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Let us, gentle readers, prior to the initiation of hostilities, make note of two facts:

(1) November 20, the day of the 5th Democrat—D/S/C–candidate debate was Joe Biden’s 77th birthday.  If elected, he would be 78 years old when he takes office, making him the oldest president in history (Bernie Sanders is now 78).

(2) Hunter Biden is now, officially, via DNA testing, the father of an unexpected child, making Joe an unexpected grandfather!  Happy times in the Biden family!  Hunter impregnated an “Arkansas woman” (No, I’m not going there.  Some things are too cheap and easy.), while simultaneously romancing the widow of his dead brother.

I mention the latter, particularly, to remind us what the media reaction to that news would surely be if the coke-snorting, military drop out (actually, kicked out), son of a Republican politician found himself in similar straits.  Double standards?  If the media didn’t have them, they’d have no standards at all. On to the Debate.

Once again, gentle readers, I failed you.  I watched—sort of—most of it.  By that I mean I read, while simultaneously catching the muted ramblings out of the corner of my eye.  When things looked interesting, I unmuted the TV.  “Interesting” for these dreary affairs, is a relative matter.  If one could bottle these rhetorical train wrecks, they would make billions selling a sure fire, revolutionary cure for insomnia.  But then Elizabeth Warren and the rest of the D/S/C rat pack would be after them because they didn’t build that and America’s biggest problem is insufficient tax revenue.  However, employing my sanity preserving debate viewing method, I was able to catch most of it.


Trump bad, really bad, corrupt, racist, dividing us, the source of all evil in the known universe, a criminal, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, and did I mention “bad”?  We must get rid of him one way or the other.  We have 8 or 9 years before climate change dooms us all.  Nothing is more important then combatting climate change, except for getting rid of Trump, then climate change.  We are not taking in nearly enough money in taxes, and billionaires, corporations, anybody that actually creates wealth and jobs and prosperity is bad, evil, and must be taxed so everybody else has a chance.  See this classic Bill Whittle video on the reality of taxing the rich to death.   Open borders and tear down the walls.  Only Pete Buttigieg knows the true meaning of Christianity, because he’s gay, you know.  America bad, really, really bad, and must be transformed.  We must unite the country by insulting, taxing and jailing at least half of its population.  Medicare for all!!!!!!!!!  If you like your insurance, the hell with you.  All your guns belong to us.  Abortion is the most holy of holy sacraments.  Corporate executives must be jailed!  Free stuff!  Free stuff!  Not chickens in every pot, but pot in every American!  Less freedom–much less freedom.  Much more centralized governmental power.  In short, more of the same.

Enter “democrat debate” in the SMM home page search bar to find all previous articles on these rhetorical abominations.  You’ll see what I mean by “more of the same.”  The only real difference is the race to the far, far–can barely see it with the Hubble Space Telescope–left continues unabated.

Four candidates of the ten onstage had by far the most time, with Warren leading, followed by Buttigieg, Biden and Sanders.  Yang had the least.  Notably missing from the debate was any real mention of the economy.  This is not surprising as the economy is going great guns, and the four ardently leftist female moderators—who cares who they are?–lobbed slow motion softball questions, all of which assumed Trump bad and normal Americans and their stupid beliefs equally badThe Washington Examiner explains why they avoided the economy like vampire avoid sunlight:

Another poll finds that public support for President Trump has not waned in the face of House impeachment hearings, and the approval for his handling of the economy has hit a new record high.

In today’s Gallup survey, 57% approve of the Trump economy. That, said the survey analysis, is ‘by one percentage point, his best as president.’

It comes as the stock market is hitting new highs, and unemployment is at a low for several groups.

CANDIDATE OBSERVATIONS (in no particular order):

Bernie Sanders:  He was, if possible, even more wild-eyed, angry and loud than in the past. He remains the penultimate communist candidate, and if elected, he’s going to give it to us, good and hard.  The campaign has taken a toll on him.  He looks older then old, and even more tired than usual, and appears since his heart attack, to have botoxed his forehead, which was as smooth as a newborn’s bottom, even when he was raging and wildly gesturing, which was pretty much constantly.  He still wants to jail success:

“By the way, the fossil fuel industry is probably criminally liable, because they have lied, and lied, and lied, when they had the evidence that their carbon products were destroying the planet, and maybe we should think about prosecuting them as well.”

He’s also, as usual, on the climate doom bandwagon:

Joe Biden:  Gropin’ Joe is also looking older and more tired.  He was pale, and his features, for the most part, slack.  He’s obviously been drilled and rehearsed, but mostly stood there looking every moment of his age.  There was no fire.  He didn’t make his usual unlimited quotient of gaffes, but made some, as usual, particularly telling us he comes from the black community.  Cory Booker joyously jumped on that one.  Joe alone has the experience to unite us, which he has always done in the past.

But Biden’s best gaffe came in response to a question on domestic violence, when he said:  “No man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger, other than self-defense and that rarely ever occurs, so we have to just change the culture. Period, and keep punching at it and punching at it and punching at it.”  You tell ‘em Joe.

Pete Buttigieg:  Pete needs help with his makeup.  He looked pale, and worked very hard to look serious.  He continues to play the moderate candidate, the only man with the experience to defeat Donald Trump and to lead and unite the people.  His continual claims to know the truth of Christianity are going over as well as his appeal to black Americans and minorities, people who understand the gospel well, which is to say not well at all.  Consider this from PJ Media:

While talking about systemic racism and his challenge connecting with black voters, Mayor Pete said, ‘I care about this because my faith teaches me that salvation has to do with how I make myself useful to those who have been excluded, marginalized, and cast aside and oppressed in society.’

In other words, salvation has to do with works. Only by making yourself ‘useful’ to the marginalized can you be saved.

Arguments over the relative values of faith and works are ancient, but that’s not the ground Pete is occupying with his politically correct, virtue signaling political evangelism.  And of course, “the marginlized” would be the LGBTQWERTY “community,” which is Pete’s identity and main concern.  His performance was, at best, lackluster and certainly didn’t capitalize on his momentary boost in the early polls.  Hollywood has a crush on Pete.  Sarah Silverman apparently doesn’t know he’s gay, or just has a thing for mustaches:

Corey Booker:  This too is an angry man, a man whose smiles are not born of a kind heart, but of mocking hatred of others.  He smiles when he thinks he has an advantage over others.  He actually said America lacks tax revenues.  He is more careful than Warren, and Sanders, in Medicare for all idiocy, but he is no less a big government socialist.  He’s just more cagey about it.  He wants pot in every pot head, and everyone should be a pot head.  It’s practically inhuman not to favor universal legalization of marijuana.

Elizabeth Warren:  She’s the angry, hateful, self-righteously hectoring schoolteacher who specialized in humiliating children in front of the class.  She knows best, and when she’s president, she’s going to show us all.  She’d tear down the walls Mr. Trump has built.  Even though she has had to backpedal on her Medicare for all insanity in recent weeks, that insanity was front and center Wednesday evening.  She revealed a standard D/S/C tactic, the same one used with Obamacare: get them hooked on it, and it will be impossible to ever do away with.  She said she’d institute Medicare for all, and after three years, after the rubes had the chance to “taste” it—she actually said that—they’d vote for it and love it.  Oh, and she also said, Medicare for all will be free!  She’s also going to tax the hell out of the rich, who presumably just have to sit and take it.  Maybe we ought to keep the walls to keep them in?

Andrew Yang:  Who?

Tom Steyer: Who?

Amy Klobuchar:  Big line of the night: “If you think a woman can’t beat Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi does it every single day.”  Well, if spending all her time attacking Trump and accomplishing absolutely nothing is beating Trump, I guess so.  This was her rationale for why she alone can beat Trump.  Oddly, she was visibly shaking at various points during the night.  Some pundits think she turned in a sterling performance.  She seemed a bit better prepared than in the past, but she’s certainly not going to be the nominee.  She’s faux Minnesota nice, and as bland as flat white wall paint.

Kamala Harris:  She was a bit livelier than in the past, and smiled more.  I doubt, however, this will do anything to improve her fortunes.  She did outrage the Party of booing God when she used “in the year of our Lord,” instead of the secular “CE” (common era).  I suppose it cold have been worse had she actually said “anno domini.”  We’ve only recently discovered the D/S/C aversion to the most common, well- known Latin phrases.  The D/S/C twitterverse went berserk.  She’s not going to be the nominee.

Tulsi Gabbard:  She remains the most rational of the group, but considering how far left they are, this puts her about three notches left of center—at best.  Consider this:

She’s trying to be the sane, rational center voice of the D/S/C Party, which caused others to pile on her.  Compared to the rest, she looks relaxed, calm and in command, which is why she has no chance in Hell of being the nominee.  Sane, rational and centrist is no longer remotely what will win the D/S/C nomination circa 2019.  They’ve moved beyond all that, transcended it–and America.


These are social engineers, not humble souls selflessly seeking to serve the public.  Their own polling has surely told them the public sees them as radicals intent on tearing down the American system and substituting a socialist/communist utopia of their making, so they tried to tone it down a bit.  Many of them made a point of saying they don’t want to tear down the system, just make it work for everyone, because as we all know, people are suffering in the best economy in history.  Women and minorities hit hardest!

There was nothing new in this fifth debate.  The communists are still communists, Joe Biden is still trying to be folksy Uncle Joe who all the women in the family know well enough to never be alone with, and the rest are trying to occupy a D/S/C “middle ground” that no longer exists, while still being radical enough not to alienate the D/S/C base.  And that’s their ultimate problem.

The D/S/C base, indeed, virtually all of the D/S/C Party, is consumed with Trump Derangement Syndrome.  These are not people who, seeing opposing candidates elected are disappointed, these are people who scream, cry, rend their garments, gnash their teeth, assault others, and actually bay at the moon.  They are consumed with hate and self-righteous indignation, convinced that anyone they hate is a Nazi or worse, which gives them license to break the law, the Constitution and the country in pursuit of their virtuous ends.

When these people speak of uniting America, they mean forcing everyone to accept their rule and not only to give up their rights, particularly under the First and Second Amendments, but to praise them for their moral and intellectual superiority.  Theirs is the unity of the dictatorship.  When they speak of corruption and President Trump destroying the Constitution and rule of law, they speak of their own actions and desires.

But hey, take a few hits off your bong, redefine the scriptures to exalt your favorite sins, and it’s all good—and free, don’t forget free. 

Maybe Michael Bloomberg and Deval Patrick will be on stage next time, though Patrick’s having to cancel a campaign event when only two people showed up isn’t a good sign for his insurgency.  More to come—shudder—in December.