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I used to watch Chris Wallace’s Sunday show on Fox. But in the last few years I’ve noticed he is far more aggressive when questioning Republicans than Democrats, usually arguing with them, often interrupting them and not allowing them to provide answers he doesn’t like.  I don’t watch that show any more.  Even reasonably ethical, fair journalists are eventually lured into the resistance, all the while thinking they’re being ethical.  That’s what happens, I suppose, when one is daily surrounded by liars and members of the Democrat/Socialist/Communist propaganda machine.  Consider this from Fox News:  

The whistleblower allegations represent a major threat to the Trump presidency. The allegation is that the president pressured Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, with some Democrats also arguing that he held up military aid as part of that effort. The whistleblower also claims that the administration went to great lengths to “bury” the controversial phone call on July 25 between Trump and Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky

Fox is faithfully relaying D/S/C talking points.  The remainder of the article does not tell the whole story. So much for “fair and balanced.”  We now know that President Trump did no such thing.  We don’t even have to rely on the White House Transcript.  We know the Ukranians didn’t learn military aid was being held up until at least a month after Mr. Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky.  It’s rather hard to pressure someone if they have no idea of what’s being used to pressure them, particularly if there was no pressure applied, as Ukraine’s Foreign Minister and President Zelensky confirmed.  The aid was held only a short time, and has long since been provide to Ukraine.  The call is “controversial,” only because D/S/Cs and unethical journalists keep saying it is.

Regarding Biden, Gropin’ Joe wasn’t mentioned until President Zelensky, who was elected in a platform of fighting corruption, mentioned him.  President Trump then merely agreed with Zelensky, and said it would be a good thing if the Ukrainians investigated that, because it looked “horrible to me.”

President Trump buried the phone call so deeply it was almost immediately made public, as were other relevant documents.  And are we to believe that Presidents should not take reasonable steps to safeguard such conversations, particularly when they know they are surrounded by deep state spies and traitors that have already made public such conversations, badly damaging the president’s ability to conduct foreign policy?

We are watching, gentle readers, and have been watching for nearly three years, a slow motion coup.  This is nothing less than a concerted, illegal, unconstitutional effort by D/S/Cs and not a few Republicans, to overturn the results of a lawfully conducted presidential election.  These people have not only driven themselves insane, but have introduced a new definition of projection.  We can now be absolutely certain that whatever they accuse the President of doing, they have done themselves, and/or are planning to do as soon as they can sufficiently distract the public.  For such people, obscene epithets are insufficient.

Rudy Guliani is being criticized for investigating Joe and Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian dealings.  This is an extraordinary bit of political judo, for Gropin’ Joe has bragged—on camera—that he did what President Trump is falsely accused of doing: threatened the Ukrainians with a quid pro quo to prevent them from investigating the crimes of Burisma Holdings, the energy company that seated Biden’s son on its board, paying him more than $3 million dollars over several years.  Biden bragged that he gave the Ukrainians six hours to fire the prosecutor investigating the case, or he would withhold a billion dollars, and “son of a bitch,” as Biden the elder statesman put it, they fired him and installed someone “solid.”  By this we can infer “solid” means “corrupt.”  We know this is true because that prosecutor has said he was abruptly asked to resign due to Biden’s threat, and was begged to do it for the good of the country.  A patriot, unlike Biden, he resigned.

One question almost entirely unasked by the press is why would any foreign energy company put a coke-snorting, entirely undistinguished American lawyer who does not speak the language, with no experience or expertise in the energy business, on its board and pay him many American’s yearly salary every month?  Perhaps it helps that Biden’s firm also employed one of John Kerry’s relatives, as well as a relative of Mafia hit man Whitey Bulger?  Where can I get that kind of gig?  I, easily, know as little as Biden did, though I’m not a coke snorter and wasn’t kicked out of the military and don’t have such distinguished partners.  To really learn how Hunter Biden used Gropin’s Joes political muscle to really enrich themselves, visit this National Review timeline.  

Guliani is the President’s attorney.  He has been defending him against the coup for years.  It is his job to investigate anything and everything that might be useful in defending his client.  That’s what lawyers are ethically required to do.  Failing that, they can be disbarred.  In looking into Biden’s grotesque corruption and abuse of office in a nation directly involved in the coup, he was, and is, doing only what he is required to do.

D/S/Cs are now so panicky, they’re trying to get the media to shut out Guliani.  If anyone needed confirmation of their anti-constitutional intentions, that’s a fair indication.  Free speech for them, but for no one else.  Surely, a significant portion of the media will go along with them, but fortunately, with the Internet–which is becoming increasingly hostile to normal Americans–still more or less free, they no longer have a monopoly on information.

This is a good thing in that D/S/Cs are shameless liars.  The slimiest of slimy politicians, Adam Schiff (D, People’s Republic Of California) simply lied about the transcript of President Trump’s conversation with President Zelensky, reading into the congressional record a fiction his staffers likely wrote, and when called out, claimed he was reciting a parody.  When one thinks the Congress could not sink any lower, D/S/Cs find new depths of depravity.

They’ve destroyed public confidence in the FBI, the DOJ, the “Intelligence community,” and much of the rest of the federal government.  Of course, they seek to destroy any reliance on American constitutionalism.

Now we learn that when Nancy Pelosi took over the Speakership, she changed House rules to bar Republicans from any meaningful participation in impeachment.  We also learn that the “intelligence community,” weeks before the current—he or she won’t be the last—“whistleblower” complained, secretly changed the rules to allow second and more handed whistleblower complaints.  The previous, rational, rule required any whistleblower to have first hand knowledge.  This is rational because allowing anything less invokes the protection of the law for mere rumormongers, subjecting the innocent to reputation, fortune and career destroying lies.  We also know the “whistleblower’s” complaint was clearly written by a law firm.  Perhaps the law firm of the whistleblower’s attorneys, people known for soliciting and exploiting dirt against the President?  Perhaps D/S/C congressional staffers?  Both?

Golly gentle readers, you don’t suppose this was planned?  In advance?  Years in advance?  New Neo provides evidence whistleblowing was a resistance tactic from the start.

And we have Nancy Pelosi whining the President must be impeached because he’s destroying the Constitution!  She does not follow this assertion with any actual evidence, mind you.  Apparently resisting a coup, a blatantly unconstitutional attempt to overturn the will of the people is unconstitutional?  Yet advocating the destruction of the electoral college, pushing vote harvesting, seeking to destroy the First and Second Amendments, throwing open the borders, emptying the prisons and packing the Supreme Court constitutes upholding the Constitution?

But what about the 2018 congressional elections?  Didn’t the people want Democrats to impeach the President?  Isn’t that why they gave control of the House to D/S/Cs?

Americans tend to want balance in politics.  The Media and D/S/Cs—I know: one in the same—were so successful in demonizing Donald Trump, in convincing people too busy with their lives to live and breath politics, that Trump was a monster trying to destroy the Constitution.  That he has, like no politician before him, honored his campaign promises, and has largely restored fidelity to the Constitution and reestablished the rule of law is of little consequence.  Enough people were superficially worried they elected D/S/Cs.  This isn’t the only reason.  Many D/S/C candidates in so-called “purple” districts promised to actually behave as though they believed in America and American Constitutionalism.  They didn’t mean it, their constituents are catching on, and they’re very worried about 2020.  Of course, the Stupid Party is always poised to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

We arrive at our current political farce.  The precedents D/S/Cs are setting are destructive to the Republic.  The Founders were prescient.  They knew if Americans could not rely on the peaceful transfer of power, if their votes were stolen or in any way diluted, the Republic could not survive.  Benjamin Franklin, a wise man, was asked what kind of government the Constitutional Convention had provided.  He replied: “A republic, if you can keep it.”  D/S/Cs are determined we do not.

In a very real sense, the D/S/Cs political calculation is destructive and cynical, but may be sound.  Past experience has assured them they can do whatever they like, play any dirty trick, lie, cheat, steal, even shake their heads in mock pity as inconvenient witnesses mysteriously die, in the certainty when Republicans are next in power, they won’t do the same to them.  Republicans are too ethical—the suckers—they actually play by the rules and honor their oaths of office.  Not only that. A great many Republicans are stealth D/S/Cs, or simply too timid to resist D/S/C lies and outrages.  In this cynical certainty, D/S/Cs are almost surely correct.

This encourages D/S/Cs to believe they can destroy the protections and norms that allow a lawfully elected political party to wield legitimate powers, because when they do it, it’s different.  The law, even reality, does not apply to them.  They make their own reality and think they can force everyone else to live in it and like it.  In NYC, they’ve even criminalized wrong think.

They do not, however, reckon with the consequences if they are successful.  Once normal Americans understand their votes no longer matter—at all—once they know there is no rule of law, and their money, their liberty, everything they own and ever hope to have will be taken from them and given to illegal immigrants imported to supplant them, criminals, and those too lazy to do honest work, they too will stop playing by the rules.  The last straw very well may be unlawfully deposing the president they elected, for this, as much as they insanely hate Donald Trump, is really about the Normal Americans that elected him.  It is they D/S/Cs truly hate with a all-consuming, lunatic passion.  It is they that must be humiliated, punished, and even destroyed.

The only thing keeping D/S/Cs alive is the rule of law–respect for our constitutional processes.  They believe they can warp reality to apply only to them.  They are wrong, dead wrong.  Without the Constitution, without the rule of law, all that matters is strength and the brutal will to use it against Americans.  That’s why they are so desperate to disarm Normal Americans.  Unlike the Stupid Party, they think ahead.  They take the long view, except their ideology blinds them to the reality that in that kind of world, they’re pajama boys against special forces soldiers.

Do not doubt, gentle readers, their plans for the 2020 election.  It doesn’t matter who the Republican candidate is.  They’ll be facing an onslaught of vote fraud akin to that seen in Communist elections, where 99% of the population votes for the Communist Party candidate, often more than once.

They’ve been planning this coup since Donald Trump’s election.  They know the D/S/C candidates are idiots and unelectable, but they are trying, desperately, to make Donald Trump even more unelectable.  They may succeed, and if they do, God help us all.