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Regular readers know I’ve often discoursed on the nature of Leftism, or as I’ve recently come to call it, Democrat/Socialist/Communist –D/S/C–philosophy.  I’ve come to this acronym because the contemporary Democrat Party is almost entirely socialist, with small fringes of what might be considered traditional Democrats–people who don’t hate America and Americans with a red, faced, spitting rage–and a growing proportion of dedicated, if increasingly less stealthy, communists.  There is now even a small faction of Islamists.  What is clear about every D/S/C faction is there is no longer any such thing as a Democrat unquestionably loyal to America, a Democrat willing to honor any oath to defend the Constitution, a Democrat that believes for a moment their job is to represent the American people.  How can that be when they believe at least half of America racist, sexist, and every “phobe” or “ist” one can imagine or invent?  Lest anyone suggest I’m being hyperbolic, compare whichever D/S/Cs voting record they might claim to be a patriot with the wishes of their party.

To understand such people, one must also understand they believe no D/S/C philosophy or policy can possibly be wrong.  They are, one and all, non-falsifiable.  No amount of evidence, no intrusion of reality, can possibly convince a D/S/C they are wrong and their ideas or policies should be changed.  Surely, some of these people are capable of recognizing reality, but they’re used to constructing their own and demanding others live in it, or they are so consumed by the pursuit of power, they’re willing to lie, cheat, steal and worse to see the triumph of D/S/C policy.  Besides, they’re the self-imagined elite.  They don’t have to admit failure to their inferiors.

So when one of their policies inevitably fails, they deny it failed.  Failing that, they explain: “shut up.”  Failing that, they argue their policy wasn’t given enough time to work its wonders—that’s why we need a second “assault weapon” ban–or not enough money was spent, or it wasn’t imposed on the Deplorables with sufficient ferocity, or even worse, Deplorables have been allowed to exist to oppose their unholy gospel and to hinder the inevitable march to D/S/C utopia.

With this background firmly in mind—this requires a grasp of reality—let us visit The Daily Chrenk.com to better understand The Deep State, one of the primary, and most dangerous, D/S/C factions:

It’s 2019, so it’s perhaps time to update Ronald Reagan’s famous dictum that ‘The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’

The media and the left (but I repeat myself) have spent the past three years ridiculing the concept of the ‘Deep State’ and those who subscribe to its existence. We have been told it’s a crazy right-wing conspiracy theory to believe that some public servants, mostly in the fields of intelligence, law enforcement and diplomacy, might cooperate in informal cabals to pursue their preferred policies regardless of who is in power and to protect their fiefdoms from oversight, interference and the executive, legislative and judicial control. To wonder whether some influential people in the federal bureaucracy, connected through a revolving door with the progressive establishment, might have contemplated preventing the election of their bete noire and his removal from office once their initial efforts proved unsuccessful invited accusation of delusion and paranoia.

This narrative is now officially old and busted. The new and hot one: the Deep State exists and it’s good.

As Michelle Cottle, member of ‘The New York Times’ editorial board, writes in her op-ed “They Are Not The Resistance. They Are Not a Cabal. They Are Public Servants: Let us now praise these not-silent heroes”:

President Trump is right: The deep state is alive and well. But it is not the sinister, antidemocratic cabal of his fever dreams. It is, rather, a collection of patriotic public servants — career diplomats, scientists, intelligence officers and others — who, from within the bowels of this corrupt and corrupting administration, have somehow remembered that their duty is to protect the interests, not of a particular leader, but of the American people.

One is tempted to think some of these seditionists actually think they are preserving the Republic.  You know, the Republic that is racist, sexist, full of white supremacists, that is caging children, destroying the planet, worse than Hitler, perpetrating every horror mankind can imagine, requiring a noble, self-sacrificing unelected self-imagined elite to serve as the guardians of that political abomination, the better to resist and to fundamentally transform it in their own D/S/C image.  In reality, they are undermining the foundations of the Republic, and pushing us ever farther toward dissolution or civil war.

The problem is that for all the left’s constant drumbeat the last three years about ‘this corrupt and corrupting administration’, Trump’s ‘excesses’, the ‘war on science, expertise and facts’, collusion, treason, and so on, the sound and fury signify pretty much nothing. There are no smoking guns, or even non-smoking guns, no evidence, no proof that would stand up anywhere outside the court of D/S/C opinion. And after three years of baselessly accusing the President of being a Russian agent we have impeachment proceedings begun without a vote and without identifying which laws Trump is meant to have broken.

Well of course not!  We have to impeach the President to find out why we’re impeaching the president.  There has since been a hasty vote in the House, but it was on the sane side of partisan; two Democrats broke ranks and voted with every single Republican against an impeachment inquiry.

One could believe the whole ‘protect[ing] the interests… of the American people’ shtick if after all this time and the incalculable amount of energy and effort expended on bringing down the President, all those patriotic public servants have been able to show something – anything – for it. So instead of disinterested paragons of civic virtue, it increasingly looks like the federal bureaucracy is full of hard-core progressives and liberals who can’t stomach a non-Democrat usurper who doesn’t share their values, ideas and objectives.

Their reality is that Donald Trump is not only Hitler, he’s worse than Hitler.  He’s committing worldwide atrocities on an unimaginable scale.  Reality dictates he has dramatically improved the economy, upheld the Constitution, is continuing to restore the rule of law, has strengthened our military, reduced unemployment, particularly for minorities, restored essential liberty to the people, forced our foreign partners to pay their fair share of NATO defense, made America the world’s foremost producer of natural gas and oil, lowered taxes, raised wages, and reduced illegal immigration.

D/S/C reality fails to recognize any of that.  In fact, all of those manifestly good things are evidence of evil.  Thus are they dedicated to getting rid of Trump—and anyone that supports him or the Constitution—so there is no reality but D/S/C reality.  After all, if Trump is worse than Hitler, why should anyone restrain their efforts to destroy him and anyone that might have a kind thought about him?

It’s an interesting, if of course also self-serving theory, that public servants don’t work for the government of the day, but for ‘the people’. As Cottle’s logic demonstrates, it gives you a license to essentially do whatever you want instead of what your political bosses tell you. The problem, as I mentioned above, is that ‘the people’ don’t vote for bureaucrats, they vote for their elected representatives, based on which policy program they like best – or hate least. Seeing that we – still – live in a democracy, the people are given the opportunity to judge their politicians every few years. If they consider that their interests have been negatively affected by the executive’s excesses, they will vote somebody else in. The problem is that the progressives only like the people if the people agree with them. By and large, however, the people can’t be trusted; like children or mentally handicapped they need someone – like the government, or if the government is in hostile hands, the public service – to look after them. It’s the unspoken technocratic mantra and it justifies the existence of an in loco parentis state, deep or otherwise.

The D/S/C resistance mindset, particularly among federal employees, is a knowing rejection of our Republican system, just as much as their screams for the abolishment of the First and Second Amendments, the Electoral College, and packing the Supreme Court.  They do not seek to preserve liberty; they seek to end it.

Roman soldiers were paid in salt.  From this comes the term “salary,” and the idiom that someone is “not worth his salt.”  Honorable people, then and now, understand that when they take the government’s—the people’s—salt, they are obligated to do their jobs, to serve, in a bi-partisan manner, the government elected by the people.  They don’t get to construct their own reality where a lawfully elected president and those appointed under him are not only illegitimate, but may be undermined and destroyed.  They don’t violate the law.  They don’t unlawfully harass people for their political beliefs.  They don’t deny college boys due process and destroy their lives.  That sort of behavior was rife during the Obama years.  President Trump is ending it, and D/S/Cs are alarmed.  They’re entitled to the people’s salt, and they don’ need no steenking rule of law.

Now that the former newspaper, The New York Times, has admitted the existence of The Deep State and pronounced them true patriots, normal Americans have permission to take notice, and to do what’s necessary—and lawful—to remove them from any position of influence and power.  There is much more swamp to be drained, and this too accounts for much of the Deep State’s outrage.  Another four years of Donald Trump is a real threat to their existence and power.

I do not hope for civil war; no rational person does.  But there’s the rub.  People grounded in reality understand the horror of war, and civil war most of all.  They are prepared, in training, dedication and preparation to fight and win one if necessary, but they are equally dedicated to doing everything possible to avoid it.  Unfortunately, when their opponents manufacture their own reality, when they knowingly refuse to learn from their mistakes or the mistakes of history, when the self-imagined elite think the reality of normal Americans cannot possibly apply to or affect them, civil war becomes ever more likely, and The Deep State, including the FBI, DOJ, CIA, State Department, and innumerable other federal agencies, are the vanguard of America’s destruction.

No Republic whose ostensible public servants despise it and most of its people can long survive.  Abraham Lincoln, paraphrasing Mathew 12:25 observed:

Lincoln at Gettysburg
credit: smithsonianmagazine

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

If the conflict they seek breaks out, they’re going to have to deal with actual reality.  They won’t like it.