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Writing a blog is an exercise in joy and frustration.  I began this scruffy little blog when the late Bob Owens and I amiably agreed to go our separate blogging ways after several years working together at the old Confederate Yankee blog.  My first post was on October 09, 2011, and was little like the direction the interests of readers would eventually take me.  As this is written, SMM has surpassed more than 2.5 million hits/reads, however one would prefer to term it.  I suspect it’s actually more than that, but that’s how the software interprets things.

That certainly isn’t much when compared to the aggregator sites like Instapundit which experiences that kind of traffic in a day, but SMM isn’t that kind of site.  I’ve tried to produce content that can’t be found–easily or at all–elsewhere, and I’ve done my best to make the article complete, accurate, insightful and interesting, and have had some success.  Not bad for a one-person, in-my-spare-time endeavor, considering I’ve managed to produce at least one article a day.

Once again it’s time to look back on 2019 and see which articles were most popular.  I’ve included 15, more or less arbitrarily, because that number includes a fairly broad base of reader interests.  Many of these are brief series, or annual series, reprised and updated each year.  Since Sunday Funnies are a relatively recent invention, I’ve included the four most-read editions under a single number.  You’ll also note, gentle readers, that several of the most read articles of 2019 were written prior to 2019.

As I said, it’s a strange business.  Some articles I think pretty darned good more or less lay there like dead fish, while others I dashed off in a very short time skyrocket in reader interest.  Oh well.  Tomorrow, I’ll post an article on the SMM top ten of all time.  I hope you enjoy both walks down memory lane!

#15: The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 58: Fraud?  09-27-19–613 views  

This article was in response to the revelations of Joel Gilbert, who argues the fraud perpetrated on the public by the corrupt prosecutors who tried and failed to jail George Zimmerman for life was even more, well, fraudulent, than anyone expected.  If Gilbert is right, the corruption and incompetence of the prosecution team, and those supporting them, is off the charts.

#14: John McCain: I Come To Define Him  03-28-19–636 

This was one of four articles in which I explained the late Senator McCain’s bad faith and hatred, which caused him to cast the vote that preserved Obamacare as a last act of spite against not only Donald Trump, but the American people.

#13: The Jose Guerena Shooting: Update 1, Reprised  12-30-11–643

The “me too” shooter

This is a comprehensive review of the Guerena case, one of the worst examples of police incompetence and coverup I’ve ever seen.

#12: The Second Civil War, Part 2  01-25-19–663

Just one of many…

This is the second article in The Second Civil War Series.  The series continues in the fervent hope a second civil war will never be necessary.  I write this series because war has never seemed so possible.

#11: I Carry A Handgun Because, 2018  03-12-18–666

This is an annually updated list of reasons why I–and every patriotic American should–carry a concealed handgun.

#10: The Second Amendment: Socialist Dishonesty  05-28-19–674

This article exposes the tactics and intentions of the D/S/C movement who know they can never impose their utopia unless Americans are totally disarmed.

#9: Sunday Funnies Series

One of the pleasure of my youth was the Sunday funnies section of the local newspaper.  It took me awhile, but I finally hit on the idea of doing the same thing every Sunday, which is traditionally a slow day for readership.  It seems to have worked!

07-14-19: 729


11-10-19: 809

11-17-19: 858

#8: Ruger PC 9mm Carbine: A Fun Solution  06-04-18–730

I have all the guns I need, but of course, not nearly as many as I want.  I try to avoid buying guns just to have them (and seldom or never shoot them), and stick to a limited number of calibers, but this particular little carbine fills a useful purpose and is fun to boot.

#7: License To Kill: The Murder Of Erik Scot, 06-22-18 Update  06-22-18–770

This is the updated version of my first article introducing my book of the same name to the public after it became available.  It has been followed by other articles related to the book and subsequent developments.

#6: Vegas Transplanted To Laramie: Derek Colling, Update 5  02-08-19–866

Derek Colling, formerly of the Las Vegas Metro Police

As regular readers know, I introduced Derek Colling during my years of work on the Erik Scott case. Colling was a Las Vegas Metro officer who was fired–something almost unheard of–for brutally beating and arresting a citizen for doing nothing more than videotaping Colling and other officers involved in an unremarkable call.  The victim never left his own yard and was not interfering with the officers.  Colling also lied about his actions, and eventually landed a job with the Albany County–Laramie–WY Sheriff’s Office, where he killed a citizen–a former high school classmate–under suspicious circumstances.  This is one of a series of articles covering that incident.  I continue to write about it.

#5: Politicizing God  03-14-19–1116

Many denominations are caught up in the cultural wars, particularly that revolving around the demands of the LGBTQWERTY lobby for not only rights provided to no one else, but acceptance and praise for their behaviors and policies.  This article deals with that battle in the Methodist Church.

#4: Vegas Transplanted to Laramie: Derek Colling, Update 4  01-17-19–1247

Albany County Prosecutor Peggy Trent
credit: laramielive

This article chronicles the political maneuverings around Albany County Prosecutor Peggy Trent’s decision not to indict Colling for murder.

#3: Guns And Liberty: A Rationale, Part 2 2019  02-18-19–1427

This is part two of my yearly updated series on the wisdom, even the necessity, of being armed.  If you, gentle readers, need arguments to aid in convincing others, this is a series worthy of your time.

#2: A Katie Hill To Die On?  10-29-19–1750

This article related to the sex scandal of former Dem. Representative Katie Hill.  I’m not sure if it’s so relatively popular because it’s information the media tried to ignore, or because there are semi-naked photos of Ms. Hill.  I’m not mentioning that to get you to read the article–or maybe I am…

#1: License To Kill: The Murder Of Erik Scot, 02-27-19 Update–6144

This is an updated article relating to the book.  Thanks, as always, for your kind patronage of this scruffy little blog, gentle readers.  If you’re staying up tonight, this compendium of articles might help.  A happy and productive New Year to you and yours, and I’ll see you tomorrow!