about Chris Kyle recounted in fellow SEAL Marcus Luttrell’s book.  In this, and the follow up article, I outlined all the facts, pro and con, and noted it was up to readers to make up their own minds.  That was not enough for some commenters whose hatred of Kyle and presumably the military, spilled over onto me and other commenters. 

#3: The Standard: The Glock 17  03-22-13–20,634

Glock 17 with Railmaster Pro

The G17 was Glock’s first design, made in response to military specifications.  It remains one of the most common and popular police duty weapons, and an equally popular choice for everyone.  This article provides a practical review of the handgun.

#2: The HK MP5 SD6: Good, Clean, Sexy, All-American Fun   03-17-13–24,165

H&K MP5-SD6: A Very Scary Looking Gun Indeed

This is a continually popular article.  The actual MP5 remains an iconic subgun, coming to the attention of much of the public in Die Hard.  The MP5 SD6, made under license by Walther, is a .22LR version of the 9mm original.  This article not only covers this interesting and fun little carbine, but provides quite a bit of history as well.

#1: Connecticut: The Coming Storm  03-01-14–50,760

credit: starkraving viking.blogspot.com

My most popular article to date, this is a fictionalized account of a horrific and deadly police raid on an innocent family.  It was written in response to attempts by Connecticut leftist politicians to ban and seize “assault weapons” from law-abiding citizens.  It immediately struck a chord, and in light of contemporary events in Virginia, remains timely.

Take the links, gentle readers.  You may see why these articles remain popular.