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Editor’s Note:  This is the first excerpt in our serialization of The Second Shot Hear ‘Round The World, by Prof. of History William Denton, Founder’s College, in The Restored Republic Chronicles, First Edition, Founder’s College Press, 2061.  The consequences of that terrible time in American history are still reverberating, so it is fitting that Professor’s Denton’s comprehensive and accurate history of the conflict be given a much wider hearing.

November, 2024. The most Socialist/Communist candidate in American history, Elizabeth Warren, has narrowly won the White House.  She has won because she’s a woman, it’s a woman’s turn, and she has promised enough factions of American society free entitlements to barely win the electoral college.  After her 2020 loss, which she claimed was stolen from her, she became even more stridently Leftist.  During the campaign, perhaps because of signs of her advanced age and sagging cheekbones, an Indian tribe took pity on her and made her an honorary member. This single boost to her campaign was enough to put her over the top.  It was later discovered the price of this faux-racial legitimacy was a massive, post-election kickback funneled though the Bureau of Indian Affairs, but Attorney General Kamala Harris ignored the matter, which was only a foreshadowing of how the Warren Administration would conduct a two-track system of pseudo-justice more blatant even than the Obama DOJ.

Aided by a media that no longer pretended to be objective, Democrats held onto the House of Representatives, and carved out a five-seat majority in the Senate as several long-serving Republican senators resigned in disgust.  The country was entirely in the hands of a Democrat Party that over the last several decades, had become virtually indistinguishable from the worst socialist and communist, regimes.

After the stunning loss to Donald Trump in 2020, the Democrat/Socialist/Communists did not, for a moment, think their ideology flawed, but doubled down on it, doing everything they could to thwart Mr. Trump’s agenda.  They had some successes, but their primary battlefield was the public consciousness, and gradually, with unprecedented media assistance, they made headway.

Solid economic growth, low gas prices, low interest rates, dramatically reduced unemployment for minority Americans, and increased wages were successfully portrayed as signs of racism and hatred.  American military aid to Israel, when Iran-backed Hezbolla and Hamas unleashed tens of thousands of rockets and missiles into Israel during the summer of 2021, was portrayed as racism against Islamists.  Iranian attacks on the tankers of neutral nations, and on American warships, resulting in hundreds of deaths were portrayed as Iranian self-defense while fervor was renewed to reinstate the failed Iranian Nuclear Deal on terms even more favorable to Iran.  The New York Times’ ”1619 Project,” injected into most American schools, was largely successful.  A substantial number of Americans came to believe America a cesspool of racism and white supremacy, and the demand for reparations for slavery burned brighter than ever before.  Even Americans who harbored no racist thoughts and had no connection to slavery came to accept false, collective guilt as an unprecedented number of hoax hate crimes headlined most news broadcasts.

Emboldened by failure, and by a continuing, albeit small number of mass attacks in schools, theaters, and other public venues, the D/S/C Party ratcheted up its demand for the banning of so-called “assault weapons.”  Warren had not embraced this as firmly as had failed candidates like Beto O‘Rourke and Cory Booker, but she was impressed that their fervor on this issue kept their sinking campaigns alive a little longer than might have otherwise been the case, and she gladly picked up the anti-liberty banner.  This was to be President Warren’s second major initiative, as promised.

Her first was packing the Supreme Court with reliable Leftists that could be counted on to do her bidding.  Circa 2024, the court had a six justice “conservative” majority, but “conservative” meant only that they reliably decided cases on the law and Constitution.  No enlightened progressive administration could abide such an outrage.  Eliminating the filibuster entirely was the first order of the new Senate, and within months, the 14-member Supreme Court—ensuring a two justice Leftist majority was seated.  This quickly expanded to a five Justice majority, including Chief Justice Barack and Associate Justice Michelle Obama and Associate Justice Adam Schiff, as three of the longest serving constitutionalist justices resigned in disgust.  This plowed the road for President Warren’s first, and most destructive, blow against the Constitution, a document D/S/Cs had always vilified and increasingly come to ignore, seeing it as an outdated, anti-progressive impediment to the establishment of their utopia.  Additional damage to the Constitution would break the dam of liberty, but one blow had to be first, or the rest might not stand.

Buoyed by outrageously oversampled Democrat public opinion polls that showed near universal support for an assault weapon ban, the Congress quickly passed a sweeping possession and manufacturing ban that not only banned all semiautomatic rifles with a military appearance, but all semiautomatic rifles, and handguns, capable of accepting detachable magazines.  All magazines were likewise banned.  This eliminated the need for any magazine limit regulations, and to the thinking of Congressional Democrats, simplified confiscation efforts.  With no guns capable of accepting magazines, any magazines not seized would be neutered, instantly rendered irrelevant.

Lawsuits opposing the law were immediately filed, but this did not stop the Warren Administration from enforcing the ban.  They initially relied on voluntary compliance, however, within six months, when only .8% of the estimated owners of the prohibited guns and magazines failed to surrender their guns, the decision was made to take more direct action.

E-mails and other documents relating to this ill-fated decision will be provided in an upcoming book, but for the purposes of this chapter, suffice it to say federal authorities fully anticipated armed resistance and prepared accordingly.  In fact, many documents indicated a perverse anticipation of the probability of using deadly force against political enemies, which appear to have been any and all gun-owning Americans and their families.

The initial confiscation efforts of the government concentrated in only five states: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Oklahoma.  They were met with decidedly mixed results.  Over 100 arrests were made for resisting arrest and other technical violations, and something over 1000 guns and more than 1800 magazines were seized, but there were no serious injuries.  It was later discovered that citizens to raid were primarily chosen by federal agents seizing the sales records of local gun stores.  It was also discovered that the NSA hacked the membership files of the NRA and other Second Amendment advocacy organizations, and the Warren Administration also used them to target gun owners.  Blogs and social media posts were also used.  Anyone expressing “unreliable” thoughts on the Second Amendment were particularly singled out.

Only approximately 7% of the guns the administration hoped to seize were actually found, but the Warren government proclaimed their efforts a great success and widened the scope of their raids to much of the rest of the heartland.  Records also reveal that only about 22% of local law enforcement agencies were willing to assist federal officers in raiding their own citizens.  The remainder mostly remained neutral, at least initially.

Wyoming proved to be the beginning of the end for the Warren Administration.  A convoy of five vehicles full of federal officers on a county road bound for a ranch where they expected to find multiple “assault weapons,” as common rifles were then called, were ambushed.  They came under fire from multiple concealed snipers who shot out all of their tires, but inured no one.  They returned fire, but hit nothing, and the snipers were never found.  They were forced to walk 12 miles back to town, and when they returned to retrieve their vehicles, all had been blown into pieces.

The next convoy, focused on another ranch, using several wheeled armored personnel carriers liberated from a nearby National Guard armory, was met with fire from .50 caliber rifles using armor piercing ammunition.  The tires of every vehicle were shredded.  This time, several officers were left to guard the vehicles as the rest began the 23-mile trudge back to town.  After the engines of the vehicles were wrecked by .50 caliber fire, they too left at the run.  When they returned, those vehicles were gone and were never found.

At the same time, raids in Waco, TX were far more deadly.  In three raids on the same day, nine citizens were killed, including two small children.  While FBI agents participated in the raids, the federal agents whose shots killed Texans were never identified.  Federal authorities claimed they violently resisted the seizure of their arms, but few believed them, and the local police forced federal agents to retreat.  The next day, armed citizens who were never identified besieged local federal offices, including the FBI.  Six FBI agents were shot and killed. Remaining office staff were allowed to leave unharmed, and all federal employees in every agency in the area were warned to leave Texas immediately on pain of death.  They did.

Within two weeks, as many as 30 additional Americans were killed, and an unknown number wounded in other states in gun raids.  The Warren Administration went to extraordinary lengths to suppress that information, but credible sources eventually revealed that a greater number of federal agents, and some state and local law enforcement officers assisting them, were also killed and wounded.  Few additional guns were seized.  Despite the best efforts of the government, the news of law enforcement officers killing law-abiding Americans spread like wildfire.

Because citizens were preparing for police raids–the element of surprise was lost and the country was fast building to a homicidal rage–President Warren declared martial law and suspended the Constitution.  The Internet was first, shut down, and thereafter strictly controlled. National security was cited for cause, but only content critical of the Warren Administration was removed. Arrest and indefinite detention without charges or trial became commonplace, as did seizure of homes, financial assets and businesses, again, almost exclusively of those suspected of being Anti-Warren

After similarly disastrous gun raids in multiple states that ended with more federal agents than citizens dead, the raids were suspended.  Documents reveal President Warren tried to enlist the Army to seize weapons.  However, at about the same time, National Guard armories throughout the Red states were somehow left open, and emptied of weapons, shoulder fired anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles, ammunition, vehicles–including M1 tanks–and other equipment taken.  Most citizen soldiers also deserted, taking their weapons and other equipment with them.  Only approximately 12% of National Guard personnel answered any call for duty, and all but a handful refused to take arms against fellow Americans.  They were forced to barricade themselves in armories against death threats certain to be carried out.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff refused Warren’s orders to take arms against their fellow citizens and were immediately relieved of duty.  Lower ranking officers were found that would act against Americans, but non-commissioned officers across the country refused to comply with their orders.  There were cases of officers loyal to Warren being forcibly relieved of duty, and in some cases, shot.  In many states, military installations were surrounded by armed and unarmed citizens, men, women and children, and eventually forced to surrender or stand down.  Within months, the remaining leaders of America’s military announced they would remain neutral and take no action against their fellow Americans.  As Major General Jennifer Harrington of the Air Force Strategic Air Command put it: “This is a political, not a military conflict, and the U. S. Air Force will treat it as such.”

It was this, as well as threats by Texas, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Alabama, Iowa, and 12 other states to secede, that broke the back of the Warren Administration and eventually led to her forced resignation, as well as the resignations of nearly the entire Democrat membership of the House and Senate.  Partisan Democrat employees of federal agencies were told in stark terms that future failure to adhere to the Constitution and to serve the people would result, if they were lucky, in their forcible removal from office.  Many resigned and left Washington in haste, just as Warren, Vice President Buttigieg and most of the members of her administration.

It took another four months for federal dead-enders to be routed, jailed or killed.  By the time hostilities ceased, some 13,000 Americans had been killed or wounded, and the state governments of every blue state but California, Oregon, Illinois, and New York deposed.  The deep state was not yet dead, but its power was significantly curtailed.

In the next chapter of Professor Denton’s book, the re-institution of the Constitution and the rule of law, which took years longer, will take center stage.