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Who was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?  He was among the most bloodthirsty Islamist terrorist demons of the modern age.  Leader/ruler/Caliph of the ISIS Caliphate, he ordered and engaged in torture, beheadings, kidnapping, slavery, rape, the burning alive of people locked in cages and bound on spits, and other medieval atrocities.  Few have so deserved to be sent to their hellish master in the name of humanity and justice.  At President Trump’s order, justice, in the form of Delta Force and Army Rangers, finally caught up with him.  Of course, not everyone was happy about his well-deserved demise, as Fox News reports:

President Trump’s successful operation to take out Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi sent Democrats scrambling on Sunday, as several top party leaders had complained publicly in recent days that the White House had no “real plan” to combat the terror group following the U.S. pullout in Syria.

In a dramatic sign of how Democrats’ messaging apparently backfired, NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ ran an ill-timed sketch suggesting that Trump had created ‘jobs’ for ISIS — just hours before the president held a news conference announcing al-Baghdadi’s demise. The sketch aired around the time the two-hour late-night raid in northwest Syria was underway.

Well, ISIS does have at least one executive job opening…

It’s genuinely fascinating watching Democrats in real-time struggle to figure out what to say about this,’ journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote on Sunday. ‘They want to be patriotic and anti-ISIS, but also need a way to malign Trump without contradicting their gushing Obama praise over [Usama bin Laden]: not an easy balancing act. Good luck!

Actually, many of them aren’t patriotic and anti-ISIS, and they don’t really want to be seen to be either.  Most do, however, recognize the political necessity of being seen, by the rubes, to be that way, at least until they can make voting a sure thing for themselves. Besides, any Trump success is a serous problem for D/S/Cs.

Through the day, the Democrats — including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Foreign Relations Committee ranking member Bob Menendez and former Vice President Joe Biden — seemingly settled on a new strategy. They praised the troops who executed the historic raid, while pointedly avoiding complimenting the president in any way.

In some cases, the Democrats complained that they were not informed in advance of the operation, while the Russian military was told so that their airspace could be used. The president suggested Sunday that Democrats in Congress, who have been conducting an impeachment inquiry against him that has been fraught with leaked information to the media, were not notified before the raid because of concerns they might compromise the operation with leaks.

Considering contemporary congressional Democrats, any Commander in Chief that did not withhold such information would be grossly negligent. 

I congratulate our special forces, our intelligence community, and all our brave military professionals on delivering justice to the terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,’ Biden, one of the many Democrats seeking to unseat Trump in 2020, said. He went on to call on Trump to ‘keep up the pressure to prevent ISIS from ever regrouping or again threatening the United States.

I rather suspect Mr. Trump will continue to do just that, considering he allowed our military to destroy the Caliphate in the first place where Biden and Barack Obama would not.

No personnel were lost in the operation, while a large number of Baghdadi’s fighters and companions were killed with him,’ Trump announced, adding that the U.S. recovered ‘highly sensitive’ materials related to ISIS. ‘You are the very best anywhere in the world,’ Trump later said of the U.S. forces.

Trump said al-Baghdadi died while being chased down by U.S. forces in a tunnel, and that the ISIS leader was ‘whimpering and crying and screaming all the way.

Here’s why he was crying and screaming: he was being chased down a tunnel.  Good dog!

Notice the difference between Mr. Trump and Mr. Obama?  Whenever Obama bragged about the accomplishments of our special forces, he barely mentioned them, and constantly referred to himself.

The New York Times has tried to somehow suggest that in ordering the raid on al-Baghdadi, Mr. Trump did something wrong, but even their own report doesn’t sustain their headline.  It is The Washington Post, however, that blatantly reveals—as it does every day—how utterly corrupt and untrustworthy the American media has become.  They mourned al-Baghdadi by calling him “an austere religious scholar.”

Sean Hannity took the WaPo to school:

Rational, sane, actually American elements of the Blogosphere, like Iowahawk, immediately savaged the WaPo:

John Noonan made an obvious, and damaging point:

The appropriately named Allapundit left a mark:

And Mike Doran engaged in definition of character:

The Washington Post, as it has seldom done so clearly, told us just what it is.  Who but an Islamist maniac, who but people who loath America and Americans, who but degenerates so determined to help Democrats complete a seditious coup, would think to say anything but the truth about a former infernal monster like al-Baghdadi?

As I’m sure you know, gentle readers, Mr. Trump has canceled White House subscriptions to The New York Times and The Washington post.  For this, he has been called Mussolini—and worse—by various dim-wits.  In canceling subscriptions, he has done nothing at all illegal or immoral.  No media outlet has a right to force anyone to consume their offerings.  The NYT and WaPo remain free to publish as they choose.  None of their employees is in any danger, legally or otherwise.  Mr. Trump, unlike D/S/Cs, has made no attempt to in any way infringe on the First Amendment.

One thing is, however, now crystal clear: not only was he right, Mr. Trump was, if anything, slow in canceling those subscriptions.  Honorable Americans should follow suit.