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In Michelle Obama: Battlespace Preparation, I wrote of the possibility—probability?—the Democrats, painfully aware that none of their current candidates could beat Donald Trump, might draft Michelle Obama at their convention:

Drafted against her will—how sad!–but nobly willing to sacrifice herself to accept to save the country from liberty, the rule of law and prosperity, Michelle Obama would stride manfully onstage dressed as a lizard thigh boot-clad banana to thunderous applause, having suffered none of the interminable D/S/C debates.  Saved from having to agree with the other candidates in their rush to build another Venezuela, she could appear somewhat American–if one doesn’t look too closely or for too long.  She has scant political baggage, and she recently published a book that would be endlessly excerpted by the media in embarrassingly gushing prose.

The media, which has long ago taken sides, would pull out all the stops to boost her as much as possible.  We would witness an entirely new definition of softball, tongue bathing interviews, even surpassing the ‘why are you so wonderful?’ standard of media Hillary interviews. After all, Barack Obama was the D/S/C messiah.  Wouldn’t some of that rub off on Michelle?  Isn’t she, by association, at least a demi-god?  Surely Barack and Michelle haven’t been planning anything like this?  They’re not the type of people to engage in such Machiavellian intrigues.  Are they?

It appears that Mrs. Obama, on the road promoting her book, is also preparing the battlespace, using one of the favorite, indeed, the defining theme of the Age of Obama: racism.  Larry Elder, who happens to be Black, reports at Townhall.com:

Larry Elder

Michelle Obama recently complained about ‘white flight’ in her old Chicago neighborhood. By ‘white flight’ she means that whites left her neighborhood as it became increasingly black. ‘Upstanding families like ours, who were doing everything we were supposed to do and better — as we moved in, white folks moved out, because they were afraid of what our families represented,’ she said. ‘I always stop there when I talk about this out in the world because I want to remind white folks that y’all were running from us. This family, with all the values you read about: You ran from us. And you’re still running.’

Certainly, there has been “white flight,” but almost exclusively from inner city neighborhoods.  However, no one is running from Black people because they’re Black.  They “run” from crime, violence, declining civility, rising prices, ruinous taxes and regulations, horrible schools and to build a better life for themselves in the suburbs or in Flyover Country.  They leave neighborhoods because the culture of too many residents has declined so drastically no one with a choice could sanely, safely remain.  Culture matters, as Elder explains:

My family was the second black family to move into my South Central neighborhood in Los Angeles. We moved there in 1959, when I was entering the second grade. By seventh grade, virtually all the whites in my neighborhood had moved out.

For one semester, I attended Washington High, a high school that still had a fairly large white student body, perhaps 50%, while a high school closer to my home was being built.

On my very first day, I was by myself eating my lunch. There was a white kid a few yards away eating his lunch, when three or four black kids approached him. One black guy reached into his pocket and pulled out a white handkerchief, placing it across the rail the white kid was leaning against. He told the white kid, ‘Pick up that handkerchief and shine my shoe.’ The stunned white kid said, ‘Excuse me?’ The black kid repeated the demand, pointed to a clock on the wall, and said,’When the clock hits 1 o’clock and the bell goes off and you haven’t shined my shoe, I’m gonna kick your a–.’ The white kid kept asking why, what did he do to warrant this abuse? The black kid replied, ‘Because I told you to.’

The white kid refused. The bell rang. The black kid slammed his fist into the white kid’s face. But the white kid knew some form of martial arts, so he assumed a fighting position and repeatedly struck the black kid, knocking him down. Then the black kid’s friends jumped in and started pounding on the white kid. Soon several other blacks joined in and started hitting the white kid, too. The white kid started running, and a group of some 20 blacks ran after him.

This was my first day.

Elder relates other incidents in which black kids harassed, menaced, even assaulted white kids, and wonders:

To what degree did this contribute to the ‘white flight’ that Michelle Obama complained about and implied was completely due to anti-black racism?

Of course, black people, whenever they’re able, also flee urban enclaves run by Democrats.  More and more, black Americans are discovering that decades of D/S/C promises are, and always have been, hollow.  Their promises of prosperity are false, and until recently, they’ve been placated by trinkets such as Obama Phones, and promises of free this and that.  They’ve also been kept on the D/S/C reservation by shameless racial pandering and eternal victim status.

D/S/Cs know they cannot win national elections without at least 90% of the black vote.  Donald Trump is changing all that.  Not only are black American recognizing that while Democrats promise prosperity, Trump has delivered, and continues to deliver.  Calling Trump a racist without any evidence of racism is no longer convincing to an increasing number of black Americans, and for the first time in memory, it seems a foregone conclusion Mr. Trump will earn enough black votes to deny D/S/Cs the presidency.

That scares the hell out of them, which is why they are desperately trying to impeach President Trump, or failing that, to cause him sufficient political damage to make it possible for a terribly weak field of candidates to actually win in 2020.  This is also why Deval Patrick and Michael Bloomberg are jumping into the race.  Patrick must surely imagine his skin color can win votes D/S/Cs are losing to Trump, and Bloomberg?  Well, his ego knows no bounds, nor does his pocketbook.

Notice, however, gentle readers, Barack Obama is not supporting any D/S/C candidate, at least not publically.  Could this be because he’s waiting for a brokered convention, when he will throw his support behind Michelle? She is certainly keeping up the “whitey is racist” theme of the Age of Obama. In D/S/C circles, this is known as “bringing us together.”  A “draft Michelle” moment won’t happen unless the DNC is ready to throw every other candidate beneath the bus and laud Michelle as their savior.  They have a history of that–throwing people under the bus and finding new messiahs.  Watch this space.

UPDATE, 11-26-19 1820 CST:  Prof. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection is also foreseeing “Draft Michelle” fever at the D/S/C Convention.