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This is as interesting as it is scary, gentle readers.  Fox News reports:

Hillary Clinton may say she is not seeking the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, but British bettors are apparently not convinced, with one site getting more wagers on her than for any of the declared candidates.

UK bookmaker Ladbroke allows people to put money on the race, and according to Matthew Shaddick, head of their political betting division, the former First Lady and Secretary of State is currently leading the pack when it comes to the number of bets people have made.

‘We’re baffled, to be honest,’ Shaddick told Newsweek. ‘We’ve taken more bets on her to be the Democratic candidate than any of the other runners.’

The site currently has Clinton’s betting odds at 20 to 1, placing her alone in seventh place as far as best odds. That is ahead of most of the people actually running, including Sens. Cory Booker, D-N.J., and Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, and former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke.

Another former first lady who is not running for president is also getting better odds than some of the people in the race. Michelle Obama currently has odds of 100 to 1, ahead of candidates including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, author Marianne Williamson, and billionaire Tom Steyer, who are each at 200 to 1.

We’ll discuss this shortly, but let’s look at the frontrunners:

Ladbrokes currently has Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., as the front-runner with 6 to 4 odds, with former Vice President Joe Biden at 5 to 2, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., at 5 to 1, and entrepreneur Andrew Yang, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 16 to 1.

What’s happening here?  Here’s the logic that might help explain this sort of thing.  The Democrat National Committee established a precedent during the last presidential election cycle of cheating.  There is no doubt they deprived Bernie Sanders of the nomination in favor of Hillary Clinton.  It was a dishonest and cynical political calculation, to be sure, but not unrealistic, by their way of thinking.  Bernie Sanders wasn’t really one of them, and while they agreed with his stances, it was Hillary’s turn, and at the time, the Democrat Party was a wholly owned subsidiary of Clinton, Inc.  We all know the result.  Clinton lost, plunging the Democrat establishment into a maelstrom of rage, madness and recriminations.  Since Leftist ideology and policy cannot possibly be wrong, their only possible response was to blame others, and try to depose Trump.  That hasn’t worked out so well.

Circa 2019, their coup lies in ruins.  They’re reduced to idiotic attacks on Brett Kavanaugh, the Second Amendment, and an increasingly farcical impeachment circus against President Trump, who any remotely sane person has long known is not going to be impeached, not only because Republicans hold the Senate, but because—and to Democrat/Socialist/Communists this is an inconsequential point—he has done nothing impeachable.

Their candidates for the presidency are the subjects of ridicule and outrage by rational Americans, who rightly see their free stuff promises as so wildly impractical as to bankrupt the nation, while simultaneously taking away fundamental American liberties.  Bernie Sanders has gone full communist—never go full communist—while Elizabeth Sanders is biting at his heels in the full communist race, promising to all but destroy American industry and business, and to tax the middle class into oblivion.

Now that Bernie Sanders has suffered a heart attack, his declining poll numbers–he’s already behind Warren–will almost certainly take a nosedive, assuming he actually remains in the race.  Warren is now within two points of Biden, whose numbers are almost certainly going to continue to decline.

Biden is a major problem for D/S/Cs.  On one hand, the D/S/C base cannot go full communist fast enough.  On the other, what little remains of sanity and recognition of the Constitution in D/S/C ranks realizes that Biden, who is careful to conceal his socialism, might be the best chance to beat the hated Trump.  The problem is Biden’s age, which is, more and more, becoming apparent, not only in his serial gaffes, but in very real signs of mental diminishment.  Some in there 70s, like Donald Trump, remain vital and sharp, while Biden is showing every second of his age.

Still, they may be stuck with him because he is the only candidate that has maintained any pretense of actually loving America and Americans, and of any kind of political moderation.  Even so, in the contemporary Democrat Party, that puts him firmly in the middle of socialism, and the more rational D/S/Cs, few though they are, know normal Americans aren’t going to go for that, at least not yet.  They dimly realize that calling Americans racists, white supremacists, and every other epithet of which D/S/C/s are so fond will not tend to make American’s vote for them, but they can’t help themselves, because as Joe Biden said, they believe in truth over facts, narrative over reality.

The media will, as they did in 2016, produce fake news and polls that show whoever gets the D/S/C nomination the inevitable winner by a landslide, but Americans trust the media even less than they did in 2016, and that miniscule trust is diminishing by the day.

It remains possible, even likely, Elizabeth Warren could win the nomination, and if she does, the D/S/C establishment has a very real problem.  She will not move to the center, and if she does, the Trump campaign has hour and hours of her continually more radical pronouncements for campaign ads.  Rational political strategists will surely realize none of their candidates can beat Donald Trump and the American economy, which is why they’re hoping against hope for a recession.

So let us imagine, gentle readers, the Democrat convention.  None of the candidates are likely to beat Trump—another loss would make Trump Derangement Syndrome seem like a little temporary, mild anxiety–and the precedent of throwing their own under the campaign bus is well established.  What to do?  Bring in the dark horse savior!  And so we arrive at Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

Clinton has enormous baggage to be sure, but she knows where a great many bodies are buried, and is not shy about using whatever power, and dirty tricks, she has.  She’s a reliable communist and has been since her youth, but she’s a drunk, has undisclosed but obvious physical issues, and is unlikely to take orders from anyone. Her worst baggage is she’s a two time presidential loser, a very sore loser, and is among the most unlikeable people on the planet.

Michelle Obama, would, in many respects, be a D/S/C dream candidate.  She’s female and she’s black, and isn’t it about time for a black female president?  Because of an adoring, tongue-bathing, “just look at her arms!” press, she has high approval ratings, and above all, she has no voting trail, or any policy positions stuck in the public consciousness, apart from forcing school districts to throw away tons of food kids wouldn’t eat.  Many D/S/Cs would see her as certain to continue Barack’s legacy—what little there is left of it—and would surely think he’d be a power behind the throne, in a sort of Clintonian “two for one” sense.  D/S/Cs could also be mollified by the fact that her college papers so carefully hidden all these years reveal a committed Socialist/Marxist.

Of the two, D/S/Cs are more likely to go for Obama.  Having taken no widely disseminated Marxist positions prior to being acclaimed the nominee, her college grades, connections and writings safely hidden away, she can lie her as…er, arms…off after the convention, saying whatever is necessary to beat Trump.  There won’t be any film catalogue of insane positions/gaffes for the Trump campaign to exploit.  She can use the Barackian tactic of high-sounding, meaningless rhetoric, making aspirational but feckless promises.  The base of the D/S/C Party would presumably keep quiet, knowing she was lying, and knowing she’d reveal her true colors once elected.  They would not be red, white and blue.

Of course, this scenario of a “draft Hillary/Michelle” ploy at the convention may not come true at all.  Biden may take it, and more rational D/S/Cs may be able to hold off the S/C faithful with promises of sufficient vote fraud—ballot harvesting, voting dead, etc.—to beat Trump, and who knows what October Surprises they’ll float this time around?  Maybe Donald Trump was there, 35 years ago, helping Brett Kavanaugh rape an entire troop of Girl Scouts and eating their cookies?  And if Warren takes it, the D/S/C/s may be able to hold off the sane through sheer, crazy rage and threats of political—and other—violence.

The DNC might, just might, stick to its own rules and some minimal standard of ethics this time.  Then again, it’s like the old story of the rattlesnake that talked a turtle into ferrying him across a river, only to immediately bite him on the other side:

“But you said you wouldn’t bite me,” said the dying turtle.

“You knew I was a rattlesnake when you agreed to give me a ride,” hissed the snake.

UPDATE: 10-09-19, 0040 CST:  With Bernie Sander’s heart attack, his campaign has lost any momentum it might have had. He’s angry and deranged enough to think he must carry on the holy cause of totalitarianism until he suffers a massive MI onstage, but a wiser man would quit and survive.  He was already fading solidly into third place, and is likely to be surpassed by the likes of Pete Buttigieg.  One of the primary reasons the Left is pushing impeachment theater is their fear of what’s going to be revealed when the Inspector General and AG Barr’s investigations become public.  Donald Trump is not going to be impeached.  In fact, this impeachment farce is already blowing up in the faces of Dems, who actually think the American people are so stupid they don’t realize if a President can be impeached on the word of hearsay, anonymous, masked witnesses, it will damned surely happen to them. In trying to kill Trump, they’ve killed Gropin’ Joe Biden, who has actually committed, and publicly admitted, the offenses Trump is falsely accused of committing.  Will this lead to the scenario I’ve outlined?  Impossible to say with any certainty, but the mere fact it is entirely plausible should give any rational American pause.

UPDATE: 10-09-19, 1215 CST:  Again?  In what alternate universe did she beat Donald Trump, or any other presidential candidate, the first time?