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If there weren’t fake hate crimes, there would be no hate crimes at all.

On September 18, I wrote Hate Crime: A Quick Look In The Mirror, which was the story of a Black, former NFL player who trashed his two businesses, with the obvious intention of reporting nefarious hate criminals and blaming President Trump.  Fortunately, this budding rocket scientist was caught leaving the scene in a vehicle with no license plates, and property he intended to report as stolen.  I wrote, in part:

Coughman, by the way, is Black. Even Fox News is apparently loath to report that obviously relevant fact, though their article does feature a mug photo of Coughman.  And why is it relevant?  Circa 2019, virtually all of the celebrated hate crimes reported by Black people are committed by Black people, usually the same Black people.  There is a severe imbalance in the hate crime marketplace; demand is far outstripping supply, so Black entrepreneurs are stepping in to address the imbalance in the cruel Trump economy that doesn’t work for everyone.

The case that is the subject of this article features a Black victim/perpetrator, and also attempted to blame a sort of member of the Trump Administration, Karen Pence, Vice President Mike Pence’s wife.  The Washington Examiner reports on the screaming headlines:


SIXTH GRADERS HOLD DOWN CLASSMATE, CUT HER DREADLOCKS AT PRIVATE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL WHERE KAREN PENCE TEACHES,” the screaming headline at Newsweek read. Similar headlines implicated Pence in the incident at left-wing outlets ranging from NBC News to the Advocate.

Steve Green at PJ Media provides the details:

It was all over the major papers late last week, when 12-year-old Amari Allen, a black student, claimed that three white boys held her down and forcibly cut some of her dreadlocks at their Christian school.

Wiser bloggers demurred from covering the story until more information could come to light.

Yet the NYT and other outlets breathlessly reported the sixth-grader’s accusation in a phone interview. ‘They put me on the ground,’ she claimed. ‘One of them put my hands behind my back. One put his hands over my mouth. One cut my hair. They were saying that my hair was ugly, that it was nappy.’ And Twitter was all lit up because of the supposed Mike Pence connection — his wife Karen teaches at the Immanuel Christian School where the assault never happened.

Lets see if I have this right: the girl reportedly had some of her hair cut, but the media blasts the only actual fact cited in the story, that Karen Pence teaches at the school.  This is, somehow, connected to the alleged assault because of what, exactly?  Why obviously, the horrible atmosphere of white supremacy and hate Mr. Trump has established, and so logically—to Democrats/Socialists/Communists—the Second Lady must bear some responsibility because Trump!  The girl’s grandparents–her guardians–amazingly, did the right thing.

We should all be thankful the girl’s grandparents are responsible adults.  Their integrity should be a lesson to all, most particularly that Black people are not eternal, helpless victims, and that everyone is responsible for their character, or lack thereof.  The Media, of course, will never learn this lesson, for D/S/C narratives, and those propounding them, can never be wrong.  Sadly, even the staff of a Christian school seem to be hopelessly woke:

…school principal Stephen Danish released a statement this morning bemoaning the ‘tremendous pain for the victims and the hurt on both sides of this conflict.

“…the hurt on both sides of this conflict”?!  What “conflict” might that be?  There was never any conflict.  There was never an assault, never a hate crime.  There was a 6th grade girl who took to heart the lessons of the Black Grievance Industry, BLM, social justice, and the Resistance and tried to pull a trendy hate crimes hoax.  Apparently her grandparents were wiser and ended it before any real damage was done.   Indeed, harm was done to the wrongfully accused boys, primarily by the Principal, the media and any credulous fool who for a moment believed that tale, but the lying girl damned well ought to be feeling some pain.  If believed, and there is a more than even chance such things will be believed and acted upon these days, those boys and their parents could have found themselves incurring ruinous legal bills, and unimaginable damage to their lives.  Even now that the hoax has been conclusively revealed, many of the media outlets, bloggers and Twitter trolls that so happily jumped on another example of their too-good-to-check narrative won’t bother to issue corrections, and forever after, those boys and their parents will be thought racist criminals by some portion of the population.  Damage done by the media is virtually never entirely repaired, and they know it.

Forever after, dishonest politicians and the media will use this hoax, reporting it as though the false accusation was real, just as they’ve done with Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and others.  The falsely accused boys—she had to have named them—have not been widely, publically identified because they’re juveniles, but in that area, one can be certain their identities are well known, and widely disseminated.

There is indeed a climate, a climate of racism and hate, but it has nothing to do with President Trump, Mrs. Pence, or white people.